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  • Multi-tenant IP PBX Solution

    Multi-tenant IP PBX Solution

    The multi-tenant IP PBX solution helps in collaborating different branches and integrating a seamless communication mechanism.

  • Helpdesk Ticketing System

    Helpdesk Ticketing System

    The helpdesk ticketing system allows creating automated or manual tickets aka request inquiry for support via emails, web forms, IVR Call and API.

  • Contact Center Solution

    Contact Center Solution

    Elision Predictive Contact Center Solution increases contact rates, and brings agents productivity to the MAX while reducing costs.

  • IP PBX Solution

    IP PBX Solution

    IP PBX to Corporate Houses from across the world, helps to minimize their monthly Telephony expenditure while providing a more efficient channel of communication.

  • Voice Broadcasting Solution

    Voice Broadcasting Solution

    Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique that sends a pre-recorded phone message to thousands of call recipients in a very short period of time.

  • IVR System

    IVR System

    Elision IVR is a technology that automates interactions with telephone callers and route sales, support or billing inquiry to concern department.

  • Click2Call Solution

    Click2Call Solution

    Click2Call is a revolutionary technology to engage your website visitors over a phone.

  • Live Chat Solution

    Live Chat Solution

    Live Chat is a instant messaging solution for website. It enables site owner to see online users and have real time conversations with them.

  • SoftSwitch Solution

    SoftSwitch Solution

    Carrier-grade IP telephony supporting class4/5 softswitch for Small/Medium service providers.

  • Voice logger Solution

    Voice logger Solution

    Voice Logger brings full-featured advanced voice recording solution along with daily reports of complete call logs.

  • Web Conference Solution

    Web Conference Solution

    Elision web conferencing solution allow participants in a meeting to see and hear each other, making for an interactive conference.

  • Web Casting Solution

    Web Casting Solution

    Broadcast your live event over secure web, using high quality video, pre-produced video and even your own PowerPoint slides etc.

Client Testimonials

  • Testimonials

    Girnar Software Pvt Ltd

    We are into the business of customer excellence and Elision TechnoLab LLP has truly partnered with us to deliver this excellence. With highly energetic, professional and expert team onboard, Elision has helped to bring stability to our business processes. Apart from day to day dialer management, they have been phenomenal in implementing custom business logics and support the business needs in a timely manner. Their ability of designing scalable system architecture has helped us to ramp smoothly to 500 seats. With their huge list of offerings, they are able to add value to each area of business to enable us offer best on board brand experience.

    Mir Muzaffar U Zaman
    Director Operations

  • Ganesh Housing Corporation Limited

    Ganesh Housing Corporation LTD

    It’s been pleasure working with you on relatively new technology for us, the Call Management software ! Also, I am pleased to get it integrated with very less hiccups. The USP to me is customized reports, prompt response, through study of customer's requirement before giving quote and precise estimate of time. Due to all these, the time in redoing things gets minimize and customer gets precise solution. By having this customized solution, we were able to track down to evaluate and identify the correct campaign medium for us, the most efficient employee in terms of answering the calls, following up with customers and could also analyse and identify the employee who is tech savvy. We had and may also have challenges and problems, but to have the attitude to get over it is important. Quick solution of problems and new requirement makes it quite easy for us to do business with you. I wish you all very best.

    President (Information Technology)

  • Benefits Depot USA LLC

    Benefits Depot USA LLC

    Amazing developers that have the experience to resolve any issues. I have had many developers on my team try to fix small quirky issues with no result. This team of developers knew exactly what was the issue and fixed it. What i Think is the most value from them is the commitment to your satisfaction and timeframes. A+++

    Rocco Solorzano