A2Billing Solution

A2Billing, combined with Asterisk is a physical Telecom Platform and Soft-Switch providing a wide range of telecoms services using both, traditional telephone technology and VoIP. It contains a real time billing engine which rates, and bills and invoices calls and supports payment gateways.

This gives any Telecom company a very good reason to consider the A2Billing Platform over the traditional offerings for TDM and VoIP Soft-Switches as well as wholesale billing.


A2Billing can be used in a number of different roles, and our consultancy services can advise on the appropriate hardware and configuration of your Switch.

  • Calling Card service with either PIN or Caller ID recognition
  • Call-back service
  • VoIP termination for IP PBX systems
  • Wholesale VoIP Termination and Origination
  • Residential VoIP Termination and Origination.
  • Special Applications Platforms
  • Predictive Dialer and Sales Campaign Tool
  • Hosted PBX, IP Centrex and Multi-tenant systems.
  • VoIP reseller white label solutions.

Main Features


  • Different billing options, including, straight per second billing through to free minutes, and free calls, stepped billing and subscriptions,
  • Documented Admin interface for complete management of customers and products.
  • DID Billing, provisioning, and delivery.
  • Voucher Creation for prepaid card top-ups.


  • Detailed CDR including buy and sell rates, margin and markup
  • Carrier reconciliation reports.
  • Profit and Loss reports.
  • Customer activity.


  • Simple to use web interface for resellers and agents to add, manage and control their own customers.
  • Create links from reseller websites to A2Billing so that customers are automatically assigned to the agent, and commissions are paid correctly.
  • Reports and statistics for agents and resellers.


  • Customer portal with access to online payment options
  • DID purchasing
  • Call forwarding
  • Online invoices.
  • Call data records
  • Rate simulator.

A2Billing Features in detail :-

Customer Management

  • Add Customers
  • Generate numbers of customer and calling cards.
  • Prepaid and postpaid customers
  • Flexible Auto Account debit
  • Auto Refill
  • Credit Limit notifications by email
  • Bulk updates to customers
  • Multiple expiry options for cards.
  • Percentage discounts on per customer basis
  • Customer history and CRM
  • Customer Grouping
  • Import from legacy calling card platforms
  • Customer Trouble Tickets and support management
  • Multi Currency support
  • Mass Mail delivery with customer grouping
  • Customizable mail templates for customer actions and events.
  • Call recording

VoIP CPE Options

  • IAX2 and SIP Protocol supported
  • SIP over TCP for Microsoft OCS supported on request.
  • Flexible VoIP Authentication methods:-
    1. – Username and password
    2. – IP Authentication
    3. – 5+ digit prefix authentication
  • Caller ID Manipulation
  • Multiple Codecs
  • Multiple VoIP CPE per customer account

Call-through, Calling Card and Call-back services

  • PIN Authentication
  • Caller ID authentication
  • Auto Provisioning
  • Attach Caller ID to Card automatically
  • Flexible IVRS,
    1. – Balance IVR
    2. – Rate to Destination,
    3. – Time available to call to destination
    4. – Custom Prompts
  • Multi-language Support
  • Caller ID Delivery
  • Call-back A and B leg Billing
  • Web, DID and ANI based call-back
  • Follow on calls
  • Caller ID manipulation via IVR
  • Speed Dial
  • Last number dialed

Traffic Reporting

  • Detailed CDR
  • Margin and Markup per call
  • Export to XML or CSV format
  • Detailed reporting:-
    1. – Calls by User and Destination
    2. – Statistics by Trunk
      • 1. ASR
      • 2. ALOC
      • 3. CIC
      • 4. Total Calls
    3. – Reports based on DNID
    4. – Profit and Loss reports
    5. – Daily traffic reporting with Graphics
    6. – Monthly Traffic comparison
  • Detailed Dashboard giving a glance at overall statistics
    1. – Customer Info
    2. – Refill Information on time periods
    3. – Payment info by Month
    4. – Daily Call information

Rating Engine

  • Selection of Rates based on Least Cost Routing or Least Cost Dialing
  • Automatic selection of route across multiple carriers
  • Carrier rates for Carrier reconciliation and accounting
  • Sell Rates with multiple options, including stepped billing
  • Bulk import of Rates
  • Rate simulator
  • Easy updating of existing rates via merge facility
  • Detailed searching, and bulk updates of rates
  • LCR Export facility
  • Rate Simulator
  • Selection of Rate-card based on:-
    1. – DNID
    2. – Caller ID

Supported Trunks

  • VoIP Trunks:-
    1. – SIP
    2. – IAX
    3. – H323 (on application)
  • Line Cards
    1. – Analogue
    2. – PRI
    3. – BRI
    4. – GSM
  • Failover Trunk
  • Capacity Limits, with Failover
  • Provider Grouping for carrier reconciliation

DID Delivery

  • Billing options for DID based on subscription and/or dial out rate
  • Free calls between customers
  • Calls between customers routed directly
  • Deliver calls to customers via VoIP or via trunks
  • DHCP endpoints supported
  • Failover destinations
  • Detailed Statistics
  • DID Import Facility

Billing, Invoicing & Payments

  • Voucher based top-up system
  • Customer Balance, with Debt control
  • Detailed refill, payment, and transaction logs for customers and agents
  • Multiple online payment methods, including PlugnPay, PayPal and Moneybookers
  • Control and management manual payments
  • Automatically generated monthly Invoices
  • Manual preparation of invoices for ad-hoc payments
  • Package offers, offering free minutes and calls to certain destinations
  • Subscription packages

Agent Functionality

  • Agents Commission support
  • Assign different products to different agents
  • Affiliate web based marketing, for online signup
  • Agents have optional management and control over customers
    1. – View, add create and delete
    2. – Billing
    3. – Call Reports
    4. – Support Tickets
    5. – Bulk Create
    6. – Signup
    7. – Customizable signup screen.
  • Credit customer account
  • Purchase Credit from Admin for top-ups

Customer Interface

  • Password Management
  • Aide Memoire for SIP or IAX authentication
  • Call History
  • Payment History
  • Voucher Input
  • Invoice, and invoice payment via online payment provider
  • Online Top-up
  • Purchase and manage DID
  • Speed Dials
  • Rate Card display and export
  • Rate simulator
  • Web based call-back
  • Caller ID authentication
  • Generate trouble Ticket
  • Email Notifications for low balance
  • Edit personal Information
  • View and download recorded conversations
  • Online Sign-up
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