vtiger VICIDial Integration

VICIDial vTiger Integration

ViciDial and vTiger (Customer Relationship Management) system are two main tools used in call centers and service based companies. Company uses the ViciDial to run the calling campaigns which can be inbound or outbound.

During the call, the agents need to look into the details of the caller to provide them personalized experience, which comes from the Vtiger system. The major and most common issue faced by the agents is switching over between two different screens of ViciDial and Vtiger system.

Also, there is a major concern of keeping the data similar and updated in both of the define systems

Elision Technolab LLP has come up with the best solution to provide Vtiger CRM integrated with the ViciDial which makes a dramatic impact on your contact center’s agent efficiency and also seamless working between these two systems without switching back and forth.

Elisiontec provides ViciDial and vTiger (Customer Relationship Management) integration service so both systems work in harmony. Moreover, they offer a custom widget which furnishes agents with an advanced tool to operate both systems from a single screen.

Our engineers can integrate ViciDial vTiger CRM system to work seamlessly. The integrated service from the Elision Technolab LLP will ensure that each minute of your agent is productive and each lead’s information is updated on realtime. We would be glad to provide a free demonstration of this solution

Key Benefits of ViciDial vTiger Solution Integration and Single Sign On Solution:
  • Increased operational efficiency by prioritizing routing based on the data stored in your vTiger system
  • Increased agent productivity with integrated one-click dialing out of the vTiger pplication
  • Swift operations by operating from a single screen
  • Complete harmony between ViciDial and vTiger CRM (Customer Relationship Management solution)
  • Real time updated data
  • Automation in actions
  • Unique data management for leads and campaigns and avoid duplicity
  • Save time & Increased agent productivity
  • Better utilization of resources
  • Increased ROI (Return over Investments)
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