The VICIDial works on SIP and just like any other SIP solution, it is prone to attacks. Thus, it is vital to secure it from any and all possible SIP attacks. Elision Technolab has developed a security module which can be used for advanced security. These Security modules will ensure to protect your SIP server, SIP applications and SIP solutions to be protected from any hack or malicious attacks. Furthermore, it will protect from the data theft such as, download, copy and transmit.

Below is the feature list of available security modules:

  • Implementation of Firewall :
    1. – Anonymous request rejection
    2. – Blocking unwanted ports which are open
    3. – Implementing TCP Wrapper rules
  • Changing all Default ports from Dialer
  • Changing all Default passwords from Dialer
  • GRUB Security, in case server is hacked physically
  • Securing Asterisk Manger Interface (AMI) the most common method of hacking the asterisk system
  • Securing webroot directly of VICIDial from hacker
  • Changing Default access of MySQL database & putting the security of DB from hackers
  • Changing phone login default password credentials & phone registrations
  • Install FAIL2BAN, a useful script which bans IP addresses who commit a lot of authentication errors.
  • Implement STRONG PASSWORDS on each extension that you use
  • Implement asterisk host based authentication on each extension
  • Disable unnecessary services from Dialer server

The Data is secured by the following methods:

  • Important information is encrypted and hidden from user to view as it will be projected as a key
  • In the agent panel, phone numbers are hidden and display like “XXXXXX” and in the admin panel Encryption key is visible instead of the phone number. Process manager, Team leader can view leads logs, however phone number will not visible, so client data will secure as nobody can view or download the customer important details like phone number, email and there is no chance of data loss. At the back end, Dialer generates secure encryption key for each and every new lead is being added to the dialer.
  • Phone numbers are encrypted in following module:
    1. – Agent Panel
    2. – Real time Report Screen
    3. – From all the reports
    4. – Hopper Screen
    5. – List Download
    6. – DNC Download
    7. – Search Lead
    8. – Call information
    9. – Call Log
  • Security module applied in Agent and admin panel:

It protects from view or download of data by non-authorized person. You can set permission based on management requirement to specific users from admin section. So those logins will only be able to see phone numbers instead of Encryption Key.

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