Must Evaluate Metrics in Call Center Solution to Improve Performance

Just like any business, call center business owners also strive to improve performance of their staff and overall business so they can assure the success of their call center. The tough part here is often the business owners are clueless about the possible actions to be taken in this direction despite the fact they usually use one of the best call center software. The reports in the call center solution are often considered as bread and butter for the definite success in call center. The reports provide many useful metrics to the call center owners and managers which help in identifying possible weaknesses which are working as roadblocks in the way of growth. In this blog post, I will share about top 3 metrics that call center owners can use to improve performance which improve revenues and ROI as well.

1. Call Queue Time

The call queue time and average call queue time are two metrics available in the call center solution. Read More

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction in Your Call Center?

Customer satisfaction is very important in call centers and support centers. In fact, the customer satisfaction rate defines success and growth rate of the call center. To increase customer satisfaction call center often invests on the best call center software as well as hire the most experience supervisors and trainers still they struggle in increasing customer satisfaction. If your call center is facing the same situation, fret not as in this blog, you will learn about the top 3 tips to increase the customer satisfaction.

  1. Put best agent to remove major dissatisfaction reasons

Often some of the biggest complaints of the customers are that the agents who handle their call don’t have required knowledge or they need to explain the same thing again and again to different agents as well as the call hold time is usually longer. Read More

Top 3 Key Benefits of Call Center CRM Integration for Call Centers

For any call center the most important thing is to increase the success rate and for that a majority of calls have to give “First Call Resolution” to the callers. There are many actions that the call centers can take to take required steps in achieving the goal of increasing first call resolution. One of as such action that the call center can take is integrating the call center solution and CRM system with the expert call center CRM integration service. The call center CRM integration provides some special features which are not available otherwise. Once you get those features, you can gain many benefits to increase the success ration. In this article, I will share the top 3 key benefits one can leverage with call center CRM integration.

1. Increased accuracy

A majority of customers complains that the agents in the call center don’t hold enough knowledge of the product or service they offer. Read More

Everything Important You Need to Know About SuiteCRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool which helps businesses to manage their relationship with the customers during different stages of the sales cycle. From finding leads and having various interactions with them to closing the deal and post sales support; all interactions can be managed and boosted via a CRM solution.

SuiteCRM is one of the most popular CRM solutions. It is an open source CRM system which was launched in 23rd October, 2013. The SalesAgility is the official developers and maintainers of this open source CRM solution. At the moment, it has 107,187 community members which prove how strong community it has which drive the CRM solution in benefit of its users. Read More

Guide on Cloud Contact Center Solution

The call center industry is very big and there are many jargons in this industry. Often people get confused or take two different terms as synonyms. We, being one of the leading call center solution providers, bring today an article on the topic of cloud contact center solution. In this article, we will share all require details related to cloud contact center solution which will help you understand it and all other interrelated facts related to the same.

What is Contact Center Solution?

Before we understand the cloud contact center solution, it is necessary to understand what contact center solution is. People often use call center solution and contact center solution terms interchangeably which isn’t right. Read More

Call Center Solution: Futuristic Features

Call center software is a major contributor to the success of a call center. It helps in increasing productivity of agents in the call center, which increase the customer satisfaction. In summation, it increases the revenues and ROI of the call center. This is the reason it is worth investing in the best call center solution. There are many call center solutions in the market which claim to be one of the best call center software. However, often many of these call center solutions miss the most important features which are needed to bypass the competition and gain other benefits one would expect from the call center solution. Of course, the call center solutions usually have the basic features, but what’s more important is to have is the futuristic features which give the business of call center a competitive edge. In this article, I will share the top 5 futuristic features, which your ideal call center solution must have:

Advanced Call Routing Rules

Almost each call center software claims to have the most advanced call routing rules, but the fact is many of those miss to have the modern call routing rules. Read More

Popular Integrations in Call Center Solution

The call center software comes with a wide array of features, but businesses and call centers often use multiple solutions for daily operations. The integrations of the other solutions in the call center software can bestow many benefits. In this article, we will talk about the top integrations possible with the call center solution.

Call center software is a complete solution provisioned with a wide range of features. The call center solution can be used to run any type of sales or customer care related campaigns. In the industry, many companies and call centers use the best call center solution to take benefit of the inventions of the technology. Read More

Successful Integration of WhatsApp in DialShree

Dialshree is one of the most advanced call center solutions. We are glad to announce that we have successfully integrated WhatsApp in Dialshree.

DialShree is a complete Contact center solution which supports all different modes of communication and for Indian customers, we offer Turnkey Contact Center Solution, which means we provide both call center software and hardware to setup an in-house call center.

DialShree is one of the most scalable call center solutions and that’s the reason any third party solution or application can be integrated within it. For your reference, we have been providing integration of following in our call center software based on the requirement of our customers: Read More

High Availability Call Center Solution: Quick Guide

High Availability solution aka HA solution means the solution which is provisioned in a way that it works actively with minimum possible downtime even in case of some type of failure. The common failures happen because of the hardware failure, server failure, signal failure, or software failure.

Read more about High Availability Solution.

The High Availability Call Center Solution is the provisioning of call center software in a way that if any one or more component of the system architecture such as, Data, Signaling, Web, Database, etc. fails, the system transfer operations on the secondary server. The secondary server would have redundancy of the system components and it assures the seamless working of the call center solution even in case of failure due to any reason. Read More