WebRTC Phone: Features and Benefits

As an extension of VoIP, WebRTC lets you make phone calls, text chat, video calls as well as Peer to Peer file transfer directly via web browsers. WebRTC is actually a JavaScript that is made with the intention to establish communication functionality directly in your web browser and it does not require downloading any plugins. This means, you don’t need to download a web conferencing app or a stand-alone softphone. WebRTC works on all the popular mobile devices as well as web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera. A WebRTC phone is essential for call centers where there are small cubicles that are made for executives and where desktop as well as other stuffs are kept making it look clumsy. WebRTC solution is perfect for business with less space. With a WebRTC phone, all an executive has to do is login to their portal and the web phone will pop up in their window.

Some attractive features of WebRTC Solution include: Read More

How to Use Skills based Routing Effectively?

Almost all modern call center software is equipped with a variety of call routing rules to increase agents’ productivity and customer satisfaction. Skill based routing is one of the advanced call routing module that will let you utilize the full potential of your agents. That’s the reason almost all contact center solutions come with this feature.

Having skill based routing feature doesn’t finish your job, you have to take certain steps to make the most out of it. To help you assure that you use your skill based routing effectively, here is a step wise guide.

1. Build a skill set and map it to the agents

Each call center would need different types of skills in its agents. Some skills can be taught as part of training programs and some are prerequisite in an agent before awarding him a job. Read More

Top 3 Ways Voice Logger Solution Flourishes Tech Support

Technical support aka tech support is a tricky job. It needs multiple skills such as great communication skills, advanced technical knowledge, interpersonal proficiency and more. The technical support engineers need to be polite as well as they need to explain the solution in an easier way so the customers can get the required solution. To meet the required expectations of customer tech support and performance expectations, your technical team must be provisioned with advanced tools such as,

  1. Contact center solution
  2. Contact center CRM Integration
  3. Voice logger solution

Each tool has its own pros and it contributes in quicker issue resolution and increased customer satisfaction ratio. In this article, we will talk about voice logger aka call recording software and how it benefits the technical support department of the company. Read More

Voice Broadcasting Empowered Insurance Companies

Insurance agencies need to be in touch with their customers. Each insurance company has agents to take care of required ongoing communication. However, in today’s fast pace world, the clients avoid meeting agents. This type of client behavior creates a huge roadblock in the process of lead generation and nurturing. However, the insurance companies need to accept the customer preferences. The solution that can help insurance agencies in the process of taking care of their business without disturbing their clients is the Voice Broadcasting Solution.

The voice broadcasting solution can be used to send a voice message to the clients. It is an incoming call with a short voice message that a customer can use and act accordingly without getting involved in a formal discussion with an agent.

The voice aka call broadcasting solution has benefited many insurance companies. It has empowered various operations of the insurance agency. Explore the top 4 utilities of the voice broadcasting solution for an insurance agency: Read More

How To Select The Best Contact Center Solution India?

India has the fastest growing call center industry. The call centers and BPOs are at the peak and it will be in the future as well. The call centers need investment, skilled staff and advanced tools to achieve success. The India government has allured many investors with flexible legislation of foreign investment; India has highly skilled and passionate youth and the tools are available from reputable vendors. However, in selection of investor, team and tools, you need to be careful to assure long term benefits for your venture. In this article, we will share top 4 tips to choose one of the most important tools for a call center or a BPO, namely, Contact Center Solution India.

There are many vendors that claim to offer the best call center software, but how to decide which one is actually the best for an Indian call center or a BPO. This article talks about 4 major things to look for at the time of contact center solution selection.

1. TRAI Compliance

Each country has its own telecommunication rules and regulations. In India, we have TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) that defines the telecommunication rules. Read More

Call Center CRM Integration: Empower your Agents to Cater Customers with Personalize Omnichannel Communication

Each business has a customer care center whether in-house or outsourced to a third party call center. The two major solutions used in the process of effective customer support area

  1. CRM solution to manage customer information and
  2. Contact center solution to make and receive calls to provide real time support service to clients.

Both of these are two huge systems and the agents normally need to switch back and forth between these two solutions. What If these two systems are integrated and your agents can access the major features of both solutions within a single screen. Moreover, you won’t need to buy or change your existing call center software or CRM solution. You will not lose any of your existing data.

Yes, all of these can be possible with the Call Center CRM Integration.

We, at Elisiontec, have expertise in integrating any open source or custom CRM software and Contact center solution in a way that both systems’ can be accessed within a single window. Read More

Class 5 Softswitch: Compendious Guide

The VoIP calling business is well known in the world. The VoIP softswitch is the focal point of this VoIP calling business. There are five different types of VoIP Softswitch from class 1 to 5 and in this article we will know class 5 softswitch more closely.

The class 5 softswitch that is also known as residential calling switch are used to connect various devices of the end users to empower them using internet calling. The VoIP softswitch is software based solution that has replaced the traditional hardware based class 5 softswitch system. The modern day class 5 VoIP Softswitch is easy to setup and use as well as it costs way lesser for maintenance than the traditional class 5 hardware solution.

This VoIP softswitch solution empowers the VoIP service provider to provide the end to end calling services for local and long distance. Read More

Top 5 Excellent Customer Service Skills Each Call Center Agents Must Have

Agents are representatives of the company and they are responsible for making or breaking an image of the company. The agents have to deal with a myriad of emotions and behaviors on daily basis. They need to perform the most crucial job of keeping customers happy. They are also responsible for pacifying the angry customers and win their trust again. It is not an easy job and that’s why today we will share the top 5 excellent skills each call center agent must possess to provide the best customer service.

1. Patience

The agent needs to deal various types of customers. Some might be too angry because of the problem they are facing; some are puzzled due to lack of knowledge and some who just want to blame you for something. On the contrary, some are easy to tackle; some are too talkative and some coming with the same queries again and again. Read More

Live Chat Solution for Website: Best Practices for Its Effective Use

High customer satisfaction can score the double revenues and skyrocket a business. The live chat solution for website is one of the most effective customer support solution. It can be placed on the website. The effective use of the live chat solution can result in increased lead generation and business. We have been offering the best live chat software to our clients. In this article, based on the practical use of the live chat software on the website, we will share the top 5 best practices that can help you to make maximum use of this amazing tool.

1. Place it in a user friendly manner

The live chat software is a complete system that comes with many features and modules in the backend. The agents use those features to provide effective chat support to the website visitors. On the contrary, the front-end aka your website will only have a small button and a chat widget. This chat button has to be placed in a user friendly manner. Read More