Top 5 Ways Help Desk Ticketing Solution Helps

Help desk ticketing solution makes support tasks easier and efficient. It would be critically difficult to manage disorganized email trails to track the root of the issue and resolution provided. Also, all manual tasks would overwhelm support engineers with too many unnecessary things to take care of instead of focusing on actual task: Issue Resolution. Thanks to Helpdesk ticketing solution that not only automates many tasks, but also provide a centralized system to keep support work well organized and streamlined.

Today, we are going to delve deeper to see 5 major ways helpdesk ticketing solution can help any company or enterprise.

1. Improved Efficiency

The helpdesk ticketing solution automates many things such as sending email alerts about the ongoing and resolved issues. The automation will assure the information and logs in the system record are efficient. Furthermore, the staff will be more sorted with their work, which will assure increased efficiency at their end. Read More

Conferencing Solution for Business

Conference is a mode of communication in which more than two people can have a conversation with each other. In a business which deals with international clients and vendors can take benefit of a conferencing solution. Also, a business with multiple branches or allowing remote work can take maximum benefit from a conferencing solution. Of course, there are many conferencing systems that allow you to have a conference, but if you require frequent conferences then having your own conferencing solution is more beneficial in many ways. If you are unsure about the utilities of a conferencing solution for your business, we are sharing the top 5 utilities of a conferencing solution for business.

Conduct demos with clients

Providing product demo or giving a complete overview of your solution and service is important. Generally, business developers visit the office of prospective client to give demos of the proposed solution or products. This is effective, but it can be really expensive because this kind of product doesn’t get sold within first meeting. Read More

VoIP SoftSWITCH Solution Flourishes VoIP Calling Business

The VoIP industry is taking over milestones of ultimate success and all thanks to enterprise grade features and a plethora of benefits one may get by using the VoIP Phone system. The VoIP calling business can be run with software or hardware based routing and call control solutions by the ITSPs and VoIP service providers. The VoIP Softswitch is a software solution that can be used by the VoIP phone service providers.

The VoIP Softswitch solution has empowered many ITSPs and VoIP service providers with its abundant benefits. Let’s unveil how VoIP softswitch solution flourishes the VoIP calling business.

1. Build a scalable and secure solution

The VoIP Softswitch can be developed on top of robust VoIP technologies such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, etc. The softswitch developed on top of this robust technology is a software based solution, which won’t require heavy hardware, wiring and other physical setup. Read More

Call Center CRM Integration: Complete Guide

The call center and BPO industries have been growing for many years. With the revolution in digitization sphere, the customers have become more informed and competition has been fierce. That’s the reason more and more businesses have started understanding the worth of a customer support and call center department. The organizations either outsource their projects to renowned call centers or they buy a call center software and setup an in-house customer care team. To provide an improved and the best customer support, you will also need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. The CRM is a huge system that helps your support and business development teams to manage and automate lead conversion and lead nurturing tasks.

The call center software and CRM solution are two different systems and generally, the agents and staff need to switch back and forth between these two systems to perform lead nurturing and customer support tasks. This result in delayed response, decreased productivity, long call wrap up time and some other concerns that negatively affect the revenues and business. Read More

Why You Must Have Live Chat on Your Website?

Whether it is a business website or eCommerce site, one fact is true for all: the lead generation ration is lower than visitors flow of the website. The companies spent thousands of bucks on digital marketing services so they can receive more leads. The marketing activities bring a lot of traffic, but lead generation is quite low compared to the brought traffic. The reason is the visitors coming on your site need instant answers. Everyone is in a hurry and if they can’t find or understand something, they are more likely to leave. The solution here is install live chat software to your website.

Wondering, how will it help? Let’s explore the top 5 benefits of live chat solution, which prove its importance.

Chat is flexible, quick and easy. People like to talk with a live person while they are navigating a site to buy something. Read More

vTiger CRM Solution Key Benefits for Businesses

Automation in business processes has brought radical changes. It increases efficiency, accuracy and productivity. The CRM solutions are one of those technological inventions that help businesses in introducing automation in process and leverage a range of business benefits.

vTiger CRM solution is one of the most widely used and appreciated CRM aka Customer Relationship Management Solution. It can be used by any scaled business from SMB to MNC. It is an open source CRM solution with highly customized nature. The vTiger Experts can develop custom modules to add additional functionalities in this CRM solution. Furthermore, they can perform customization to make it fit with your business specifics.

The vTiger is an enterprise CRM solution with modular architecture, which is easy to customize by the vTiger experts to meet your custom requirements. Let’s explore top 5 key benefits of the vTiger solution:

Open Source Architecture

vTiger is an open source CRM system. This fact bestows many benefits as with any other open source solution. You can tweak the code and also have ownership of it. Read More

Top 5 Tips To Improve Customer Support

Better customer support results in increased repeat and referral business. Also, it helps in creating a positive business brand of your enterprise. To assure the best customer support, you need to assure that your staff handling customer support has everything they need to provide the best support and care services.

We are leading VoIP Company and we have benefited many businesses with our services and solutions. Today, based on our more than a decade long experience, we will share top 5 tips to improve customer support. These tips can be used by any small business or a well established call center or customer care center.

1. Hire skilled professionals

Customer support is a very crucial job and you must hire a well educated team. Also, having a prior experience in customer support can give an upper hand to the business. Don’t think about saving money and going for cheap resources. If hiring in-house team seems expensive, you may outsource customer support to remote agents or call centers. Read More

VICIDial vs Custom Contact Center Solution

Call Center Software is one of the most important tools for any small to big call center or contact center. There are many call center software available in the market, including open source and custom solutions and this makes confusion in many call center owners. Whether to use GoAutoDial or VICIDial open source solution or custom call center software? If you, too, are facing this question, fret not! This article will guide you to have a clear answer for your question of which is the best call center solution for you.

To define the best contact center solution for you, we will consider three important factors which are listed below:


When you start thinking about purchasing contact center software, the first thing comes in mind is budget aka cost. If you have a very tight budget, the best contact center solution for you is VICIDial Solution. It is an open source software and available for free. The only cost aka fee you need to pay is installation and setup fee for the VICIDial expert who perform this task for you. Read More

Omnichannel VoIP Solution for a Complete Communication Ecosystem

Each business needs a complete communication system in place that supports day to day communication. Today’s consumers have been more demanding than ever before and to ensure a business can reach consumers from all possible channels, it requires better than before communication systems. Also, to support omnidirectional business communication cost effectively, a business requires omnichannel VoIP solutions.

The omnichannel VoIP solution offers a complete communication system for business. This VoIP solution is easy to use as it comes with an easy to use GUI based user panel. Imagine all you need is a single VoIP solution to support different modes of communication. Read More