“Ascendant Indian City Got Smarter with Call Center and IP PBX Solutions of Elision”

Agra smart city authority is responsible for a highly strategic, result-oriented, and visionary approach. It has effectively implemented the whole smart city model which is operating swiftly now. For more information about Agra smart city, please visit http://agrasmartcity.in/

We, Elision Technolab LLP, are glad to be part of this project by providing our solutions, We also thank to Lookman Electroplast Industries Ltd for awarding this project to us. We have contributed to building a reliable communication and collaboration ecosystem, for an integrated command and control center of this smart city so concerns and queries of people can be commanded, controlled, and resolved from a centralized hub. Our solution is playing a key role as one of the building blocks of this smart city.

Challenges Faced with the Previous System

Before transforming Agra into a smart city, the government had a conventional system in place. People seeking for any help can reach the local help desks via a helpline number if there is any, or by physically visiting the office.

The whole system to give services in cases like traffic issues, drainage issues, healthcare emergencies, etc. or to give information or support in cases like giving answers related to tourism, government policies, etc. was manual with bare minimum digitization.

Thus, people and executives were facing some noteworthy challenges.

Challenges faced by people:
  • They had to go through the whole process of locating the way to reach the right person to ask for the help needed.
  • They had no way other than calling or visiting the office to know the progress of the request.
  • They had no automated way to get the answers on frequently asked queries. All they had to do was go through the whole process.

The traditional process was time-consuming and daunting for many and thus, often people could not get the needed help even if the government is all set to serve the citizens and tourists in Agra.

Challenges faced by the government:
  • The team members had to use the traditional telephony system, which kept the line busy, and many people waiting often. This wasted a lot of time for officers as at a time only one call can be handled.
  • The traditional telephony or manual resources were used to assign the tasks.
  • Major features such as call transfer, call forward, etc. were not available, so a simple process of transferring a call to the concerned person in the concerned department was complicated and time-consuming.
  • The operators had to answer common questions that keep them occupied and resources get wasted often.
Solution Provided by Elision Technolab LLP

The government wanted to implement an integrated command and control center, so people can directly call on a helpline number and get the required information and support. People do not need to juggle with multiple numbers for different things or visit the offices. Every request, query, and concern can be responded with a single number. Even if a person calls on the wrong helpline number, the call can be connected to the right person in the right department that can handle the caller and his concern without asking the person to call on another number. Also, the government wanted to implement a system that simplifies internal communication and make it quicker.

We, Elision, provided a whole solution to set up a reliable communication and collaboration part of the integrated command and control center in the Agra smart city. Our system handles internal and external communication and collaboration part of this center with inbound and outbound calling facility.

  • We set up and implemented our proprietary call center solution: DialShree with the required configurations so the calls can be routed to the central command and control center.
  • We also set up an IP PBX solution of our company to provide easy internal communication between different executives and officers. They can also make outbound calls, as and when needed.
  • Our VoIP engineers integrated the call center solution and IP PBX solution so an executive can call a local extension from the IP PBX extension to the call center dialer and vice versa.
  • We provided the required hardware to set up the whole communication department, including, but not limited to
    • 40 Agent Seats
    • Server
    • Headphones
    • IP phones
    • Sangoma PRI gateways
  • HA (High Availability) solution is set up so, in case of failure, the system keeps on operating.
  • Our project head along with the business head visited the Agra center with our engineers and set up the whole center, which can receive incoming calls, handle them with multiple features available in the dialer system, and can also make outgoing calls.
  • Our team trained operators and other concerned executives on how to use both, IP PBX solution and call center software effectively.
  • We are also providing the required support on an ongoing basis.
Key Features Provided:
DialShree: Call Center Solution

We have provided our feature-rich call center solution, DialShree for Agra smart city. It has all features to empower communication and collaboration of integrated command and control centers of the city. Let me share some of the key features that benefit the center.

  • Call routing. DialShree has different call routing rules which route the call to the right operator who can answer the queries and take the required steps related to the queries raised.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response). The callers hear an automated system that helps callers to get answers to their questions without any human intervention. This is perfect to answer most frequently asked questions so resources can be saved and callers can get answers as well.
  • Call transfer. To transfer the call to the right person in the right department without hanging up the caller.
  • Conference call. To have a 3-way conference calling when the case demands.
  • Voice broadcasting. To broadcast a voice message to people about special announcements.
  • Live dashboards. To monitor the calls and other statistics in real time.
  • Reports. To analyze and review the various factors, so better steps can be taken and policies can be implemented.

Our IP PBX solution has all features of a feature-rich IP PBX solution and it helps different departments of this smart city to stay connected and work collaboratively. Some of the key features are explained below:

  • Extension calling. To call one extension to another without additional charges.
  • Voicemail. To receive voicemails, in case, the call cannot be picked up.
  • Call transfer. To transfer the call to the right executive to speed up the process.
  • Call forwarding. To forward the call to another or alternative number based on the situation.
  • Phonebook. To store the necessary numbers of the team members and other departments.
  • Call logs. To analyze the communication efficiency.
How It Works?
  • People have predefined helpline number(s) shared by the Agra government that they can reach to get any kind of help or to raise a request or to get any information.
  • As soon as the call is connected, the caller will listen to an IVR which will play predefined messages one by one based on the interaction with the caller. The caller may get the answer to his or her query by interacting with this system or he may choose to speak to the operator.
  • The system will put the caller into the queue if an operator is handling another call. As soon as an operator can, the caller will be connected to the operator to have a conversation.
  • The operator can use the “Call Script” and other call center dialer features to handle the call and give the required support to the caller.
  • At the end of the call, the operator will write a conclusion of the call for future reference and review in the disposition.

The process will continue this way. On the other hand, the operator or other executives can use the IP PBX system for internal communication as well as outbound calling, as and when needed.

Major Use cases of the System:

Our deployed communication solution can be used as and when needed. Some of the major use cases of it for people seeking help or information on or related to the Agra smart city are listed below:

  • Traffic issue escalation
  • COVID 19 help or mentoring
  • Emergency healthcare service
  • Police help
  • Electricity, water supply, etc. issues
  • Information related to travel and tourism
  • And more
Results Obtained:
  • More reliable and integrated communication and collaboration system for people and the executives that serve people
  • 99.99% uptime of the system
  • A more prominent way to handle callers seeking for the help or information
  • 86.87% improvement in handling calls
  • 98.67% increase in caller satisfaction by getting expected support
  • 73.97% improvement of resource utilization
  • 3x time saving of the executives
  • 90.23% of improvement in productivity
  • 100% traceability of all calls made via the system
  • Reduced expenses on telecommunication
  • Failover support to keep communication uninterruptible even in case of failure
  • Remote access to maximize productivity even in case of a certain disaster such as natural disaster, pandemic, etc.
  • And more
Customer Testimonial:

We wanted to have a simplified yet consolidated and powerful communication system in place. Elision has a talented team that understood our expectations and provided us a turnkey solution. So far our experience with Elision and its provided solution is very good.

What Elision Wants to Say?

We are glad to work on this project. Everyone leading and coordinating this project from the Agra smart city team was really cooperative and visionary. They were clear about what they wanted and this helped us build and deploy the solution they were looking for. It was an amazing experience working on this project and such a visionary team. – Project Head, Elision