Top 3 Reasons You Should Opt for vTiger Customization from Expert vTiger Developers

Built on Linux Apache MySQL (PHP) LAMP, vTiger can be regarded as one of the best CRM software that has excellent built-in solutions. These solutions range from email marketing to activity and project management. It acts as a one-stop solution management for most enterprises in the world. The vTiger CRM software is an open-source and ideal for all kinds of enterprises. It is extremely flexible and can be customized according to the specific needs of your business through the vTiger customization process. With this CRM, you can manage enterprise activities related to inventory that include sales force and marketing automation, customer service, procurement and customer support. The tools and add-ons will help you in enhancing the productivity of your enterprise. It is the modular structure of this CRM software solution that enables you to customize the module development according to your business requirement. Here are the top 3 reasons that prove why you should get vTiger customization from an expert:

  1. Unique solution

There are many companies out there that do not want to go with the one-size-fits-all solution. Read More

Contact Center Solution with Latest Trends for Structured Customer Experience

A lot of changes were seen in the field of call center software and customer experience in the year 2017. Virtual agents and cloud communications were on the front line of everyone’s minds, and social media became more important than ever. Talking about 2018, this year is shaping up to be the year of deliberate thinking, increasing intentional social media conversations, better analytics, and new ways to involve artificial intelligence.

I would like to share a list of the most influential trends that have affected the call center software and their technologies in recent years:

High-end contact center analytics:

The days where one had to rely on administrative skills and know-how to get the best out of a call center agent is gone. Read More

WebRTC Web Phone for Managers and C-level Executives

WebRTC is one of the best VoIP technologies to develop amazing solutions to strengthen communication and collaboration. There are many different unified communication systems that can be built on top of the WebRTC such as, WebRTC Client, Web Phone, etc. In this article, we will talk about the most popular WebRTC solution, namely, web phone.

The web phone uses browser technology to initiate, conduct and tear down the calls and conferences. The experts perform WebRTC development to build a feature rich web phone that supports voice and video call, chat and file share feature. This WebRTC based web phone can be used for the staff members, call center agents, etc. Read More

Top 5 Things to Remember While Handling Inbound Call Center Service Calls

Call centers can achieve success milestones only if they provide the best customer services. Whether it is a BPO or an in-house call center setup for a business, the agents / executives must have required skills and expertise to handle the customer calls. They must have latest tools such as, Contact center solution, CRM solution, etc., so they can handle the calls efficaciously. Moreover, the companies must conduct training sessions on a regular basis to train the agents / executives to handle calls.

The customer care centers often attend inbound calls and following the tips shared in this article will improve the skills to handle a call and increase customer satisfaction.

Be Professional

Whenever you attend the call, you have to make sure to be professional. Of course, good contact center software pops up the script that you may read to assure the professionalism required. Read More

Voice Broadcasting Solution for Education Industry

Education industry needs a communication solution that can provide uninterruptable communication. The voice broadcasting solution is one of the most effective and useful solutions that provides personalized and powerful communication tool to the education industry.

The educational institutes such as schools, colleges, universities, etc. can use this tool to run call broadcasting campaign. The call broadcasting campaign is a mechanism to send a pre-recorded voice message to mass audiences with a single click. It means the educational institute can send a personalized voice message to all parents with a single click. This voice message can be a voice message recorded by a school teacher or principal or a message recorded by a professional voice artist.

The voice broadcasting solution provides a tool that will remove all barriers from the communication. Read More

Why Dialshree Is the Best Contact Center Solution?

Contact center solution is important for any call center or customer care center to run their lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns effectively. There are hundreds of call center solutions available in the market, but we are proud to say that the best contact center solution is Dialshree and we can confidently say that there is none other solution as good as the Dialshree. Wondering, why? Let me share the top 5 reasons that prove the Dialshree is the best contact center solution.

 1. Feature-rich

The Dialshree contact center solution is furnished with all simple to advanced features that are required to run inbound, outbound or blended calling campaigns. The agents can double their productivity with all available calling controls and at the same time, the supervisor can barge-in, whisper or coach the agents provide the best service to the caller. The call centers can increase customer satisfaction with the features such as, skill based routing, predictive dialer, sticky agent, progressive dialer, etc. Read More

Single Line Two Functions: Calling and Faxing

General scenario of using the phone and fax services is to use two different numbers: One for the Phone aka Voice calling and another for the Fax. What if I say you can take benefit of both of these applications, calling and faxing, via single number. Just one main business number that you can use to make and receive calls as well as to send and receive fax! Unbelievable!?.

This is possible. We have made it possible. We are known for our innovative solutions. We are proud to say we offer the most advanced communication and collaboration solutions and now we have come up with the solution that can resolve concerns related to handling different numbers for call and fax related operations.

Our engineers have invented a solution that they can implement for you as well. Read More

Matrix IP Phone Phonebook Integration: Increase Productivity, Efficiency and Business

Many companies use Matrix IP Phone to add a much needed element in their communication infrastructure that creates a reliable communication system. Also, the Matrix IP Phone helps in creating a collaborative business experience to empower businesses. There are various IP Phones offered by the Matrix and each of it has different communication and collaboration features. Some of the IP Phones offered by Matrix are provisioned with amazing features. However, some of the models miss a vital feature, called, Phonebook.

We all know contact management is necessary for any company. It is highly inconvenient to dial a number manually every time the staff wants to speak with someone. Also, it is tough to recognize who is calling in as the numbers can’t be stored. Of course, there are some models of Matrix IP Phone that offers a phone book with predefined features and storage capacity. Still, many enterprises face issues because the IP Phone usually has limited features that can’t satisfy the need of the enterprises.

Is there any solution?

Yes, of course. Read More

Social Media Integration in Call Center Software to Accelerate Sales Campaigns

Call center solutions are heavily used by various businesses, BPOs, lead generation centers and all other industry verticals run various sales campaigns. Whether it is a bank that runs campaigns to generate leads for loans and credit cards; or it is an insurance agency that runs campaigns to sell more policies; or any other business you think of. Lead generation is need of all business verticals. To generate leads two most effective methods are: run digital marketing campaigns and run outbound calling campaigns through a contact center solution.

Do you know you can amalgamate power of digital marketing and outbound calling via contact center solution?

Yes, you can do that and we can help you in this process of doubling the power of two most effective lead generation methods and accelerating your sales campaigns. Read More