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TTS - Elision

Integrate TTS in Indian Accents, Hindi or English, In Your Telephony Applications

TTS is an abbreviation of Text to Speech application. The TTS solution is used with different modules and solutions to offer text to speech conversion to the users and customers. There are many big applications which have TTS as its part; also, there are individual applications for text to speech conversion.

What is the usage of the TTS (Text-To-Speech) application?
This application can be used in a range of telephony applications such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution, Voice broadcasting solutions, Music on Hold, etc. In this type of telephony applications, TTS solution converts a written text message into the voice message which can be then played to the callers, in the case of solutions such as IVR; and message receivers, in the case of solutions, such as voice broadcasting solution.

We, Elisiontec, have launched a TTS (Text-to-Speech) solution which can be used and integrated with any kind of telephony application. Continue reading “Integrate TTS in Indian Accents, Hindi or English, In Your Telephony Applications” »

Cloud vs On Premises Solution

On-Premises vs. Cloud Solutions: Key Differences

In IT realm, it is common to hear a question about cloud vs. on-premises solution. There is always a debate which one is better and which is not! The fact is, both are good at their own places and the real question is which is better for you. It highly depends on your preference, but to help you in process of making choice, today, we are going to share top 5 key differences between on-premises and cloud based solutions based on common factors.

1. Data Security
It is one of the most important factors to think about while we are talking about on premises solution and cloud based solution. In on-premises setup, your data, applications and other infrastructure will stay within your company premises or data center. On the other hand, in cloud setup, you are putting everything on a shared server aka cloud server. Continue reading “On-Premises vs. Cloud Solutions: Key Differences” »

call center software for customer support

How Call Center Software Contributes In Better Customer Service?

The main functionality of any call center is to provide the best possible customer service. This is at the core of any call centers and not only this; it defines success and failure of the call center business. The call center software plays a major role in this direction by providing required tools to ensure the agent gets everything he needs to so he can provide the best customer service to the callers. This article will share top 3 functions which will prove how Call Center software is the major player in improved customer support service and customer satisfaction for any call center:

Skill based Routing Continue reading “How Call Center Software Contributes In Better Customer Service?” »

CallTrack Solution

Elision’s CallTrack Solution: Track Performance of Your Team in Field

Elision Technolab LLP, popularly known as, Elisiontec has been the industry leader in VoIP. The company has been offering innovative solutions to its customers for a decade. It always comes with innovative solution and this time the solution is launched to benefit all industry verticals thathave sales representatives or business developers working from the field. The name of the solution is CallTrack Solution.

What is so special about this solution?
The CallTrack Solution allows you to keep track of communication activities of your team working from the field. It does track each and every call made by your sales reps along with crystal clear recording and many other features. This solution helps you to gauge the performance of your sales representatives to ensure they are working at their best possible, even when they are not tightly supervised, i.e., they are in the market, meeting clients and prospects. The CallTrack Solution ensures that you may get the maximum productivity from your executives and agents. Continue reading “Elision’s CallTrack Solution: Track Performance of Your Team in Field” »

WebRTC vTiger Integration

WebRTC vTiger Integration: Facts and Benefits

vTiger CRM Solution
vTiger is most widely adopted CRM solution. It is an open source and it offers all simple to advanced CRM aka Customer Relationship Management features and functionalities to empower lead management as well as making lead conversion and lead nurturing process simpler and faster. It has both, paid and free CRM versions to offer.

WebRTC Solution
WebRTC introduced web browser based communication solution to support real time communication. Its full form is Web Real Time Communication which allows you to make audio and video call using your web browsers. Furthermore, the WebRTC solution also offers additional communication features such as Instant Messaging (chat), file share and image share support full fledged communication.

vTiger WebRTC Integration
We, Elisiontec, have introduced a service which combines power of these two powerful systems called vTiger CRM solution and WebRTC based communication solution. Continue reading “WebRTC vTiger Integration: Facts and Benefits” »

Benefits of IP PBX To Automobile Industry

How IP PBX Solution Benefit Automobile Industry?

Automobile industry is growing day and night. Just like any other industry, the automobile industry has also adopted the complete customer life cycle, which starts when someone inquire for a vehicle or service or when an agent makes the first outbound call to generate a sale and it continues from different stages including the steps for lead nurturing. This business generation and retention activities use massive communication which has to be tracked to measure KPIs (Key Performance Areas) and ROI (Return over Investment). Generally, automobile centers use traditional telephony system for calling customers, which can’t be tracked or traced. Also, there are many challenges and roadblocks such as:

  • No clear trail of calls made and discussion happened
  • No clear metric to see which agent or executive is better and what are their key strength areas
  • No clear data to track investment and returns
  • No way to ensure quality of service

The IP PBX solution can resolve these issues. Continue reading “How IP PBX Solution Benefit Automobile Industry?” »

WebRTC and Contact Center

Top 5 Benefits of WebRTC for Contact Center

Gone are the days when customers had to endlessly browse through portals to get the customer care number of an organization’s helpdesk so that they can place a call. This tedious process was not only time-consuming, but also lead to customer dissatisfaction. This is exactly where the need for WebRTC arises. Web Real-Time Communications(WebRTC) is actually a technology that allows call centers to improve the scope, productivity and quality of their customer service operations without having to invest in additional plug-ins, software or other infrastructure elements. With the help of WebRTC solution, call center agents as well as callers can make and receive both voice and video calls and other types of messaging from within their web browsers. Furthermore, the WebRTC solution can be integrated with the call center software to take benefit of the call center software features.

Let us highlight top 5 benefits of WebRTC Solution leveraged by contact centers:

1. Improved customer experience
WebRTC contact center software is all you need to give your customers the best call center experience. This enables them to contact agents directly from their browsers, anytime they need help. Don’t you want this for your call center? Continue reading “Top 5 Benefits of WebRTC for Contact Center” »

Top 3 Advanced Contact Center Solution Features

Top 3 Advanced Contact Center Software Features to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Gone are the days when manual calling was used by call center agents and manual entries were made in the excel sheets. The manual processes are tedious, slow and error prone. That’s why more and more people have started using Contact Center Solution to fuel up their calling activities along with the benefits of streamlined and well organized records with all required details. This article shares top 3 features of contact center software, which increases customer satisfaction.

Skill based call routing

In any call center or customer care center, it is of vital priority that each incoming call of a lead or customer complaint should get addressed by an agent who has enough knowledge and required skills to handle that call. It means the agent must have matching skill to resolve customer’s concerns. Continue reading “Top 3 Advanced Contact Center Software Features to Improve Customer Satisfaction” »

VICIDIAl WebRTC Phone Integration Service

How Integration of VICIDIal and WebRTC Empowered Contact Centers?

VICIDial is well known open source call center software. It has been in use by many small to large scaled contact centers for their business for many years. There are many evolutions made by the VoIP developers to improve the functional and operational module of VICIDial with the VICIDial customization services. One of the latest and in trend innovation in this field is integration of WebRTC and VICIDial. The WebRTC provides a communication tool to exchange voice, video and/or data in real time using a web browser. The integration of VICIDial and WebRTC has empowered many contact centers. How? Let’s unveil.

The WebRTC solution which is also known as WebRTC client or WebRTC based phone or WebRTC Phone works directly from a web browser and as it is integrated with the VICIDial solution, the agents can utilize both, WebRTC and VICIDial in a streamlined manner.

Top 3 benefits of WebRTC and VICIDial Solution Integration: Continue reading “How Integration of VICIDIal and WebRTC Empowered Contact Centers?” »

5 Reasons to Invest in Voice Broadcasting

Top 5 Reasons Why Investment In Voice Broadcasting Solution Is Worth?

Business growth is all about keeping connection active with the existing connections and reaching new people in mass. The Voice Broadcasting Solution is one of the most effective solutions which can help in achieving both aforementioned important business goals. If you are still wondering, is it worth spending in a voice broadcasting solution or not? This article will share top 5 reasons why it is worth spending in this solution to contribute in your business growth.

1. Brand Benefits
The voice broadcasting system allows sending a voice message to your customers, prospects and staff in your own voice. A voice message of a few seconds in the voice of the owner or a manager creates a greater impact among its audience. Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons Why Investment In Voice Broadcasting Solution Is Worth?” »

vTiger CRM Benefits for Business

Why You Must Use vTiger CRM to Benefit Your Business?

vTiger is one of the most popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solution. It is used by many small, mid and large scaled companies around the globe due to a host of features and benefits it offers. The vTiger CRM system has contributed to the growth of many companies by making the operations and lead management streamlined and well organized. If you are still not using this amazing CRM solution, then here are top 5 reasons to use vTiger CRM Solution for lead management and business operations.

Free Open Source License with Affordable custom modules
The vTiger CRM system is free to use and come with a lifetime free license. Thus, you don’t need to pay anything additional to start using it. You can also take a help of your developers or any vTiger customization service provider company to apply white label. Continue reading “Why You Must Use vTiger CRM to Benefit Your Business?” »

Benefits of Cloud Contact Centerr Solution - Elisiontec

Top 3 Benefits of Cloud Contact Center Software

Contact center software help call centers and customer care centers to streamline their working models and operations. Moreover, the contact center solution provides various reports which works as a great source of information to aid decisions of the management to provide better training, improved customer experience and greater ROI (Returns over Investment). That’s the reason more and more organizations have started using contact center software for their inbound, outbound or blended call centers and customer support centers. You can deploy this contact center software either on cloud or on a server on your premises. Both of these options have their own pros and cons. This article will share top 3 key benefits of deploying your contact center solution on cloud and using a cloud based contact center solution. Continue reading “Top 3 Benefits of Cloud Contact Center Software” »

VICIDial Custom Module - Elisiontec

Elision’s Custom VICIDial Module Empowered ‘Remote Agent’ Work Model

Remote Agent is a growing trend in the call center industry and many call centers have started supporting that due to multiple benefits it offers which include:

  • Wider access to talented call center agents to choose for your own call center
  • No issue of Human Resource management
  • Save money on infrastructure expense to support onsite staff
  • Save money for physical space
  • And more

These call centers use one or another call center software to streamline their work with the onsite and remote agents. The call center software not only makes things well organized, but also makes it automated, fast and tractable. The VICIDial is one of the most commonly used contact center solution across the globe. Continue reading “Elision’s Custom VICIDial Module Empowered ‘Remote Agent’ Work Model” »

IVRS - elisiontec

IVR System to Reduce Cost and Increase Benefits

Interactive Voice Response System aka IVRS has benefited many companies since its inception. The IVR System automates many tasks and allows customers to self serve them. Technically saying, the IVR solution is a telephonic menu which plays predefined voice menu; allows customers to select the most suited option; identify the action and serve with the specific step which can be a next IVR menu or some action. There are many companies which are getting benefited by the IVR system.

The IVR solution bestows many benefits to the companies. This article shares key benefits of this Interactive Voice Response system: Continue reading “IVR System to Reduce Cost and Increase Benefits” »

Code blue emergency alert solution for Healthcare

Code Blue Solution: Emergency Alert System for Hospitals

An emergency is an unavoidable circumstance which can occur any time. Thus, we all need to be armed with the latest tools and technologies to deal with the emergency with the least damage and quick rescue. Hospitals serve many patients at the same time. The patients can’t move fast in case of emergency. Thus, it is mandatory to have everything in place to ensure the quickest possible rescue. The Code Blue: Emergency Alert solution can work miraculously for the hospitals.

Let me share, how does it work?

  • The Code Blue Emergency Alert solution is a telephonic system developed by Elision Technolab LLP.
  • It creates different groups of relevant people and assigns an extension to each of them. Each group is given a name with a color code. For example, the cardiac specialist group has an assigned extension 701 and given the name “Blue”.
  • In case of emergency, just a single extension call will inform everyone in that extension group. Following earlier example, the call on 701 will inform everyone in the group called Blue. This group may have doctors, nurses, and other staff
  • Once they are informed, they may start doing the rescue work such as getting medicine or operation theatre, etc. ready.

Continue reading “Code Blue Solution: Emergency Alert System for Hospitals” »

Tip to Hire VoIP Developer

Top 3 Things to Look For While Hiring a VoIP Developer

VoIP solutions are getting integrated by many companies nowadays due to the benefits it offers. The companies may need different features in their VoIP solution and after VoIP solution development; they may need ongoing support services. Thus, it is always a good idea to hire a VoIP developer who not only develops all the features you are looking for, but also stays together to provide ongoing support as and when required. If you, too, are looking for hiring a VoIP Developer, this article shares top 3 things to look for while hiring a VoIP developer to ensure you get the best one! Continue reading “Top 3 Things to Look For While Hiring a VoIP Developer” »

Contact center solution for Automobile

Automobile Industry Blossoms with Contact Center Solution

Gone are the days when once a vehicle is sold, the work is done for the Automobile center. Now, the Automobile centers are involved in many best practices to increase the sale and recurring as well as referral business. These activities include:

  • Marketing about existing and new range of vehicles
  • Helping customers with constant support to finish all required documentation and paperwork
  • Staying in touch with the customer as part of customer relation building activities

In fact, there are many automobile centers, which also assist customers in the process of vehicle insurance, vehicle service, RTO passing and many other post sales activities to increase the revenues and business model expansion. Continue reading “Automobile Industry Blossoms with Contact Center Solution” »

Elision Ticketing system

Increase Your Productivity by Choosing Helpdesk Ticketing System over Email

There was a time when companies used only emails to provide online customer support. But the problem started when companies began to expand and their customer base began to grow. With the increased customer service requests, it becomes extremely difficult for you to handle your inbox and keep track of each request. This is where helpdesk ticketing software comes into play. It enables the help desk to maintain a powerful database that holds as well as manages the queries of the customers.

So how exactly does it work? If you are using a solution and having any technical issue, all you have to do is to raise a ticket using the online ticketing solution. Then, the technical team will check the ticket, resolve your problem and update the status of the ticket depending on the case. Compared to emails, it has made it a lot easier to track and manage the technical issues. Here are some reasons why the helpdesk ticketing system is better than email solution to handle technical support requests: Continue reading “Increase Your Productivity by Choosing Helpdesk Ticketing System over Email” »

Contact Center Solution for Bank

Top 5 Benefits of Contact Center Solution for Banks

Contact center solution is making its way in different industry sectors and Banking is not an exception anymore. In fact, banks are leveraging many benefits from the contact center solutions because it helps in overcoming the challenges banks face and add additional features to empower the business of banks.

Multiple communication channels including SMS, Email, Fax for omnichannel customer support

The contact center solution comes with the advanced and multiple communication channels. It is not limited to just audio calling or video calling. The contact center solution now supports email, SMS, fax along with the audio and video calling. This is a common need of banks to send an email or an SMS for verification or steps to be taken during or after the call and this can be achieved with the contact center solution. Continue reading “Top 5 Benefits of Contact Center Solution for Banks” »

Contact center solution challenges

3 Biggest Challenges Faced By Contact Centers and Their Solutions

At this moment, the business of contact center is at peak. The main reason behind this is the fact that this industry is growing very fast and also, people have started paying more attention to the customer support. These days, businesses are relying on the call centers and have started to outsource their customer care services to contact center service providers. The contact centers are getting more opportunities both, from an operational standpoint and a technological one. As businesses are adopting the best practices and all the latest solutions, in order to support their customers, employees, and organizations as a whole, contact centers are facing a number of challenges. From this article, you will get to know what the challenges are and how you can deal with them! Continue reading “3 Biggest Challenges Faced By Contact Centers and Their Solutions” »

Multi-tenant IP PBX

Explore the Next Generation Telecom Solution with Multi-Tenant PBX Solution

If you are in the IT business, you can clearly understand why it is highly important to adopt the VoIP solutions and the PBX solution nowadays. Be it healthcare business or hosted services, if you are a Multi-Tenant PBX service provider, you will always be in the limelight. The best thing about this solution is, one can start a business as a PBX service provider and avail the service at a really cost-effective price, and the maintenance of this solution is really easy. With the help of Multi-tenant IP PBX solution, different branches can collaborate and integrate a seamless communication mechanism. This is the ultimate solution with the help of which, one can manage the whole communication solution from a central location or office.

Before going to discuss the advantage of Multi-tenant PBX services, we need to know what Multi-tenant PBX solution actually is! The Multi-tenant PBX solution refers to the software based solution, which can be deployed on your server that is residing on a server at your premises or on the cloud. The solution is not at all restricted with any one option. Continue reading “Explore the Next Generation Telecom Solution with Multi-Tenant PBX Solution” »

Top 5 Things To Look for in Contact Center Solution - Blog

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Contact Center Solution

As it is an investment for your business or call center or customer care center, it is extremely important that you get the right contact center software. You need to make sure that you get great returns from your investment. Here, in this article, some of the top points are shared that you may consider making the right choice.

1. Easy to use

The first thing that you need to consider while buying a contact center solution is how easy it is to use. No matter how good your contact center solution is, if your staff faces difficulty in understanding the functionality or the interface, then it will be of no use. You can provide training to your staff so that they can know how to make use of the bought solution. Or, you can ask the vendor for a free trial so that you can know how the software is performing. Ask your staff to use the software and see how comfortable they are in using it. This will help you a lot in making a decision. Continue reading “Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Contact Center Solution” »

CRM System and Call Center Solution Integration: Top 5 Benefits

The customer is now in the focal point of any business, no matter what industry it is. This has increased the demand of customer care and customer support centers. There are many call centers, customer support centers and customer care centers who work 365*24*7 to ensure the best user experience. Any of the earlier mentioned customer care center will require 2 main solutions to give the best possible user experience:

  1. Call Center Solution
  2. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system

Continue reading “CRM System and Call Center Solution Integration: Top 5 Benefits” »

Missed Call Solution and Its Utilities: Complete Guide

The Missed call solution is getting popular among the consumers and therefore among the businesses. There are many people who have started utilizing it in favor of their business augmentation. However, there are many business owners who are still unaware of this amazing communication solution. This article will educate you with the detailed understanding of Missed call solution and its different utilities.

What Is Missed Call Solution?

The Missed call solution is a new way of communication. There are 2 different ways to utilize this solution: Continue reading “Missed Call Solution and Its Utilities: Complete Guide” »

Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting: Easiest way to Connect Directly with Millions of Potential Supporters Nationwide!

The Most Powerful Sound in the World!!! A Ringing Smart Phone stops people and demands attention!!!!
Elision provides all the Tools needed to embark on a Political Campaign that actually Works and which are proven to deliver your Campaign Message in the Most Effective Medium. We use the Voice Broadcasting System which is simply the fastest and Most Cost Effective Way to reach Voters and Outshine the Competition.

The most effective way to reach out to voters and canvass for support is for the candidate to call them directly. How could anyone have the time to accomplish this? With the help of Elision Voice Broadcasting System (eVBS) from Campaign, a voice message is to be recorded and broadcast to millions of people in across the state as a phone call without over extending your budget. Continue reading “Voice Broadcasting: Easiest way to Connect Directly with Millions of Potential Supporters Nationwide!” »

Difference between Contact Center Solution and Call Center Solution

The trend of dialing the customers’ numbers for prospecting or attending calls on the landline is outdated. Due to the flexibility offered by the software solutions even a small department of customer support in a company is furnished with the call center or contact center solution. However, most of the time people interchangeably use the term call center solution and contact center solution. While the fact is that both solutions are different from each other. Yes, the difference is not that big. However, there is a fundamental difference in these 2 different types of solutions, namely, call center solution and contact center solution. Continue reading “Difference between Contact Center Solution and Call Center Solution” »

Voice Broadcasting Solution for Reminders, Alerts and Customer Engagement Activities

Remind your Customers of upcoming events or notify them for up to date information to grab the maximum satisfaction and loyalty with Elision’s timely voice notifications and reminders.

Save time, spend less with Elision’s Voice broadcasting System which enables customers, partners, and other constituents to receive notifications and reminders and let you manage a unified communications strategy on a single automated, cloud-based platform.

No matter what you call this solution: reminders, alerts, notifications, messaging, voice blasts, voice broadcasting or interactive voice response systems, Elision can assist in providing best-in-class cloud-based proactive and automated customer service communications. Continue reading “Voice Broadcasting Solution for Reminders, Alerts and Customer Engagement Activities” »

Elisiontec Representative in Sangoma Event

Moment of Pride for Elision Technolab LLP: Our Director Delivered Keynote Session In Sangoma Roadshow Event 2017

We are so happy to share about our latest experience which made all of us proud to get led by such an amazing man, Mr. Mehul Shah. Our CEO and Founder, Mr. Mehul Shah, was invited by one of the prestigious VoIP hardware provider company in the world, namely, Sangoma to deliver a keynote session in its event. We all were thrilled to hear this news and was injected with a new gusto to see how our director got such a big recognition. Indeed, it was a big moment because among all business associates of Sangoma in Ahmedabad and India, our company director was honored by this invitation as a token of appreciation from Sangoma.

Elisiontec Representative in Sangoma Roadshow 2017Our CEO represented our company in the stated event of the Sangoma which was named as “Sangoma Roadshow India 2017”. The event happened at Hotel Crown Plaza on 10th March, 2017. Our director had delivered session as an expert speaker. He shared about our association with the Sangoma and how we use different VoIP hardware products of Sangoma to provide turnkey solutions to our customers. Our director had also shared a few case studies of our customers who are using our VoIP solutions integrated with the Sangoma Hardware. To name a few, below is the list of our VoIP solutions, which are in use by our clients: Continue reading “Moment of Pride for Elision Technolab LLP: Our Director Delivered Keynote Session In Sangoma Roadshow Event 2017” »

How Hospitality Industry Benefits Using IVR System


IVR System Hospitality

Technology has truly uncomplicated our existence. We have learnt to systematize and simplify nearly every aspect of our professional and personal lives. With the right usage and applications, each task we perform these days is carried out at optimum speed, efficiency, competence and cost.

Continue reading “How Hospitality Industry Benefits Using IVR System” »

How Softswitch is Useful in Telecom Industry



Soft Switch: What does it imply?
Software switch or softswitch sits at the center of a telecommunications network facilitating connection of telephone calls across disparate networks or Internet enabled IP telephony lines. Softswitch program is installed on a server and utilizes VoIP technology for routing calls.

Continue reading “How Softswitch is Useful in Telecom Industry” »

A2Billing: Taking your Customer Calling Services to the Next Level


Customer Calling Services

What exactly is A2Billing?
A2Billing is a trusted aide of telecom companies. A2Billing by Elision is found highly useful by telecom companies. It facilitates billing in real time transactions, invoices and rates calls and also supports payment gateways. The advanced solutions help companies reduce their cost of operations.

Continue reading “A2Billing: Taking your Customer Calling Services to the Next Level” »

How Web Conferencing Solution is Helping Oil & Gas and other Industries


Web Conferencing Solution

In today’s world, it is difficult to imagine life without technology. With every new decade, the communication industry ushers in novel technologies that continue to make our life easier in the personal and professional domain. Such innovative techniques facilitate productive interactions despite the distance constraints.

Continue reading “How Web Conferencing Solution is Helping Oil & Gas and other Industries” »

How Video Telephony is Advantageous for Automotive Industry


Video Telephony

Video telephony allows easy phone calls while intelligently retaining the vividness of video communication. A call control engine (telephony server/ IP PBX) registers and controls video endpoints. Video units can be dialled just like a phone registered with IP PBX. Video telephony is easy to set up.

Continue reading “How Video Telephony is Advantageous for Automotive Industry” »

live chat travel

How Live Chat is Most Useful in Travel/Hotel Industry

Live chat has become a potent means of communication between retailer and consumer irrespective of the industry. Such modes of social interaction enable clarifications of any kind and facilitate deal making. In today’s world of cut throat professional competition, online presence is crucial towards success. Continue reading “How Live Chat is Most Useful in Travel/Hotel Industry” »


Click to Call – A Must for Financial Services

According to a survey commissioned by Google, 61% of mobile users use click-to-call service for changes in their bank accounts. The survey also pointed that out of the seven verticals, mobile searchers used click- to-call mostly for Financial Services. But have you ever wondered why are mobile searchers using click to call when they could visit the company website or use email or even chat?

Research conducted by Ipsos for Google found that for every 6 out of 10 mobile searchers (59%) felt the need for speed that motivated them to use click to call while 57% wanted to talk to a real person and 54% said they needed additional information which the website wasn’t providing them with.

The above results only re-instate the fact that click-to-call is the most important service used by mobile searchers when hunting for any financial service. It is one of the most crucial features offered by a bank or financial institution. Despite the development of technology and all the online help that a financial organisation provides, it’s clear from the findings of Google that “driving phone calls should still be a priority for businesses in every industry,” as Google’s mobile marketing manager, Adam Grunewald puts it.

Time and again it has been proved that customers still want a one-to-one interaction in real time with the service providers and when it comes to financial transactions, none of the clients want to risk it. And we, at Elision, have efficiently realised the growing need of click to call service by offering a smart Click2Call solution.

Customers look to real time solution and clarification to all their doubts. It has been seen that click to call not only improves your brand but also increases your customer-base. It helps to establish a relationship between you and your customer. Lack of a call option can frustrate a customer and is less likely to refer your financial services to others.

Advantages of Click-to-call Service:

  • Click to Call is the best way to reach the visitor while he is at work
  • It responds in real time to queries of customers
  • It helps build the brand image by providing with high-quality service
  • Helps in improving relationship from being a virtual to a real friend
  • Smart business through click to call service has helped spreading the word of good service

Business Case for Click2Call Service:

  • Click2Call can be used in CRM for securing Phone Numbers from entire staff
  • Each calls dial to customer from CRM via Click2Call will be recorded
  • It can be integrated with any 3rd Party CRM via WEB API URL
  • Sales team can connect to customer directly from CRM with single click

How to set up Click2Call service:
The Elision Click2Call service is very use to use. The button can be placed on the site from where customers can make a direct call or request a call back. In some cases, the customer needs to fill a simple form to request a call back. By installing the Click2Call, the need for additional hardware also diminishes. The average waiting time of customers also gets eliminated as one can request a call back at his or her convenient time. Our service at Elision TechnoLab LLP also conveniently integrates the knowledge base which helps solving queries quickly. The tailor-made solution of Elision can be integrated with financial infrastructure namely, customer database, CRM systems and payment system. So what are you waiting for? Go for our Click2Call service and covert your visitors to clients.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting: Spread Your Message to Customers in an Efficient Manner

Voice broadcasting has emerged as a boon for businesses and institutions which consistently have to deal with consumers over the phone. The concept is straightforward. A pre-recorded message is played out for the intended customer as soon as he receives the call. The service is well suited for carrying out notification campaigns, customer reminders, political canvassing or non-profit broadcasts. The system dials the list of numbers it has been provided with. The messages can be customized to complement the specific theme required for a campaign.

Sterling features of a voice broadcasting solution:

  • The moment voice broadcasting is carried out, a comprehensive report would be generated signifying the incidental happenings for that particular call
  • Broadcast reports can be generated with full details to gain insights into the success of the campaign and to analyze the response characteristics
  • Call reports can be easily downloaded on the computers to be analyzed on a later date
  • Caller IDs can be customized as per convenience
  • The phone numbers that appear on the caller ID can be controlled, which essentially implies that the recipient can be given the feel that all calls received by him/ her are originating directly from your organization
  • The system can be managed remotely
  • The voice broadcasting account can be accessed from anywhere which means that your ability to use the system is not restricted to your computer only
  • Inherent polling and survey mechanisms ensure that you can gauge the temperament of the recipients; you can pose a question to the targeted recipients through the recorded message and then view the collected responses in the call reports
  • Connection starts with a Push only
  • Customers can exercise the option of pressing a designated key upon receiving a call to establish a direct connection with you; any phone number can be connected
  • Any customized message can be played on CallBack
  • Unique local numbers can be used as Caller ID. This would mask your original numbers and the customers can still call you on the unique numbers to receive the recorded message

Elision Tech is blazing the trail with pioneering voice broadcasting solutions. Their team would work closely with you to craft compelling set of pre-recorded messages and then utilize the advanced technological features to broadcast the messages to the intended recipients. The recipients can press an offered number to establish conversational link with your marketing professionals or can call back later on at the toll free number.

The proprietary software deployed to drive the campaigns has advanced technological features embedded in it which allows seamless scientific tracking of the calls. This allows for gauging the efficacy of the message variations in driving and promoting sales or responses for a particular campaign. You would also be receiving real time web based graphical reports that would provide profuse insights into the fruitfulness of the campaign and the outcomes received.

Voice broadcasting is a revolutionary technology that would catapult your sluggish business or campaign to newer heights and help you keep pace with the contemporary trends for optimum results.

Click2Call service

Click2Call Service – A Breakthrough Technological Leap in The Domain of Web Connectivity

Technological advancement is for the betterment of mankind. Click2call is one such revolutionary leap which is investing authoritative powers in the hands of the consumers.

The Technology:

  • You put a link on your website
  • After navigating through your site, if the consumer feels the urge to learn more about the product/ service being offered, he would press the click2calll button.
  • The feature would provide click-through connectivity from the site allowing the consumer to directly chat with the call center representative. As soon as the consumer keys in his contact number, the call center staff would start a call with him/ her
  • The service allows bridging of 2 mobile numbers as soon as the recipient accepts the call request

Sterling Features of the Service:
The click2call service is a breakthrough in terms of new generation connectivity. The service dials both the users interested in starting a conversation. As soon as the call recipients answer to the call, the service initiates web based vocal connectivity between them. Both the parties can then carry on with the conversation for the interested length of time.

There are umpteen number of superlative features associated with this service.

  • As an implementer of the service, you have the independence to choose the nature of click2call interface that would best complement your offered services/ products
  • The phone numbers to be used with this feature are not dictated by the interface. The implementer can exercise his discretion regarding choosing the numbers that would be dialed once the site visitor keys in his/ her contact number in the web interface. There is absolutely no restriction regarding the numbers to be used.
  • The application programming interface (API) link would have to be integrated in a simple manner before the service can be used in its entirety. This is mandated by the fact that click2call feature is hosted as SAAS or Software as a Service model.
  • The underlying HTML code that is used for integration of the API is simple and does not involve complex coding of intricate nature. The in-house software team can easily master the process and implement the same for an existing site.
  • Click2call feature allows seamless routing of calls to any phone number irrespective of the nature of service provider and coverage of geographical locations.
  • You can track and subsequently analyze the calls to gain insights by using the easy history and statistics section which has comprehensive reports pertaining to the call history and other parameters.
  • Even if your organization is battling out the survival war on a shoe string budget, you can afford this revolutionary service. This is brought about due to the fact that you are not required to invest a single penny on setting up of elaborate infrastructure i.e. hardware or software.

You can get in touch with Elision TechnoLab reps to learn more.


Call Center Dialer – The Perfect Tool to Expand Business & Boost Cash Flow

Businesses usually find it difficult to meet the demands of their customers. Especially in a smaller business, the problem aggravates due to crunch in manpower and capital investment. On the other hand, the present business scenario is hard-pressed with customers’ demands for immediate results and timely response. Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, there is. Why not have centralized systems that can handle all the calls from customers? Elision has the perfect solution for you. Continue reading “Call Center Dialer – The Perfect Tool to Expand Business & Boost Cash Flow” »

live chat

Live Chat: A Revolutionary New Concept to Drive Unparalleled Sales

Customer service has been taken to the next level with Live Chat. This feature is natively embedded in the website and enables varied chat modes to foster your business interests.

Sterling Features:

  • The operators can be located anywhere across the globe. They can log in into the system anytime from anywhere without being constrained by time, geographical and other constraints. Any computer equipped with internet connectivity and latest web browser can be used for availing this feature.
  • The operators can chat internally among themselves without impacting consumer service adversely. This is made possible through provision of private chat rooms which can be accessed exclusively by Live Chat professionals
  • Chats can be transferred by personals with ease based on the kind of expertise sought by customers. The chat transfer can take place through Mobile chat or web
  • The multiple chat option can be exercised by operators to chat with multitude of visitors at a time
  • The user interface is operator friendly and high productivity is fostered through tabbing
  • The chat can be continued in real time mode without having to periodically refresh the page
  • Operator clusters can be deployed to handle any number of visitors
  • Live Chat can be run on your domain and server
  • Visitors can be served on priority basis through queuing option

Features of Chat Button and Window:

  • Email signatures, online/ offline status can be availed with button
  • Same domain can be served with various buttons
  • Operator can leave customized messages when away from console
  • Departmental buttons can be embedded
  • Attractive themes can be applied
  • Typing indicators can be used for signifying operator or visitor typing preference
  • Pre-chat survey of the consumer can be opted for
  • Visitor can be given a personalized experience by displaying operator’s photo
  • Chat transcript can be mailed
  • As soon as a customer pings through message box, audio-visual alert gets triggered
  • Notification sound can be put on/off
  • Establish your brand identity more firmly by tailoring chat window with Logo, Name etc.
  • Text can be seamlessly converted to hyperlinks in chat window
  • Pop-up blockers never would restrict functionality of Live Chat
  • Consistent with security policies
  • Automated spam protection
  • Auto-reconnection mode enables resumption of Live Chat once internet is enabled, after a minor glitch
  • All major browsers supported

Other Features:

  • Operator console is web based
  • Away mode signals visitor that operator is not on his console
  • Expeditious processing through canned messages
  • Reference URL mode provides link of the site from where the visitor jumped to your site
  • Nuisance visitors can be flagged off
  • Administrator can view as well as gain control over active chats
  • Daily analytics

Elision TechnoLabs has taken the market by storm with its groundbreaking LiveIM service. Available at competitive prices, it comes packed with critical functionalities that facilitate support and sales oriented deployments. It is a comprehensive Live Chat solution that is redefining this segment.

Elision IP PBX Solution

Elision IP PBX Solution Can Drastically Reduce Your Corporate Communication Costs

If monthly telephone expenses deplete your limited operational budget and you are also not satisfied with the efficiency of your current channel of communication, IP PBX is the right solution for you. It is a breakthrough technological leap that would slash your corporate telephony bills dramatically while revamping the way communication took place erstwhile.

IP (Internet Protocol) PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solution is a phone system that makes use of IP communication to provide audio as well as video and instant messaging communication. It thus delivers an amazing array of functions that facilitate smooth business interactions. You also do away with the need for maintaining discrete network connections for varied business purposes. The complete portfolio of productive solutions is made available through convergence of network connections. The appeal of the system becomes more persuasive keeping in perspective the fact that the sterling services are available at unparalleled price.


  • IP PBX system conforms to SIP stipulations
  • A wide array of individual stations and call management functionalities are available
  • Complete codec support available
  • Numerous options are available to use the services i.e. IP telephone sets, computers equipped with SoftPhone software like webphone or dialer, Analog telephones enabled through media hubs, ISDN, wireless phones, and key phones can be used for accessing the services. You would never run out of options when it comes to availing the services on equipment that is readily available with your organization

Superlative functionalities of Elision IP PBX System:
IP PBX has been designed to take all hassles out of your corporate communications at a fraction of the cost you have been incurring with your erstwhile setup. Some of the functionalities that would catapult your business’s ROI to unthought-of heights include:

  • The IVR system can be tailored to give the customers a heightened personalized care although they would be attended to by machines; thus propelling your prospects of driving sales, success and consumer loyalty to new heights
  • Voice Mail can be personalized with minimum efforts and the tone can be setup to give a familiar feel based on geographical locations or demographics
  • Calls can be forwarded with ease
  • Call transferring can be done without any hassle
  • Multi party conferencing allows easy interaction amongst various parties/ managers
  • DID can be managed seamlessly
  • Reporting and analytics can be customised
  • Calls can be kept in waiting mode
  • Caller ID installation helps in easy identification of the callers
  • The need for dialling numbers has been obviated as you can now dial by keying in the names or characters
  • You can also dial using extensions
  • You can play soothing music while the phone has been put on hold
  • Call parking and 3 way calling features are also available

Just going through the superb functionalities of IP PBX would have given you hopes of a promising future. Yes, Elision Technolab LLP, is making this possible by bringing out bespoke solutions for organizations of every size and operational capabilities. You can turbocharge your organization with cost efficient voice traffic, merged phone networks and enterprise data, additions and modifications. Embrace this new age technology and see it work wonders in your favour. The possibilities and potentials are verily limitless. IP PBX would drastically bring down the cost you have been defraying to keep the inefficient phone network running.


Elision Tech’s State-Of-The-Art Telephonic Technology – A2Billing

A2Billing in combination with Asterisk is a physical platform for telecommunication services and it uses both VoIP as well as more traditional means of telephonic technology. It includes an engine for billing in real time transactions and it invoices and rates calls and supports gateways for payments. Continue reading “Elision Tech’s State-Of-The-Art Telephonic Technology – A2Billing” »


Elision – Next Gen Telecom Solutions (Kamailio)

Kamailio is basically an open sourced SIP server which is able to handle a thousand phone calls per second. A SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) server basically deals with all the call setups in a particular network and is the most important part of an IP PBX system. A SIP server is also commonly known as a Registrar or as a SIP proxy. However, it can only carry out the set up of calls and the tear down of calls. It cannot help in transmitting or receiving the audio. Continue reading “Elision – Next Gen Telecom Solutions (Kamailio)” »

ip pbx system

Slash Your Telephony Costs Drastically with IP PBX System

Voice communication is an essential aspect of your organization’s professional existence which you cannot do away with at any cost. Visualize a situation when you connect with the clients, existing or prospective, through written or electronic media only. Your client list would start waning as everyone wants a personalized touch in the communications they undertake. This calls for ways to slash the escalating telephone bills. IP PBX Solution is one such novel, innovative way to drastically reduce the expenditures incurred on the monthly telephony account. Your corporate house would benefit immensely from this cutting edge solution while you would be empowered to harness the power and efficiency of telephone communication.

Advantages Incurred:
IP PBX Management System brings about a convergence of network connections and converts multiple lines into a single channel over which you can execute the business communications while availing a host of useful functionalities.

The solution complies with SIP norms. You, as a customer, come to enjoy an array of inimitable features that were earlier unthinkable of on the conventional telephony line. You can manage calls through an array of state-of-the-art features supported by codec. A multitude of individual call stations can be tuned into.

You have other features at your disposal too. IP telephone Sets that utilizes the internet protocol system to connect to clients over the internet brings down the telephony costs dramatically. A computer pre-loaded with the Soft-Phone software (comprising of webphone and dialer) would be made available. This could be used for further curbing the burgeoning call costs by availing of the IP calling features. You can also connect to the services by using Analog phones through media hubs; key phones, ISDN and wireless phones.

Features of the System:
You would benefit from an array of functionalities offered over the VoIP PBX solution. The IVR system can be fully tailored to suit your specific requirements. The voice mails can be given a personal touch and personalized calls can be recorded. Calls can be forwarded and transferred with ease. You can have multiple people in loop and exchange talk through multi party conference calls.

Another feature that stands out is the DID Management. Customized reporting, caller id knowledge, call waiting, dialing by name or by extension, music/ customized message on hold, call parking and 3 way calling are the additional functionalities extended over the system.

If you are a startup or your business is struggling to get a foothold, you can easily optimize your operational costs by opting for cost-effective solutions. The IP PBX provides you with multiple benefits of converged phone and enterprise data lines, voice traffic, economical changes etc. Your organization can easily scale newer heights of professional success by embracing this cost-effective and powerful communication media for enhanced productivity and ROI.

Video Telephony

Video Telephony: Revolutionizing the Conventional Communication Media

The disparate worlds of voice and video have been unified through full-duplex Video telephony. You can now gaze at the caller and interact with him visually as well over IP telephony network.

Some of the advanced features you can enjoy with the new-age Voice telephony system by Elision TechnoLab are: Continue reading “Video Telephony: Revolutionizing the Conventional Communication Media” »

Click2call Blog

Give Wing to your Professional Aspirations with Elision ClicktoCall Service

Click-to-call service is relatively new but is already making ripples in the business segments most likely to be benefited by its state-of-the-art features. As a customer, you can browse to the website of a brand and then click on the link that would spontaneously place a call on the call center representative wherein you can interact with the live agent in real time. Continue reading “Give Wing to your Professional Aspirations with Elision ClicktoCall Service” »