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Top 5 Business Benefits of Voice Broadcasting Solution

Voice Broadcasting Solution for Business and Its Benefits

Voice Broadcasting Solution provides an amazing communication tool for a business to pass its message effectively to mass audience. The voice broadcasting is also called call broadcasting because it broadcast an audio message to leads via a call. The leads can be customers, vendors, prospects and even employees. This is the most effective and quickest way to send a message in a personalized manner to the masses.

A business that prefers to stay in touch with its audiences must invest in this advanced communication solution, called, Voice broadcasting solution.

As you are aware of the fundamental of this amazing tool, now, let’s unveil top 5 key benefits of a voice aka call broadcasting solution for business:

1. More Effective than Email or SMS

A business needs to convey messages time to time to different audiences. Some of the most common scenarios when a business needs to send a message are listed below: Continue reading “Voice Broadcasting Solution for Business and Its Benefits” »

Voice logger and keyword spotting solution

How Call Recording and Keyword Spotting Solutions Benefit Your Business?

A Call recording solution, also known as voice logger solution can be used by any business along with the keyword spotting solution. Yes, call centers can have more requirements of these tools, but each business can leverage its own benefits by using these solutions. It can be used by any company or enterprise to leverage a large pool of benefits. This article shares how integrating a voice logger solution along with the keyword spotting system in your telecommunication ecosystem will help you empower your business.

1. Better Dispute Management
Nobody wants to witness disputes created between team and customers or team members. However, it is part of business and we can’t ignore it. Often, the dispute management task becomes difficult because we don’t know who is missing the heart of the concerned conversation. Continue reading “How Call Recording and Keyword Spotting Solutions Benefit Your Business?” »

Tips to Improve Agent Productivity

5 Tips to Improve the Productivity of Call Center Agents

Are you the manager of a call center? Then improving the productivity of your call center agents may seem like a difficult task. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. You can actually make some basic changes that can have a huge impact on the way your call center agents engage with their work, collaborate with their co-workers and address the problems of the customers. Here are some tips to boost your agents’ productivity:

1. Enhance agent autonomy
In order to boost your call center or contact center agents’ productivity, make sure that they have a certain level of autonomy. Continue reading “5 Tips to Improve the Productivity of Call Center Agents” »

Top benefits of Helpdesk Ticketing System for small Business

Top Ways Help Desk Ticketing Solution Can Help Small Businesses

Do you run a small business? Then you may already know, there will always some customers calling in for complaints, merchandise return, lost passwords, service downtime, delivery tracking queries or for other issues. This makes it important for small businesses to keep track of everything in a timely manner. This is exactly where the help desk ticketing software comes into play. It is not only beneficial for your customers, but also for your sales and marketing teams. You can reach the heights of success with an online support ticket system. Want to know how the online support ticket system can help your small business? Read on.

1. Efficient call handling
With customer online support ticket system, call center agents can have access to all the contact history of the customer on their screen as soon as they take the call. Continue reading “Top Ways Help Desk Ticketing Solution Can Help Small Businesses” »

VICIDIal vTiger Benefits

VICIDial vTiger Integration Benefits for Call Centers and Enterprises

Both, VICIDial and vTiger are well known open source solutions. It is largely in use by small to big scale enterprises. VICIDial is a very popular contact center solution that can provide a robust platform to run a small to large scaled customer care center. On the other hand, vTiger is a powerful customer relationship management solution that can make lead management simpler and accurate. The VICIDial vTiger integration bestows a prevailing tool to a call center, customer care center and a sales department of any enterprise. Let’s unveil the top 3 benefits of vTiger and VICIDial integration:

Fetch and manage all customer data stored in vTiger within VICIdial to SAVE TIME
With our years of hard work we have developed the skills to not only successfully integrate vTiger solution with VICIdial call center, but we have also made a solution that will allow your agents to fetch a complete record of a customer within the VICIDial window from vTiger record. Continue reading “VICIDial vTiger Integration Benefits for Call Centers and Enterprises” »

WebRTC Phone - Facts and Benefits

WebRTC Phone: Features and Benefits

As an extension of VoIP, WebRTC lets you make phone calls, text chat, video calls as well as Peer to Peer file transfer directly via web browsers. WebRTC is actually a JavaScript that is made with the intention to establish communication functionality directly in your web browser and it does not require downloading any plugins. This means, you don’t need to download a web conferencing app or a stand-alone softphone. WebRTC works on all the popular mobile devices as well as web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera. A WebRTC phone is essential for call centers where there are small cubicles that are made for executives and where desktop as well as other stuffs are kept making it look clumsy. WebRTC solution is perfect for business with less space. With a WebRTC phone, all an executive has to do is login to their portal and the webphone will pop up in their window.

Some attractive features of WebRTC Solution include:

  • Text-to-speech
  • Global audio conferencing
  • CRM integration via API
  • External transfer
  • Internal transfer
  • Browser abstraction
  • Call queues and much more!

Continue reading “WebRTC Phone: Features and Benefits” »

Omnichannel contact center solution

Omnichannel VoIP Solution for a Complete Communication Ecosystem

Each business needs a complete communication system in place that supports day to day communication. Today’s consumers have been more demanding than ever before and to ensure a business can reach consumers from all possible channels, it requires better than before communication systems. Also, to support omnidirectional business communication cost effectively, a business requires omnichannel VoIP solutions.

The omnichannel VoIP solution offers a complete communication system for business. This VoIP solution is easy to use as it comes with an easy to use GUI based user panel. Imagine all you need is a single VoIP solution to support different modes of communication. Continue reading “Omnichannel VoIP Solution for a Complete Communication Ecosystem” »

Why Your Contact Center Solution Must Have Sticky Agent Feature?

Call centers need to have advanced and trending technologies in place to utilize the solutions in favor of the customer care center. It means it is mandatory for any call center to make sure that it is fully equipped to serve customers at its best. One of as such must have feature in a contact center solution is: Sticky Agent. If your contact center is not having this feature, you are missing a very much important part of customer care. If you are not sure about the Sticky agent feature and why you must use it, then read on to know the importance of this feature in your call center software.

What Is Sticky Agent?
Sticky Agent is an advanced call routing feature, which routes an incoming call of the customer to the same agent who attended the call last time. Continue reading “Why Your Contact Center Solution Must Have Sticky Agent Feature?” »

Omnichannel contact center solution

Omnichannel Contact Center Solution is the Future

The world is moving faster to the technological advancement. These technological advancements have made our lives simpler and faster. That’s the reason today’s consumers need fast response in one go. They are more impatient and need faster support services. This has increased challenges for customer care and support center. However, these issues can be resolved with the omnichannel contact center solution. The amazing range of features made it loved by consumers as well as users. It has been predicted by the industry leaders that the omnichannel call center solution is the future. Let us share the top reasons for the popularity of this solution:

Single software to provide complete customer support

The omnichannel contact center software is all in one solution for any small to big call center or customer support center. Continue reading “Omnichannel Contact Center Solution is the Future” »

IVR for Holidays

How To Handle Holiday Rush Professionally with IVR Solution?

Thanksgiving to New Year is considered as the holiday season in most of the countries. This is obvious to have scarcity of staff as they, too, go for holiday vacations, but it is less likely to get fewer calls from the customers, prospects and other business entities. In fact, a few businesses need to handle a massive rush during holiday season. The eCommerce, travel and tourism and many as such industry verticals start booming during the holiday season and it is necessary for each business that they take care of each call coming in with the available staff. An IVR solution is one of the best solutions that can be used to handle this holiday Rush gracefully and of course professionally. Wondering, how would it happen? Let us tell you the magic of IVR system which works at its best in the holiday season:

Allow customer to self serve themselves
You can get an IVR solution and configure it in a way that the customers can self serve themselves without any human intervention. The IVR systems offer a range of autonomous serving options such as Continue reading “How To Handle Holiday Rush Professionally with IVR Solution?” »

Voice Broadcasting solution for Holiday Season

How To Encash Holiday Season with Voice Broadcasting Solution?

Holiday season has started and this is the time to be prepared for the Christmas holiday season. You must ensure to put an approach in place to ensure that you take complete benefit of this holiday season. You can use Voice Broadcasting Solution for this. Wondering, how? Read on to get the answer.

1. Run a voice broadcasting campaign about greetings
Christmas and New Year are very important for a majority of people, including your customers. This is the correct time to greet your business associates and clients for a prosperous New Year. A personalized voice broadcasting campaign will work way better than sending an email or a text message. Continue reading “How To Encash Holiday Season with Voice Broadcasting Solution?” »

IP PBX for Business

Why You Must Have an IP PBX Solution?

IP PBX is a technological boon for businesses to empower the communication. The IP PBX solution uses IP data network for traversing data and voice. This removes many common issues such as noise, loss of voice signal, etc. as well as reduces the cost of communication. It means better quality of communication in less expense. Also, the custom IP PBX solution can be used as an omnichannel communication solution. Isn’t it great? The IP PBX solution offers a range of benefits to any business. Here, we are going to share the top 3 benefits which evidently answer your query about why you should have an IP PBX solution for your business.

1. Advanced communication features

The traditional communication solution such as telephone would provide a few communication features such as calling, call diverting, contact book, etc. Continue reading “Why You Must Have an IP PBX Solution?” »

keyword spotting in audio recording

Keyword Spotting in an Audio Clip Empowered Telephony Applications

Telephony applications are increasing day by day. There are so many telephony applications in the market that has become part of human life. It can be as small as a speech API and as big as a full fledged contact center solution. As companies rely on the communication, they have started using the voice recording and playback functionalities for quality assurance, screening and related agendas. We, Elisiontec, have brought a unique solution of Keyword spotting in an audio clip.

What Keyword spotting application does?

The keyword spotting application will search a specific word or phrase in an entire audio clip. Continue reading “Keyword Spotting in an Audio Clip Empowered Telephony Applications” »

TTS - Elision

Integrate TTS in Indian Accents, Hindi or English, In Your Telephony Applications

TTS is an abbreviation of Text to Speech application. The TTS solution is used with different modules and solutions to offer text to speech conversion to the users and customers. There are many big applications which have TTS as its part; also, there are individual applications for text to speech conversion.

What is the usage of the TTS (Text-To-Speech) application?
This application can be used in a range of telephony applications such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution, Voice broadcasting solutions, Music on Hold, etc. In this type of telephony applications, TTS solution converts a written text message into the voice message which can be then played to the callers, in the case of solutions such as IVR; and message receivers, in the case of solutions, such as voice broadcasting solution.

We, Elisiontec, have launched a TTS (Text-to-Speech) solution which can be used and integrated with any kind of telephony application. Continue reading “Integrate TTS in Indian Accents, Hindi or English, In Your Telephony Applications” »

Cloud vs On Premises Solution

On-Premises vs. Cloud Solutions: Key Differences

In IT realm, it is common to hear a question about cloud vs. on-premises solution. There is always a debate which one is better and which is not! The fact is, both are good at their own places and the real question is which is better for you. It highly depends on your preference, but to help you in process of making choice, today, we are going to share top 5 key differences between on-premises and cloud based solutions based on common factors.

1. Data Security
It is one of the most important factors to think about while we are talking about on premises solution and cloud based solution. In on-premises setup, your data, applications and other infrastructure will stay within your company premises or data center. On the other hand, in cloud setup, you are putting everything on a shared server aka cloud server. Continue reading “On-Premises vs. Cloud Solutions: Key Differences” »

call center software for customer support

How Call Center Software Contributes In Better Customer Service?

The main functionality of any call center is to provide the best possible customer service. This is at the core of any call centers and not only this; it defines success and failure of the call center business. The call center software plays a major role in this direction by providing required tools to ensure the agent gets everything he needs to so he can provide the best customer service to the callers. This article will share top 3 functions which will prove how Call Center software is the major player in improved customer support service and customer satisfaction for any call center:

Skill based Routing Continue reading “How Call Center Software Contributes In Better Customer Service?” »

CallTrack Solution

Elision’s CallTrack Solution: Track Performance of Your Team in Field

Elision Technolab LLP, popularly known as, Elisiontec has been the industry leader in VoIP. The company has been offering innovative solutions to its customers for a decade. It always comes with innovative solution and this time the solution is launched to benefit all industry verticals thathave sales representatives or business developers working from the field. The name of the solution is CallTrack Solution.

What is so special about this solution?
The CallTrack Solution allows you to keep track of communication activities of your team working from the field. It does track each and every call made by your sales reps along with crystal clear recording and many other features. This solution helps you to gauge the performance of your sales representatives to ensure they are working at their best possible, even when they are not tightly supervised, i.e., they are in the market, meeting clients and prospects. The CallTrack Solution ensures that you may get the maximum productivity from your executives and agents. Continue reading “Elision’s CallTrack Solution: Track Performance of Your Team in Field” »

WebRTC vTiger Integration

WebRTC vTiger Integration: Facts and Benefits

vTiger CRM Solution
vTiger is most widely adopted CRM solution. It is an open source and it offers all simple to advanced CRM aka Customer Relationship Management features and functionalities to empower lead management as well as making lead conversion and lead nurturing process simpler and faster. It has both, paid and free CRM versions to offer.

WebRTC Solution
WebRTC introduced web browser based communication solution to support real time communication. Its full form is Web Real Time Communication which allows you to make audio and video call using your web browsers. Furthermore, the WebRTC solution also offers additional communication features such as Instant Messaging (chat), file share and image share support full fledged communication.

vTiger WebRTC Integration
We, Elisiontec, have introduced a service which combines power of these two powerful systems called vTiger CRM solution and WebRTC based communication solution. Continue reading “WebRTC vTiger Integration: Facts and Benefits” »

Benefits of IP PBX To Automobile Industry

How IP PBX Solution Benefit Automobile Industry?

Automobile industry is growing day and night. Just like any other industry, the automobile industry has also adopted the complete customer life cycle, which starts when someone inquire for a vehicle or service or when an agent makes the first outbound call to generate a sale and it continues from different stages including the steps for lead nurturing. This business generation and retention activities use massive communication which has to be tracked to measure KPIs (Key Performance Areas) and ROI (Return over Investment). Generally, automobile centers use traditional telephony system for calling customers, which can’t be tracked or traced. Also, there are many challenges and roadblocks such as:

  • No clear trail of calls made and discussion happened
  • No clear metric to see which agent or executive is better and what are their key strength areas
  • No clear data to track investment and returns
  • No way to ensure quality of service

The IP PBX solution can resolve these issues. Continue reading “How IP PBX Solution Benefit Automobile Industry?” »

WebRTC and Contact Center

Top 5 Benefits of WebRTC for Contact Center

Gone are the days when customers had to endlessly browse through portals to get the customer care number of an organization’s helpdesk so that they can place a call. This tedious process was not only time-consuming, but also lead to customer dissatisfaction. This is exactly where the need for WebRTC arises. Web Real-Time Communications(WebRTC) is actually a technology that allows call centers to improve the scope, productivity and quality of their customer service operations without having to invest in additional plug-ins, software or other infrastructure elements. With the help of WebRTC solution, call center agents as well as callers can make and receive both voice and video calls and other types of messaging from within their web browsers. Furthermore, the WebRTC solution can be integrated with the call center software to take benefit of the call center software features.

Let us highlight top 5 benefits of WebRTC Solution leveraged by contact centers:

1. Improved customer experience
WebRTC contact center software is all you need to give your customers the best call center experience. This enables them to contact agents directly from their browsers, anytime they need help. Don’t you want this for your call center? Continue reading “Top 5 Benefits of WebRTC for Contact Center” »

Top 3 Advanced Contact Center Solution Features

Top 3 Advanced Contact Center Software Features to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Gone are the days when manual calling was used by call center agents and manual entries were made in the excel sheets. The manual processes are tedious, slow and error prone. That’s why more and more people have started using Contact Center Solution to fuel up their calling activities along with the benefits of streamlined and well organized records with all required details. This article shares top 3 features of contact center software, which increases customer satisfaction.

Skill based call routing

In any call center or customer care center, it is of vital priority that each incoming call of a lead or customer complaint should get addressed by an agent who has enough knowledge and required skills to handle that call. It means the agent must have matching skill to resolve customer’s concerns. Continue reading “Top 3 Advanced Contact Center Software Features to Improve Customer Satisfaction” »

VICIDIAl WebRTC Phone Integration Service

How Integration of VICIDIal and WebRTC Empowered Contact Centers?

VICIDial is well known open source call center software. It has been in use by many small to large scaled contact centers for their business for many years. There are many evolutions made by the VoIP developers to improve the functional and operational module of VICIDial with the VICIDial customization services. One of the latest and in trend innovation in this field is integration of WebRTC and VICIDial. The WebRTC provides a communication tool to exchange voice, video and/or data in real time using a web browser. The integration of VICIDial and WebRTC has empowered many contact centers. How? Let’s unveil.

The WebRTC solution which is also known as WebRTC client or WebRTC based phone or WebRTC Phone works directly from a web browser and as it is integrated with the VICIDial solution, the agents can utilize both, WebRTC and VICIDial in a streamlined manner.

Top 3 benefits of WebRTC and VICIDial Solution Integration: Continue reading “How Integration of VICIDIal and WebRTC Empowered Contact Centers?” »

5 Reasons to Invest in Voice Broadcasting

Top 5 Reasons Why Investment In Voice Broadcasting Solution Is Worth?

Business growth is all about keeping connection active with the existing connections and reaching new people in mass. The Voice Broadcasting Solution is one of the most effective solutions which can help in achieving both aforementioned important business goals. If you are still wondering, is it worth spending in a voice broadcasting solution or not? This article will share top 5 reasons why it is worth spending in this solution to contribute in your business growth.

1. Brand Benefits
The voice broadcasting system allows sending a voice message to your customers, prospects and staff in your own voice. A voice message of a few seconds in the voice of the owner or a manager creates a greater impact among its audience. Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons Why Investment In Voice Broadcasting Solution Is Worth?” »

vTiger CRM Benefits for Business

Why You Must Use vTiger CRM to Benefit Your Business?

vTiger is one of the most popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solution. It is used by many small, mid and large scaled companies around the globe due to a host of features and benefits it offers. The vTiger CRM system has contributed to the growth of many companies by making the operations and lead management streamlined and well organized. If you are still not using this amazing CRM solution, then here are top 5 reasons to use vTiger CRM Solution for lead management and business operations.

Free Open Source License with Affordable custom modules
The vTiger CRM system is free to use and come with a lifetime free license. Thus, you don’t need to pay anything additional to start using it. You can also take a help of your developers or any vTiger customization service provider company to apply white label. Continue reading “Why You Must Use vTiger CRM to Benefit Your Business?” »

Benefits of Cloud Contact Centerr Solution - Elisiontec

Top 3 Benefits of Cloud Contact Center Software

Contact center software help call centers and customer care centers to streamline their working models and operations. Moreover, the contact center solution provides various reports which works as a great source of information to aid decisions of the management to provide better training, improved customer experience and greater ROI (Returns over Investment). That’s the reason more and more organizations have started using contact center software for their inbound, outbound or blended call centers and customer support centers. You can deploy this contact center software either on cloud or on a server on your premises. Both of these options have their own pros and cons. This article will share top 3 key benefits of deploying your contact center solution on cloud and using a cloud based contact center solution. Continue reading “Top 3 Benefits of Cloud Contact Center Software” »

VICIDial Custom Module - Elisiontec

Elision’s Custom VICIDial Module Empowered ‘Remote Agent’ Work Model

Remote Agent is a growing trend in the call center industry and many call centers have started supporting that due to multiple benefits it offers which include:

  • Wider access to talented call center agents to choose for your own call center
  • No issue of Human Resource management
  • Save money on infrastructure expense to support onsite staff
  • Save money for physical space
  • And more

These call centers use one or another call center software to streamline their work with the onsite and remote agents. The call center software not only makes things well organized, but also makes it automated, fast and tractable. The VICIDial is one of the most commonly used contact center solution across the globe. Continue reading “Elision’s Custom VICIDial Module Empowered ‘Remote Agent’ Work Model” »

IVRS - elisiontec

IVR System to Reduce Cost and Increase Benefits

Interactive Voice Response System aka IVRS has benefited many companies since its inception. The IVR System automates many tasks and allows customers to self serve them. Technically saying, the IVR solution is a telephonic menu which plays predefined voice menu; allows customers to select the most suited option; identify the action and serve with the specific step which can be a next IVR menu or some action. There are many companies which are getting benefited by the IVR system.

The IVR solution bestows many benefits to the companies. This article shares key benefits of this Interactive Voice Response system: Continue reading “IVR System to Reduce Cost and Increase Benefits” »

Code blue emergency alert solution for Healthcare

Code Blue Solution: Emergency Alert System for Hospitals

An emergency is an unavoidable circumstance which can occur any time. Thus, we all need to be armed with the latest tools and technologies to deal with the emergency with the least damage and quick rescue. Hospitals serve many patients at the same time. The patients can’t move fast in case of emergency. Thus, it is mandatory to have everything in place to ensure the quickest possible rescue. The Code Blue: Emergency Alert solution can work miraculously for the hospitals.

Let me share, how does it work?

  • The Code Blue Emergency Alert solution is a telephonic system developed by Elision Technolab LLP.
  • It creates different groups of relevant people and assigns an extension to each of them. Each group is given a name with a color code. For example, the cardiac specialist group has an assigned extension 701 and given the name “Blue”.
  • In case of emergency, just a single extension call will inform everyone in that extension group. Following earlier example, the call on 701 will inform everyone in the group called Blue. This group may have doctors, nurses, and other staff
  • Once they are informed, they may start doing the rescue work such as getting medicine or operation theatre, etc. ready.

Continue reading “Code Blue Solution: Emergency Alert System for Hospitals” »

Tip to Hire VoIP Developer

Top 3 Things to Look For While Hiring a VoIP Developer

VoIP solutions are getting integrated by many companies nowadays due to the benefits it offers. The companies may need different features in their VoIP solution and after VoIP solution development; they may need ongoing support services. Thus, it is always a good idea to hire a VoIP developer who not only develops all the features you are looking for, but also stays together to provide ongoing support as and when required. If you, too, are looking for hiring a VoIP Developer, this article shares top 3 things to look for while hiring a VoIP developer to ensure you get the best one! Continue reading “Top 3 Things to Look For While Hiring a VoIP Developer” »

Contact center solution for Automobile

Automobile Industry Blossoms with Contact Center Solution

Gone are the days when once a vehicle is sold, the work is done for the Automobile center. Now, the Automobile centers are involved in many best practices to increase the sale and recurring as well as referral business. These activities include:

  • Marketing about existing and new range of vehicles
  • Helping customers with constant support to finish all required documentation and paperwork
  • Staying in touch with the customer as part of customer relation building activities

In fact, there are many automobile centers, which also assist customers in the process of vehicle insurance, vehicle service, RTO passing and many other post sales activities to increase the revenues and business model expansion. Continue reading “Automobile Industry Blossoms with Contact Center Solution” »

Elision Ticketing system

Increase Your Productivity by Choosing Helpdesk Ticketing System over Email

There was a time when companies used only emails to provide online customer support. But the problem started when companies began to expand and their customer base began to grow. With the increased customer service requests, it becomes extremely difficult for you to handle your inbox and keep track of each request. This is where helpdesk ticketing software comes into play. It enables the help desk to maintain a powerful database that holds as well as manages the queries of the customers.

So how exactly does it work? If you are using a solution and having any technical issue, all you have to do is to raise a ticket using the online ticketing solution. Then, the technical team will check the ticket, resolve your problem and update the status of the ticket depending on the case. Compared to emails, it has made it a lot easier to track and manage the technical issues. Here are some reasons why the helpdesk ticketing system is better than email solution to handle technical support requests: Continue reading “Increase Your Productivity by Choosing Helpdesk Ticketing System over Email” »

Contact Center Solution for Bank

Top 5 Benefits of Contact Center Solution for Banks

Contact center solution is making its way in different industry sectors and Banking is not an exception anymore. In fact, banks are leveraging many benefits from the contact center solutions because it helps in overcoming the challenges banks face and add additional features to empower the business of banks.

Multiple communication channels including SMS, Email, Fax for omnichannel customer support

The contact center solution comes with the advanced and multiple communication channels. It is not limited to just audio calling or video calling. The contact center solution now supports email, SMS, fax along with the audio and video calling. This is a common need of banks to send an email or an SMS for verification or steps to be taken during or after the call and this can be achieved with the contact center solution. Continue reading “Top 5 Benefits of Contact Center Solution for Banks” »

Contact center solution challenges

3 Biggest Challenges Faced By Contact Centers and Their Solutions

At this moment, the business of contact center is at peak. The main reason behind this is the fact that this industry is growing very fast and also, people have started paying more attention to the customer support. These days, businesses are relying on the call centers and have started to outsource their customer care services to contact center service providers. The contact centers are getting more opportunities both, from an operational standpoint and a technological one. As businesses are adopting the best practices and all the latest solutions, in order to support their customers, employees, and organizations as a whole, contact centers are facing a number of challenges. From this article, you will get to know what the challenges are and how you can deal with them! Continue reading “3 Biggest Challenges Faced By Contact Centers and Their Solutions” »

Multi-tenant IP PBX

Explore the Next Generation Telecom Solution with Multi-Tenant PBX Solution

If you are in the IT business, you can clearly understand why it is highly important to adopt the VoIP solutions and the PBX solution nowadays. Be it healthcare business or hosted services, if you are a Multi-Tenant PBX service provider, you will always be in the limelight. The best thing about this solution is, one can start a business as a PBX service provider and avail the service at a really cost-effective price, and the maintenance of this solution is really easy. With the help of Multi-tenant IP PBX solution, different branches can collaborate and integrate a seamless communication mechanism. This is the ultimate solution with the help of which, one can manage the whole communication solution from a central location or office.

Before going to discuss the advantage of Multi-tenant PBX services, we need to know what Multi-tenant PBX solution actually is! The Multi-tenant PBX solution refers to the software based solution, which can be deployed on your server that is residing on a server at your premises or on the cloud. The solution is not at all restricted with any one option. Continue reading “Explore the Next Generation Telecom Solution with Multi-Tenant PBX Solution” »

Top 5 Things To Look for in Contact Center Solution - Blog

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Contact Center Solution

As it is an investment for your business or call center or customer care center, it is extremely important that you get the right contact center software. You need to make sure that you get great returns from your investment. Here, in this article, some of the top points are shared that you may consider making the right choice.

1. Easy to use

The first thing that you need to consider while buying a contact center solution is how easy it is to use. No matter how good your contact center solution is, if your staff faces difficulty in understanding the functionality or the interface, then it will be of no use. You can provide training to your staff so that they can know how to make use of the bought solution. Or, you can ask the vendor for a free trial so that you can know how the software is performing. Ask your staff to use the software and see how comfortable they are in using it. This will help you a lot in making a decision. Continue reading “Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Contact Center Solution” »

CRM System and Call Center Solution Integration: Top 5 Benefits

The customer is now in the focal point of any business, no matter what industry it is. This has increased the demand of customer care and customer support centers. There are many call centers, customer support centers and customer care centers who work 365*24*7 to ensure the best user experience. Any of the earlier mentioned customer care center will require 2 main solutions to give the best possible user experience:

  1. Call Center Solution
  2. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system

Continue reading “CRM System and Call Center Solution Integration: Top 5 Benefits” »

Missed Call Solution and Its Utilities: Complete Guide

The Missed call solution is getting popular among the consumers and therefore among the businesses. There are many people who have started utilizing it in favor of their business augmentation. However, there are many business owners who are still unaware of this amazing communication solution. This article will educate you with the detailed understanding of Missed call solution and its different utilities.

What Is Missed Call Solution?

The Missed call solution is a new way of communication. There are 2 different ways to utilize this solution: Continue reading “Missed Call Solution and Its Utilities: Complete Guide” »

Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting: Easiest way to Connect Directly with Millions of Potential Supporters Nationwide!

The Most Powerful Sound in the World!!! A Ringing Smart Phone stops people and demands attention!!!!
Elision provides all the Tools needed to embark on a Political Campaign that actually Works and which are proven to deliver your Campaign Message in the Most Effective Medium. We use the Voice Broadcasting System which is simply the fastest and Most Cost Effective Way to reach Voters and Outshine the Competition.

The most effective way to reach out to voters and canvass for support is for the candidate to call them directly. How could anyone have the time to accomplish this? With the help of Elision Voice Broadcasting System (eVBS) from Campaign, a voice message is to be recorded and broadcast to millions of people in across the state as a phone call without over extending your budget. Continue reading “Voice Broadcasting: Easiest way to Connect Directly with Millions of Potential Supporters Nationwide!” »

Difference between Contact Center Solution and Call Center Solution

The trend of dialing the customers’ numbers for prospecting or attending calls on the landline is outdated. Due to the flexibility offered by the software solutions even a small department of customer support in a company is furnished with the call center or contact center solution. However, most of the time people interchangeably use the term call center solution and contact center solution. While the fact is that both solutions are different from each other. Yes, the difference is not that big. However, there is a fundamental difference in these 2 different types of solutions, namely, call center solution and contact center solution. Continue reading “Difference between Contact Center Solution and Call Center Solution” »

Voice Broadcasting Solution for Reminders, Alerts and Customer Engagement Activities

Remind your Customers of upcoming events or notify them for up to date information to grab the maximum satisfaction and loyalty with Elision’s timely voice notifications and reminders.

Save time, spend less with Elision’s Voice broadcasting System which enables customers, partners, and other constituents to receive notifications and reminders and let you manage a unified communications strategy on a single automated, cloud-based platform.

No matter what you call this solution: reminders, alerts, notifications, messaging, voice blasts, voice broadcasting or interactive voice response systems, Elision can assist in providing best-in-class cloud-based proactive and automated customer service communications. Continue reading “Voice Broadcasting Solution for Reminders, Alerts and Customer Engagement Activities” »

Elisiontec Representative in Sangoma Event

Moment of Pride for Elision Technolab LLP: Our Director Delivered Keynote Session In Sangoma Roadshow Event 2017

We are so happy to share about our latest experience which made all of us proud to get led by such an amazing man, Mr. Mehul Shah. Our CEO and Founder, Mr. Mehul Shah, was invited by one of the prestigious VoIP hardware provider company in the world, namely, Sangoma to deliver a keynote session in its event. We all were thrilled to hear this news and was injected with a new gusto to see how our director got such a big recognition. Indeed, it was a big moment because among all business associates of Sangoma in Ahmedabad and India, our company director was honored by this invitation as a token of appreciation from Sangoma.

Elisiontec Representative in Sangoma Roadshow 2017Our CEO represented our company in the stated event of the Sangoma which was named as “Sangoma Roadshow India 2017”. The event happened at Hotel Crown Plaza on 10th March, 2017. Our director had delivered session as an expert speaker. He shared about our association with the Sangoma and how we use different VoIP hardware products of Sangoma to provide turnkey solutions to our customers. Our director had also shared a few case studies of our customers who are using our VoIP solutions integrated with the Sangoma Hardware. To name a few, below is the list of our VoIP solutions, which are in use by our clients: Continue reading “Moment of Pride for Elision Technolab LLP: Our Director Delivered Keynote Session In Sangoma Roadshow Event 2017” »

How Hospitality Industry Benefits Using IVR System


IVR System Hospitality

Technology has truly uncomplicated our existence. We have learnt to systematize and simplify nearly every aspect of our professional and personal lives. With the right usage and applications, each task we perform these days is carried out at optimum speed, efficiency, competence and cost.

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How Softswitch is Useful in Telecom Industry



Soft Switch: What does it imply?
Software switch or softswitch sits at the center of a telecommunications network facilitating connection of telephone calls across disparate networks or Internet enabled IP telephony lines. Softswitch program is installed on a server and utilizes VoIP technology for routing calls.

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A2Billing: Taking your Customer Calling Services to the Next Level


Customer Calling Services

What exactly is A2Billing?
A2Billing is a trusted aide of telecom companies. A2Billing by Elision is found highly useful by telecom companies. It facilitates billing in real time transactions, invoices and rates calls and also supports payment gateways. The advanced solutions help companies reduce their cost of operations.

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How Web Conferencing Solution is Helping Oil & Gas and other Industries


Web Conferencing Solution

In today’s world, it is difficult to imagine life without technology. With every new decade, the communication industry ushers in novel technologies that continue to make our life easier in the personal and professional domain. Such innovative techniques facilitate productive interactions despite the distance constraints.

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