How To Select The Best Contact Center Solution India?

Tips to Choose the Best Contact Center Solution India

India has the fastest growing call center industry. The call centers and BPOs are at the peak and it will be in the future as well. The call centers need investment, skilled staff and advanced tools to achieve success. The India government has allured many investors with flexible legislation of foreign investment; India has highly skilled and passionate youth and the tools are available from reputable vendors. However, in selection of investor, team and tools, you need to be careful to assure long term benefits for your venture. In this article, we will share top 4 tips to choose one of the most important tools for a call center or a BPO, namely, Contact Center Solution India.

There are many vendors that claim to offer the best call center software, but how to decide which one is actually the best for an Indian call center or a BPO. This article talks about 4 major things to look for at the time of contact center solution selection.

1. TRAI Compliance

Each country has its own telecommunication rules and regulations. In India, we have TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) that defines the telecommunication rules. As a call center and a BPO need to run calling campaigns, they have to follow the rules set by TRAI. A majority of contact center solutions in India is built for the international audiences. Thus, it is very important to see whether the contact center solution India comply the compliances set by TRAI or not. Just for your better understanding, in India VoIP is not legal for call centers and a majority of call center solutions are built for SIP calling. Thus, you need to discuss with your vendor how they will adhere the TRAI compliance without ignoring any legal aspect. You can also see their portfolio for Indian clients to assure they are the best provider for you as they have experience catering Indian clients.

2. Call Center Software Features

There are many companies that offer the best contact center solution India and they will allure you by showing a wide range of features. However, it is possible the call center software misses some vital features to run routine campaigns in India. Thus, critically review the features of offered contact center solution. Make sure to match it with your future calling campaigns need. You can also ask for a product demo to get a live experience of each feature and see if the contact center solution India is furnished with all features or not.

3. Turnkey Contact Center Solution

To setup a call center or a BPO, you will need hardware along with the contact center solution India. You will require gateway, router, IP Phone or similar hardware to set up the call center / BPO infrastructure. There are a very few vendors in India that offer a turnkey contact center solution aka call center software and hardware. You should choose this kind of vendor to keep yourself free from the hassle of multivendor management.

4. On-site Support

If you are buying a contact center solution India from an Indian vendor, it would be great if the vendor also offers onsite installation and support services. The reason is call center software can be installed remotely on your server, but to setup a complete call center / BPO infrastructure, you will need a technical engineer. You may hire a local, but the one who has developed the call center solution India and also offering hardware, they must be more accurate and fast in setting it up. Of course, it may cost additional, but it is worth an investment.

Concluding Note

When you are choosing a contact center solution India make sure to select a vendor for a long term. Also, the vendor should be capable enough to satisfy your all need on a timely basis.

We, at Elisiontec, have one of the best contact center solutions India and we also offer a turnkey solution with onsite support, if needed. Also, we have provisioned our contact center solution to many big brands in India that is reflected in our case study section. To book a free demo and discuss your requirement, contact us!

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