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How are unified communication platforms helping businesses in Africa?

How are unified communication platforms helping businesses in Africa_

One of the necessary parts of any business is communication. In African countries, as businesses are growing at the fastest rate and the economy is also moving upside down, businesses have started investing in the top technology tools to support the growth of their business. At this time, it is essential for these businesses to focus on communication and collaboration to stay connected with investors, partners, vendors, suppliers, etc.

Traditional communication tools like telephones, cell phones, etc. have several limitations and businesses cannot restrict themselves to those conventional business phone systems. Thus, businesses in Africa have to take a leap to the best technology driven communication tools that are trending not only in African regions but worldwide. Unified communication platforms are trending across the globe with the increasing demand for unified communication among customers, prospective clients, investors, and more.

Unified communication is no more a magnificent option to have for businesses in Africa. It is indeed a must have element in a business to grow and meet business communication needs. In multiple ways, a unified communication solution can benefit businesses in African countries.

What is unified communication?

It is a modern day communication instrument, which allows business professionals to use combined access to all major communication tools from anywhere, at any time they need. Unified communication lets businesses store all interactions in a single point system to make all business communication and operation quite easy and straightforward.

Unified communication and collaboration often define the progressive and modern nature of a business in Africa. UC&C stands for Unified Communication and Collaboration. It is a modern way of communication, which has various advantages to offer.

What is a unified communication system?

A unified communication solution is a platform that integrates all major communication channels and business communication modes within a single system. This includes the following communication channels:

  •         Voice calling
  •         Instant messaging
  •         Conference calling
  •         Screen sharing
  •         Video callings
  •         Social media
  •         WhatsApp
  •         Integrated business apps
  •         Texting
  •         And more

The major goal of unified communication platforms is to provide an integrated solution to all business users that are accessible from anywhere, at any time. Moreover, if a business person initiates an interaction on one communication channel and after some hours or days, communicates via another mode of communication, the platform will give the same user experience.

Similar to several other countries, countries in Africa, Unified Communication & Collaboration tools have started growing in popularity. The reason behind this trend is the bouquet of benefits it has to offer.

Top ways unified communication software benefits businesses in Africa

1. Excellent call management

Voice and video calls are commonly used in African businesses. Businesses in Africa work with multiple vendors, suppliers, partners, and more in multiple countries. It makes it difficult to manage calls from these different business associates. The systems with unified communication channel integrations help in managing these calls. The best solutions for unified communication consist of several features for effective call management. Some of the most popular features of this platform are automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, call monitoring, call transfer, call forwarding, and more. This helps African countries to remove the burden of managing calls manually.

2. Improve the efficiency of business communication and collaboration

As business and the economy grow, the need and demand for reliable communication and collaboration also grow. Thanks to a unified communication system that incorporates calling, messaging, texting, and even conferencing within a single system. It makes it easier for Africa to keep track of all interactions among all associates. Moreover, the same system can be used for a sales conversation, customer care, and even to give a live demo of the product. This helps in keeping records that can be referred to whenever needed to personalize conversations and lead them in a favorable direction.

These tools are effective not only to bridge the communication gap but also to encourage uninterrupted collaboration. Business representatives and team members can collaborate to brainstorm, discuss, make decisions, conduct board meetings, and have all other types of business conversations. This makes the remote working model indeed lively and reliable in countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, and more.

3. Optimize business operations

The unified communication platforms are loaded with amazing features to help businesses in Africa. One of the major benefits of a system supporting unified communication is that it helps in providing automation features. Automation can help in streamlining operations related to prospecting, sales, customer care, customer relationship management, investor and partnership relationship building, and more. Unified communication also helps in defining, monitoring, and optimizing different operations to improve the overall impact.

4. Excellent customer and partner satisfaction

A unified communication system not only provides the integrated system with all communication channels, but it also provides integration of different business apps. In fact, an expert unified communication software provider company can integrate any third party app or software with a unified communication solution. This can provide a holistic view of all interactions carried out by a business with a customer or partner or even a vendor and supplier. The integrated system gives a complete context to business representatives while having conversations. They can lead context driven conversations.

These solutions have autonomous features for clients so they can self serve themselves. This can augment the customer experience and partner satisfaction because they don’t need to wait too long for African business representatives to respond. Moreover, they can also check their own records and take autonomous actions to speed up various operations. This saves time for clients and partners, as well as business resources.

5. Reduce expenses

Automation, unified communication, and other amazing features help in directly reducing expenses. Businesses in Africa don’t need to manage and maintain individual business systems such as CRM, IP PBX, payroll management, conferencing solutions, etc. A holistic system and its powerful features reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and management. Moreover, automation and similar features further help in reducing expenses. A unified communication system can be hosted over cloud platforms. This can further reduce the expenses of physical space, servers, and more. Some cloud platforms provide a “pay as you go” model.

All these advantages of using a unified communication solution reduce expenses and help in saving funds. These funds can be reinvested in the business to make some more vital business advancements.

Concluding notes

UC&C platforms are built to meet the growing and rapidly changing business communication and collaboration needs of African businesses. Not only big enterprises, but even SMEs in Africa can take advantage of these platforms. It helps them build reliable external and internal communication strategies. It also helps in leveraging several other advantages like better business positioning, branding, boosted agent productivity, access to actionable insight, and more.

We have been benefiting African countries with our excellent unified communication platforms. One of our most popular platforms in this sphere is our DialShree: call center solution. It supports all modern communication channels and can integrate other business communication application integration, too. We have been meeting the business needs of businesses of all sizes in Africa. This has given us the required skills and experience to meet business needs. Moreover, we also provide recommendations based on our experience with businesses in Africa.

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The Role of Cloud Technology in the Growth of Africa’s Contact Center Industry

The Role of Cloud Technology in the Growth of Africa's Contact Center Industry

The global contact center industry is gargantuan. There are so many countries that thrive in their economies by running call centers. Africa is one of the leaders in this space. With technological advancements, the African contact center industry is flourishing in leaps and bounds. There are several technological innovations and trending inventions such as AI, ML, IoT, WiFi, 5G, cloud technology, etc. that contribute to the growth of Africa’s contact center industry. Each technology has its own role to play and we are going to discuss one of the most fascinating and trending technologies that influence the African contact center industry.

Cloud technology in the African call center industry has a major and vital role to play. There are so many Africa based call centers that have started using a cloud based call center solution. If you are still wondering what the exact role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa is, then you will learn about it in this article. 

What is cloud technology?

It is the next gen technology that makes computing power, data storage, and other resources available over the internet instead of the hard drive. In technological terms, the hard drive based setup is called a physical server setup and the internet based setup is known as cloud technology or cloud computing. The whole phenomenon of cloud technology is quite vast as it covers different types of hosting, setup, and more and it is very much technical. Your call center software provider would handle all aspects related to this technology. Usually, Africa’s contact center industry uses cloud technology for hosting their software like a contact center solution. The technical aspects such as setup, usage optimization, backup, recovery, etc. are managed by the companies that offer these software solutions and tools. 

What is a cloud based call center solution?

When a call center solution is hosted on cloud computing, it is called cloud based call center software. The businesses operating in the African contact center industry can use any public or private cloud platform such as Amazon Web Server (AWS), Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, etc.

What is the role of cloud technology in the African call center industry?

The role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa can be defined by exploring its top applications, benefits, and characteristics. Let’s explore how it helps Africa’s contact center industry to thrive and grow.

1. Excellent customer services

Cloud technology is flexible and supports remote operations. The call center industry in Africa can take advantage of this characteristic of this technological invention and assure growth. It can access all tools, software, platforms, and data from remote locations. Thus, customers can be attended to anytime as the software will be available to use for agents to cater to clients. A majority of businesses in Africa use automation in their software. Thus, they can ensure that customers will get self serving options. Even contact centers based in Africa can hire customer service experts from any nook and corner of the world to level up the game of customer care.

2. Commendable scalability

The role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa can be defined by its capacity to scale up the software and infrastructure. Africa’s contact center industry is growing rapidly because of the rising opportunities for businesses, increasing investment and funding options for enterprises, and multiple other driving factors. In this case, the IT infrastructure of the company has to be compatible enough and scalable enough to support the growth of businesses operating in the contact center industry of Africa.

Cloud technology in the African call center industry is leading this area by providing instant scalability options. The cloud platforms have ready to use computing power, data storage space, and other resources to let contact centers scale up their capacities whenever they need. Unlike physical space, cloud based systems can be scaled up within a few hours to a few days. The advantage of this platform for the African contact center industry is that they can even scale down the capacity to save money. All these scalability related benefits of cloud technology help businesses grow faster and thrive.

3. Excellent agent efficiency

Cloud technology helps agents in Africa to work from anywhere. This helps in improving the efficiency of their work by letting them enjoy work life balance. They can also take advantage of other offerings of cloud technology that help them improve their performance and productivity. This boosts their morale and contributes to elevating the efficiency of agents.

4. Reduced expenses

Cloud technology in the African call center industry has a pivotal role to play with multifaceted benefits. One of them is cutting costs to save funds and make them available for better utilization in other areas. In multiple ways, a cloud based call center solution and other tools hosted and set up on the cloud benefit African businesses to reduce expenses.

  • Setup cost:
    One of the major expenses call centers face is setting up the software and IT infrastructure. Cloud technology makes everything remote and hosted on the internet, which saves a lot of money for these businesses. For example, a call center does not need to buy a physical office in Africa to set up servers, IT infrastructure, etc. This is a huge saving on an ongoing basis along with capital cost savings. 
  • Operational cost:
    As software and IT infrastructure is hosted on the cloud, the role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa becomes more evident in terms of saving money. One does not need to put staff to manage IT tools and software or servers. There will be less wear and tear of hardware or wires otherwise used in a physical, on-premise setup. The ongoing cost saving of the software is significant. 
  • Pay as you go:
    Popular cloud computing platforms offer pay-as-you-go models. This helps in saving a lot of money because the
    African contact center industry needs to pay only for the usage of the software even if they have opted for a higher plan. This is a considerable saving.
  • Maintenance and Support:
    As the cloud based system does not need an on-premise team to manage hardware, upgrade, server health, etc., the cost of maintenance and support would be quite low. In many cases, cloud technology platforms cover basic maintenance and support, which reduces the cost of maintenance and support for the contact center industry of Africa.
  • Uptime SLA:
    The cloud team will ensure high uptime service level agreements for businesses operating in the contact center industry in African countries. A majority of systems provide 99.95% of uptime and this can help businesses to continue their operations and keep receiving constant revenue and save costs on downtime and related consequences. This defines the important role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa.


In conclusion, the role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa is pivotal. It drives the growth of contact centers in African countries.

To get started in this direction, contact centers need the best cloud based call center solution. We incorporate superior quality cloud technology in our cloud call center software, DialShree. To know more about this software and to move ahead in this discussion, Get In Touch With Us NOW!


How ChatGPT is Revolutionizing the Contact Center Industry?

ChatGPT in Call Center Industry

ChatGPT has captured all headlines because of the amazing use cases of this chatbot, which is developed by OpenAI. It is one of those amazing chatbots that excel in self learning. In fact, it is the most effective in generating human-like content and self learn to provide better output every time. All different industry verticals are exploring ways to bring it on board to multiply advantages and the contact center industry definitely cannot be set behind.

The potential of using the stated chatbot in all industry verticals is huge and in the contact centers, it is making an immense impact. From improving customer satisfaction to enhancing different operations, reducing agent attrition rate, and much more it can do to improve overall performance and ROI of contact centers.

The impact of using ChatGPT in the contact center industry is so huge that industry leaders are considering that it will bring on a whole new revolution.

What is ChatGPT?

Back in November 2022, OpenAI launched a chatbot, which gained immense popularity because of its efficiency. It uses the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model. It provides quick access to information, automates several operations, and can even handle conversations with consumers.

This is how it paves its way as an effective chatbot in multiple industries, including, but not limited to, contact centers.

Provide enhanced support to improve customer service

One of the major areas in which chatbots are used in the contact center industry is enhancing customer satisfaction. In multiple ways, ChatGPT can improve customer service.

Customers are fine to deal with chatbots if they can handle their queries effectively. The major roadblocks that customers face while using a chatbot for customer support are listed below:

  • Chatbot cannot provide the required assistance. The answers that a chatbot provides are often fairly limited.
  • Many times, chatbots fail to understand user queries and put the customer into an endless loop.
  • It provides quite mechanical responses.

All these are major turn offs for the customers and it reduces customer satisfaction.

However, the chatbot launched by OpenAI has brought a revolution in the contact center industry. It overcomes all major challenges faced by other chatbots and literally adds value to the objective to improve customer service.

The stated chatbot can provide human-like responses and process information really fast compared to other options available in the market. It can also provide the best assistance to customers to ensure they receive the required resolution. It also reduces call queues and long call hold times. This chatbot is faster than humans in processing customer concerns.

One of the major advantages of using it is that it can self learn from different instances, which makes it better and better in the job of improving customer satisfaction.

1. Improve agent productivity

The first way of boosting the productivity of agents in contact centers is by automating answering repetitive questions. As per the survey result, 40% of customer concerns are repetitive (Source). That means by implementing ChatGPT, more than 40% of customer queries can be resolved without the need for any agent. This directly results in performance improvement of agents.

Along with eliminating the need of answering frequently asked questions, it can also help in different other areas to improve agent productivity. For example, after call work (ACW) is one of the core jobs of agents. According to this process, once a call is completed, agents need to summarize the call and write a disposition message as one of the jobs required in ACW. This helps another agent if a customer calls again by giving the required information from the last call. This helps in enhancing customer satisfaction as well because agents can provide more personalized responses instead of asking customers to reiterate the same issue again. As this process is important, agents in all contact centers have to follow this practice of adding disposition messages.

The traditional approach of adding disposition messages actually is a time consuming process and demands almost a minute of each agent, which is huge when considered collectively. This further negatively affects other KPIs like the average time to handle calls, the average time to first response, etc. Due to the pressure of keeping KPI values positive, agents often try to work hurriedly and leave vague or incomplete disposition messages. This negatively affects the whole essence of leaving this summarized message for other agents to effectively handle the call.

The chatbot of OpenAI resolves this issue because it is quite fast in processing information and summarizing human interaction. It can provide a precise and concise summary of each call without human intervention. This is possible with an automated AI transcription process and then processing information into a summary. This makes the whole process effective without wasting the time of agents. This helps in improving agent productivity because now agents can work on handling more calls and also more effectively.

2. Empower decision makers by helping them in process of better decision making

ChatGPT is not only accurate in handling customer queries, but it can also affect several other aspects of the contact center industry. One of them is providing insight into various KPIs by using AI transcription of calls and extracting valuable insight from these conversations. This chatbot can blend speech analytics and call coverage to reduce the traditional time of diagnosing an issue by up to 400% (Source).

This chatbot presents information in a simplified manner to make it easier for decision makers to identify major areas of improvement to work on. It also provides information that helps in identifying revenue generation opportunities or areas that can help to improve customer service to enhance returns.

3. Better relationship building with customers and investors

Several contact centers rely on investors and it is necessary for them to keep relationships in a positive direction with them. Along with investors, for a contact center, handling position relationships with clients is also crucial. Here comes the OpenAI chatbot at the rescue of the business.

It can help in reducing the time to answer common questions of customers and investors in the minimum time possible. Moreover, it helps in reducing the time it takes to answer the questions whether it is answered by an agent or chatbot. It also provides the options to improve the whole process by presenting insightful data in a simplified manner.
All this can be used to define the best ways to build a strong and delightful relationship with customers and investors.


Technology has been empowering the contact center industry for many years by bringing revolutionary transformations in processes. ChatGPT is one of the most amazing technology revolutions that have shaken the world of this industry in a positive manner. It will not only improve processes with automation by replacing humane intervention, but it also helps human agents to perform better and decision makers to make better and consolidated decisions. That means it has several advantages to offer to consolidate this whole industry.

We can help contact centers by leveraging the real power of this powerful chatbot and employing several other technology advancements. We have several ready to use products that have been gaining popularity among global customers such as DialShree: omnichannel contact center solution. It is an ideal software for this industry. Moreover, it is compatible with emerging AI solutions that are bringing revolutions for businesses. To know more and discuss your requirements, get in touch with us.


The Importance of Cybersecurity & AI in Africa’s Contact Center Industry

The Importance of Cybersecurity & AI in Africa's Contact Center Industry

The contact center industry in Africa has been serving the global industry with its customer care, support, and other services to retain clients. When an industry grows, the opportunities grow and so do the threats! This is necessary to be aware of major threats and take precautionary steps to safeguard the business. Likewise, businesses also experience advancements in technologies that can help businesses improve overall performance and returns. Moreover, the African contact center industry is one of the highly technology influenced industry verticals. 

There are different technologies and threats that are affecting how the African industry of call centers is evolving and growing. Two major technology advancements are becoming imperative for this industry, which are artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. The importance of cybersecurity and AI in Africa’s contact center industry is irreplaceable. Thus, it is necessary to understand their roles and how AI and Cybersecurity in the contact center industry of Africa can make a difference.

Importance of cybersecurity in Africa

The contact center industry in Africa or any country runs over technology solutions like a call center software solution. This solution supports omnichannel communication over VoIP/ SIP lines. Anything that transmits over internet lines has a threat of getting intercepted and voice, video, and other forms of data that are getting exchanged over internet lines are definitely not exceptions. All common threats related to the cybersecurity of any VoIP or internet based solutions are applicable to the contact center industry in Africa as well. 

Here is the stat result shared by Norton to prove the importance of cybersecurity in Africa, “3.86 million dollars is the global cost of recovering a typical data breach”. One more supported stat shared by Norton is, “A typical data breach takes 196 days on average to recover for an enterprise”. 

Consequences of a cybersecurity attack and data breaches in the call center industry

Data loss

If you do not understand the importance of cybersecurity in Africa in the contact center industry and do not take the precautionary steps, you are likely to lose a lot of things and one of them is data. Data is an asset for any business. In industries like the African contact center industry, data is not just an asset, but also a critical resource that cannot be shared or leaked. The cyber attackers steal your data and can use it for their malign intents such as running fraud calls, selling data to third parties, and more. Hackers can even temper data to affect your customer care services and integrity. 

Legal trouble

Preserving and protecting user data and sensitive information is a key responsibility of businesses. In many countries, it is abided by legislation and telecom regulations to keep customer data secure. In industries like contact centers, in which sensitive information such as customer bank or payment details are stored, it is even more crucial to keep this information protected. Thus, the law forbids businesses to protect customer interests by protecting their data. The African contact center industry needs to be cautious about legislation to ensure that clients receive the best services and their data is also protected if they want to do business in these countries.

Reputation damage 

It is extremely difficult to return to a positive brand reputation once you lose it. Businesses in the contact center industry in Africa have no way back to work on their brand reputation if they cannot survive cybersecurity attacks. For obvious reasons customers don’t trust brands like this and they are likely to move away from their competitors. This is not just a temporary effect. Even in the long run, call centers that faced reputation damage due to cyber attacks need to face consequences. 

Monetary loss

Recovering from cyber attacks for any business operating in the African contact center industry is a long, tedious, and expensive process. Businesses lose money in the process of recovering the system, data, infrastructure, etc. Businesses also need to face monetary loss by losing some data, business, and clients. If they get trapped in legal trouble, then there is a long process of getting into the judiciary and getting out with the penalty or other punishments. Thus, it is necessary to handle the monetary loss. 

All these major consequences caused by attackers make it quite obvious that the importance of cybersecurity in Africa is quite evident.

AI and Cybersecurity in the contact center industry of Africa

To prevent these types of attacks, it is necessary for businesses to take precautionary steps, which include using technology tools and advancements. This introduces one of the most vital technologies that is making its mark in all industries. Yes, we are talking about artificial intelligence (AI). The role of AI in the African contact center industry is huge. It can do wonders. From improving customer experience to agent performance, reducing expenses, and there is so much more artificial intelligence can do for improving returns and the reputation of the contact center industry in Africa.

Artificial intelligence can also work along with cybersecurity mechanisms to solidify the security offered by cybersecurity products to customers. 

Importance of cybersecurity and AI in Africa’s contact center industry

In multiple ways, cybersecurity software and tools can be enhanced to improve the security of the infrastructure of the African call center industry. This increases the importance of cybersecurity and AI in Africa’s contact center industry.

AI algorithms can be integrated into cybersecurity products. This automates various operations to solidify the security steps from cyber attacks and protect the contact center industry in Africa.

  • Monitoring:

    AI tools will automate the monitoring of cyber attacks and other threats 24×7. It will not need manual resources, which will save money and manual effort. It will also make the whole process more efficient.

  • Prevention:

    The importance of cybersecurity and AI is high because it not only monitors threats but also prevents them. It can immediately suspend suspicious users. 

  • Recovery:

    In case the attackers succeed in breaking security mechanisms for any reason, then also AI and cybersecurity tools will immediately start the recovery process. Usually, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity tools keep taking regular backups, which can be used for recovering from any attack within a minimum time.


In conclusion, the role of AI and Cybersecurity in the contact center industry of Africa is quite essential and crucial. It can make a huge difference in protecting businesses from major cyber attacks. It can even help in taking immediate steps to prevent any risks to data, users, or customers of Africa’s call center industry. Moreover, it can take immediate steps to prevent attacks by suspending attackers. It can also recover the data if any sort of attack has already happened. All this helps in speeding up the process of prevention and recovery along with security. This makes it quite vital to accept the worth of AI and Cybersecurity in the contact center industry of Africa.

We provide a contact center solution for African countries and their contact center industry. We can implement the best practices of AI and Cybersecurity in the contact center industry of Africa. If you have already accepted the importance of cybersecurity and AI in Africa’s contact center industry, time for you to implement these technologies in favor of your business. To know more about our software and the implementation of AI and cybersecurity in it, Get In Touch With Us Now.


Can State of the Art Banking Solutions Prevent Falls like SVB?

Silicon Valley Bank

The fall of SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) is not unknown to anyone. It has been the talk of the town for the past few weeks. A bank worth 212 billion dollars just falls like a leaf and that has surprised many people and businesses. As per the reports, this is the second largest shut off case in the banking industry in US history (source).

This bank had attracted several business owners to deposit in the company with its “Zero Money” interest rate offering and it had enjoyed huge success for more than a decade. But, suddenly things started turning down everything for the management of this bank and finally, its fall was announced which put everyone in shock. There are multiple reasons behind the Silicon Valley Bank collapse.

3 major reasons behind the fall of Silicon Valley Bank:

1. Startup clients pulling out their deposits

Technology startup companies deposited funds in SVB by getting attracted to the “Zero Money” option. COVID 19 and several other driving factors occurring since then have started bringing recession in the tech sector. Additionally, to tame inflation SVB imposed steep hikes in interest rates because of the change of interest rates imposed by the Federal.

This encouraged tech startups that were a huge part of depositors for SVB to start withdrawing funds. A sudden spike in fund withdrawal pushed the situation of Silicon Valley Bank collapse.

2. Selling Stock at a loss

To tame the situation aroused due to the sudden withdrawal by account holders of SVB, the bank also sells some of its shares at loss. Then, the shareholders of the bank started giving up their stocks at lower rates, which pulled down the valuation of the bank and also pushed the bank toward the fall.

3. Empty chair of a chief risk officer (CRO)

In the banking industry, each key role needs to have a skilled person to handle respective departments to successfully sail the boat of business to success. As per the reports, the Silicon Valley Bank did not have a CRO for a long time and this put them in a situation of failure.

The role of a CRO is crucial in any bank or huge enterprise like SVB. A CRO is responsible for forecasting the changing market dynamics, inflammation, and other factors that can create threats or opportunities. As the position was empty, there was no expert that could predict the upcoming scenario of inflammation, slowing down the tech industry, etc., and that resulted in the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse.

How to prevent banks from falling like SVB?

Banking is one of the high risk industries and that is why it is necessary for banks to be prepared for situations like this. One thing banks need is to be a long run player by experimenting in the market and another thing a bank needs to do is learn from the mistakes of banks like SVB. A few quick lessons that banks can learn from Silicon Valley Bank Collapse are briefly shared hereunder.

1. Keep different sources of revenue

The first lesson to learn from this biggest case of bank failure is that banks should not depend on a single channel to generate revenue. Banking products can have a diverse portfolio to generate revenue. Keeping a single source of revenue generation can doom any brand and banks are not an exception here.

The state of the art solutions specifically developed for banks can definitely help banks in multiple ways. One of the best products that can help banks to overcome this challenge of diversifying their revenue model is a feature rich contact center solution. Let’s see how:

  • The first advantage of using this software is to run outbound campaigns to generate leads or awareness about other banking products. Each bank holds multiple products. Using outbound auto dialers like predictive dialers, preview dialers, power dialers, progressive dialers, etc. the team of a bank can generate awareness about diverse products. They can also onboard new customers by reaching out to more customers.

  • A contact center solution will also generate reports of the outbound campaigns, as well as regular customer care campaigns. These reports are full of actionable insight, which can be used to segment audiences to run further sales campaigns. This data can also be used to identify cross selling and up-selling business opportunities to generate more revenue.

  • Collection is one major area that a bank can focus on to increase revenue. Collection of loans, credit card bills, etc. is possible using a collection module that can be integrated into an on-premise or cloud call center software solution. Once the collection module is integrated into the software, it can be used to run debt collection campaigns more efficiently. This can help in increasing revenue and keeping funds to support the business of the bank.

2. Be Future-proof

This is a very important part to stay competitive and profit making in any industry and banks are not staying behind. One of the major reasons behind the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse is definitely that they did not identify the risks and threats. A contact center solution and other state of the art products can help here as well. A careful review of reports generated by this software can help banks to identify risks and opportunities.

Moreover, artificial intelligence is paving the way to develop features to increase the efficiency of a contact center solution. Based on historic data and other data sources such as the stock market, these AI based solutions can augment ways to forecast the future of the banks. This helps banks to be prepared for upcoming market changes.

3. Have experts onboard

Along with having the best contact center solution, banks also need to have expert team members. From an agent handling customer care calls to the chief risk officer, each important key personnel must be part of the team of banks. A bank can also have a technology partner who can persistently empower the bank with powerful and state of the art solutions and products.

As technological inventions take place, the bank can accommodate those changes to benefit from them with recommendations or the help of a technical partner. Never make a mistake that the Silicon Valley Bank made by keeping the position of CRO empty for a long time.


Technology has its role everywhere and the banking sector cannot be overlooked. It is necessary for banks to acquire the best technical expertise and infrastructure with state of the art solutions to stay competitive and profit making in a fiercely competitive industry.

The case of the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse is traumatic for several banks as such a huge and billion dollar bank can fail, then small scaled banks see their future in dark. But, the right tools and technology can help banks to stay in the game without losing sight.

A contact center solution with the right tools such as a collection module, omnichannel communication support, Artificial Intelligence based voice analysis, etc. can be a great tool for banks. It can help banks to secure their present and future if used correctly.

Our company, Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd has been empowering several Indian banks such as PMC, SVC, etc. with the best technology solutions. We can help your bank as well. We have the best omnichannel contact center solution that can meet all your market needs. For more details, book a demo now!


Elision at the 30th Convergence Expo India 2023

30th Convergence Expo India

Elision has been a trendsetter and it has continued this custom in 2023 as well. The company has been working on technological inventions to discover never seen before solutions for unified communication. The company is also renowned for making great networks and connections to build mutual grounds of growth by offering smart and innovative solutions. To meet business representatives and organization leaders that are ready to synergize to build a better future with unified communication solutions, team Elision has participated in the 30th Convergence India expo.

About Convergence India Expo 2023

The Indian government has been conducting an international expo in New Delhi with the name of Convergence India since 1992. Initially, the expo used to give a platform to telecom companies to showcase its strength and get business opportunities from the world businesses. As the innovations started turning the telecommunication space, the expo started adding more products and categories like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, M2M, digital gaming, cloud, embedded, big data and analytics, smart homes, Blockchain, and more. 

This year, the stated Indian expo will be celebrating 30 years of success in bringing businesses together on a platform to explore new technologies in digital space and find a mutual business or learning opportunities. It is one of the largest technology events and expos hosted by India. This year, the smart cities India expo is also going on in conjunction with Convergence India 2023 to benefit companies that offer smart city solutions.

The event is taking place at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from the 27th of March to the 29th of March 2023. As per the shared statistics, it will have more than 1000 participants across 40 different countries. The expo expects more than 50,000 visitors. Moreover, there will be 100+ speakers that would benefit attendees and booth hosts with their industry expertise. 

The major products and services to be showcased at the expo are listed hereunder:

  • 5G technology related services and solutions
  • Cloud and big data analytics solutions
  • Automation technologies 
  • Fintech solutions 
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Mobile apps
  • Digital gamin
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Surveillance and security products
  • Embedded systems
  • Consumer technology
  • Electronic manufacturing 
  • Mobile devices and accessories
  • FTTX
  • IoT
  • OTT
  • Satcom 
  • Smart city solutions
  • AI platforms
  • AR and VR products
  • Unified communication solutions
  • And more

About Elision

It is one of the leading and trusted names in the industry as an innovative technology company for more than 15 years. The company has more than 1900 customers across 50+ countries. It is accredited with more than 20 awards, rewards, and recognitions by global platforms. The company enjoys a 98% of net promoter score (NPS).

Elision has been offering various products and solutions along with its client centric services and it is renowned for resolving the exact pain points of customers. 

Elision at the 30th Convergence India 2023 Expo

Elision is one of the participants at the Convergence India expo. The representatives of the company will be exhibiting different products and solutions offered by the company to benefit businesses with reliable unified communication platforms. 

The exhibition details of the company at this tradeshow are as below:

Booth number: D – 255, Hall Number 5

The major products to be showcased to the booth visitors of Elision are briefly explained hereunder.

1. DialShree: Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

It is one of the most renowned products offered by Elision. As the demand for customer support is increasing, the demand for call center solutions has also increased. This software supports unified communication channels within a single platform to provide all inclusive customer support software. It also has features to automate workflow and operations to improve productivity and revenue for a business. 

The software ensures 98.99% of SLA (Service Level Agreement) for uptime. It is trusted by some major brands in India like Nykaa, Mahindra, CarDekho, Tata Housing, Reliance, and more.

The representatives of Elision will showcase this product at Convergence India 2023.

2. Smart City Solutions

It is one of the top solutions offered by the company and the team will exhibit it to benefit visitors interested in this platform specifically. This solution is already deployed and in use by two major smart cities of India, namely, Agra and GMDA (Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority). 

The smart city solutions of Elision consist of multiple communication and collaboration systems to provide a comprehensive platform. It consists of an IP PBX solution, an omnichannel call center solution, and a grievance management platform. This platform can automate workflow to speed up grievance management in smart cities and delight citizens.

3. Greeter

It is an ideal product built for small and medium enterprises that want to transform their conventional communication system into a digitized and more reliable communication system that acts as a virtual receptionist. It will attend to all incoming calls and greet customers with a warm welcome message. It can also help customers to connect with the right agent or executive or it would collect information about the customer so the team can connect with that customer later on. This is one of the most sought after platforms named as “Greeter“.

4. IP PBX platform

The representative of Elision will also exhibit an IP PBX platform to the visitors of Convergence India 2023. It has several communication and collaboration features to offer which are not available in traditional telecommunication solutions. Moreover, it supports remote communication possible for a business in a more traceable manner. This helps a business to be more resourceful and quick and take the required decisions.

5. Help desk ticketing platform

This is another product to be exhibited at the Convergence India expo. The representatives will showcase how this product can streamline the process of handling support requests in a business, in which the flow of this kind of request is high. It not only automates workflow, but it also provides an effective mechanism to save manpower and use them to work in a more productive way. Explore Helpdesk Ticketing System now!

6. CRM Widget

CRM CTI integrator, which is popularly known as the CRM widget, is one of the top products of Elision and it will be showcased at the Convergence India 2023 during the tradeshow. This widget helps in transforming a simple CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution into a more powerful call center driven platform. It provides CTI features within the CRM system to let businesses make communication easier and customer relationship management more effective.


Team Elision is excited to meet more business owners, CEOs, consultants, government authorities, etc. at the 30th Convergence India expo during its participation as one of the exhibitors. The team is really excited to showcase all the top products briefly shared in this blog post along with multiple other solutions like the number masking system, Code Blue: Emergency Alert System, etc. The company also has industry specific unified communication solutions along with smart city solutions, which will be showcased during the participation of Elision at this tradeshow.

If you are interested in meeting our representatives at this expo, visit us at D 255. Hall no: 5, our team would be more than happy to greet you and showcase personalized products and solutions for your business. However, if you cannot visit the expo and still have an interest in our products or solutions, fret not. Simply Book a Demo Now!


Overcoming the Talent Shortage in Africa’s Contact Center Industry

Overcoming the Talent Shortage in Africa's Contact Center Industry

The talent shortage is a global concern and it has been here for many years. We often read the news that so and so multinational companies fired thousands of employees. Thousands of job seekers are jobless for years and seeking good opportunities. Amid these types of news buzzing your TV screens and mobile screens, it might be difficult to believe that there is any sort of talent shortage. But, this is a real problem. Many countries like Africa have thousands of openings, which stay unfilled because it gets difficult for them to find the right and suitable talent to fill that vacancy. There are several other factors that are rising talent shortage in the African contact center industry along with multiple other industry verticals.

Call center staffing challenges are endless and it keeps HR pulling their hair regardless of the industry they work in. As in the past few years, the contact center industry is growing in Africa and that is why talent shortage in Africa in the contact center industry is becoming a major challenge for businesses investing in products and ideas in Africa.

When there is a problem, there is a viable solution as well. The talent shortage in the contact center industry is real and there are some solutions and options available to overcome these challenges.

1. Hire international talent

The easiest and the most resource saving option is to hire international agents and supervisors. It is a pricey solution, but this is a viable option to deal with the talent shortage in the African contact center industry. This option also has added benefits such as the call center industry in Africa can run customer care centers around the clock. They can deliver native like experience if they are offering international services. They can also save time in handling agents as a majority of these agents that work remotely are well versed in working without any need for leadership. They may need some guidance at the initial stages, but once they understand your protocols, tools, etc., they can work with higher efficiency and productivity.

2. Retain existing staff

When there is a huge talent gap causing major call center staffing challenges, it becomes vital to focus on reducing the staff attrition rate. It becomes not only difficult to find the right agents or team, but it also becomes quite tedious and time consuming to find the right agents or supervisors due to the major talent shortage in Africa. If your call center already has an experienced and high performing agent team, it is necessary to retain it. There are some simple tricks to do so.

Pay well:

Paying good wages can be a great strategy to retain your call center staff. Anyways, the recruitment process is quite expensive due to the talent shortage in the contact center industry in Africa. Saving that money and investing in keeping your agents happy by paying them high wages can help in retaining them. This would be also cheaper than hiring international talent as you can have your team on your premises or within African countries that understand your working culture and standards to support your business possibly in a better way.

Keep them motivated:

Everyone knows that the job of agents is thankless and quite frustrating. Angry customers blame and bombard agents all the time and it often makes them lose control. However, skilled agents take everything professionally. Thus, to avoid facing challenges related to a talent shortage in the African contact center industry, you can take some steps to keep your agents motivated in this stressful work schedule. For example, you can offer some incentives or bonuses to the best performing agents. You can listen to their genuine suggestions and recommendations and try to implement them. There can be several other solutions that can help you keep your team motivated and reduce the effect of talent shortage in Africa.

Provide the required infrastructure:

A majority of agents cannot perform due to a lack of right and effective tools. For example, it is not possible to work more productively with an outdated call center solution. Call center automation can help them perform better and work more efficiently. There are several other challenges faced by agents in terms of infrastructure, which make them stagnant in their performance. Upgrade in technology and infrastructure can help in boosting the performance of agents.

3. Hire a team of fresher and train them

This might be time consuming and resource intensive, but worth trying to deal with the talent shortage in Africa in the contact industry. In fact, you can bridge all professional gaps that you might find in your existing team by hiring freshers and training them to become the most talented team leading your contact center business to the next milestones of success. Freshers expect nothing more than support and a basic salary to support their survival. They will put more effort into learning as they are getting started with their career. This is one of the most effective options to deal with the talent shortage in the African contact center industry without much investment.

4. Create an employee referral program

No matter how hard you try, at a certain point, you will have to deal with call center staffing challenges in Africa. Either your existing team will shuffle or your business will grow and you would need a bigger team. You will need to put resources for recruitment. If you don’t want to use the international hiring option to deal with the talent shortage in the contact center industry, then you will need to hire local team members. You can create tempting employee referral programs. These programs can help you add to the efforts of your existing agents. This can be a great way to deal with the talent shortage in the African contact center industry because agents will have a network of multiple other agents. This will make the recruitment process smoother as you would get better options with the least effort.

5. Take advantage of a talented recruitment agency or expert

Agent attrition is quite common in African countries and this is a real problem. All the money invested in recruiting a team of agents goes in vain if you cannot retain those agents until the payback period. This is one of the major challenges related to a talent shortage in the contact center industry in Africa. This often happens because you hire just to fill vacancies. To effectively deal with call center staffing challenges, you must follow a strategic approach to finding and recruiting the right talent. This would help in retaining teams and reducing the effect of talent shortage in the African contact center industry. There is always an option of hiring a recruitment expert or agency that can help you find the best agent team that would stay.


The talent shortage in Africa is real and needs to be tackled on time with the right strategy. The contact center industry is growing fast. Thus, it becomes necessary to focus on all challenges caused by the talent shortage in the African contact center industry. You can follow the tips shared in this article to effectively overcome these shortages and related issues.

You can also run a recruitment campaign to deal with the talent shortage in the African contact center industry. We have a feature rich software, called DialShree: Omnichannel contact center solution. It can help in running effective recruitment programs to fill the talent gap in your contact center. For more details, Contact Us now.


5 Types of Customer Service [Highs and Lows]

5 Types of Customer Service

Client-centric businesses can increase sales and marketing opportunities. Businesses can even position their brand better with their customer centric approach by winning high customer loyalty. To win client loyalty, it is necessary to invest in a reliable and strategic customer service plan. You cannot make the right customer service strategy until you know the types of customers you have and the types of customer service you can offer them.

If you are unaware of the types of customers you have and don’t know how to classify clients into different categories, then read our latest article on major types of customers.

To help you define the right customer service types, we have penned down this article as the top unified customer care solution provider.

By knowing the possible types of customer services, you will be able to make the right strategy by getting the best tools and team onboard.

Major types of customer services

1. Phone customer service

This is the highly used and most popular type of customer service followed by the major business brands. For years, it has been used in businesses to provide pre-sales and post-sales support to clients. This form of customer service is always preferred by customers that don’t want to visit the store and are still looking for some answers. In the 21st century, this type of customer service is a must because many businesses operate virtually or serve international customers. In this case, it is impossible for a business to provide in-store support.

The phone based customer service is also recommended when the customer needs to explain the query to the support agent to get the resolution. It is a faster mode of communication and helps in resolving concerns within a few minutes in a majority of cases. According to Statista, more than 61% of consumers prefer to receive customer service over the phone.

Benefits of phone customer service

  • High FCR (First Call Resolution) rate
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Personalized customer experience

Drawbacks of phone customer service

  • Complicated process to connect with customer care executive
  • Efficiency is dependent on manpower and skill
  • May frustrate customers even more

2. Walk-in customer service

This is typical customer support, which is disappearing due to the busy schedule of clients. Still, this is one of the important types of customer service. As the name suggests, the customer walks into the physical store to receive support. In some sectors, it is necessary. For example, hardware related technical support. The customer has to visit a technical center to show the laptop or any other device to get it repaired.

Benefits of walk-in customer service

  • Physical interaction increases customer engagement rate
  • Increase opportunity of cross selling and upselling
  • Get the non-verbal clues to deliver even more personalized customer care

Drawback of walk-in customer service

  • Extra cost of having a physical support center
  • Cause inconvenience to customers visiting the store
  • Make you appear obsolete in the modern digitized era.

3. Email customer service

Since 1971 when the first email was sent, email has become one of the favorite modes of communication for many businesses and consumers. Still, many businesses love this mode of communication, which makes email customer service one of the major customer service types. It is one of the asynchronous types of customer service, which means customers don’t need to sit and wait for the agent to respond. Likewise, agents also have enough time to study the issue and respond. This can be a vital type of customer service in some cases such as technical or premium services, in which screenshots, receipts, invoices, etc. need to be exchanged.

Benefits of email customer service

  • It is cheap for both the customer and the company
  • Completely documented, logged, and digitized communication
  • Automate acknowledgment, send canned responses
  • Get enough time to study and respond
  • Reduce pressure on agents

Drawback of email customer service

  • Slow in process
  • Long email chains can make things complicated
  • Long email responses can be tedious and irritating
  • Lack of personalized responses

4. Chat customer service

Live chat is one of the top types of customer service offered by a majority of customer care centers. It can be simple live chat using a chat widget or it can be WhatsApp chat to give a digital touch to your customer care department. In fact, WhatsApp chat is more popular than live chat because consumers don’t need to go to your landing page or chat widget to initiate the conversation. It is one of the most effective customer service types because customers can chat about their issues on the go.

Benefits of chat customer service

  • Give real time customer services
  • Excellent for short conversations
  • Preferred types of customer service for introvert consumers
  • Improved agent productivity as agents can handle multiple chats in parallel

Drawback of chat customer service

  • Lacks human touch
  • Difficult and complicated when longer responses need to be given
  • Logging conversations is a tough task
  • No way to comprehend the mood of customers to give personalized responses

5. Social media customer service

As things are getting more and more digital, digital channels are taking over each department in the business. Then how can customer service be left behind? Major social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter are on the top list for the best types of customer service. Consumers have started posting their issues and concerns on social media without even checking if your brand includes social media in one of the customer service types. Moreover, they expect rapid responses over social media. According to a stat result shared by Statistia, more than 20% of consumers demand a response immediately after posting on social media. This shows how this platform is taken so seriously by the young generation. Of course, the old generation also uses it, but the young generation demands customer support over major social media platforms. Thus, it has to be one of the customer service types you are offering.

Benefits of social media customer service

  • Position your enterprise as a modern business brand
  • Satisfy demands of millennial and Gen Z audiences
  • Give convenience to your customers to reach via their preferred channel
  • Skyrocket your reputation management and digital marketing campaigns
  • Position your business as a customer centric brand
  • Enhance brand reputation by showing proactive customer care
  • Low cost and affordable

Drawback of social media customer service

  • Everything is online and transparent. It can work in your favor or against you.
  • For businesses with multiple concerns, it becomes tough to maintain a positive brand reputation
  • Makes it difficult to track all mentions along with the DMs
  • Possibility of skipping or missing out on a customer concern

Nowadays, customers need what they find appropriate to meet their demands and types of customer service are not at all an exception. Your customer care team has to incorporate major customer service types in the strategy to match the pace with the growing demands of customers and stay tuned with modern trends.

Your software such as contact center software must also implement all these communication channels into the software to help you provide all major types of customer services using a single platform. We can help you make this possible with our communication tools. Let’s connect to discuss more about these solutions and major customer service types that must be part of your business to level up your customer care game.


Omnichannel Contact Center: A Champion’s Guide that You’ll Ever Need


Communication has been an imperative part of any business. Even if a business faces some ups and downs, the demand for reliable and steady communication remains constant. From internal teams to external customers, vendors, and other associates require a reliable means of communication. To meet different types of business communication needs, innovators invent different modes and channels of communication. Digitization and automation have further influenced the communication channels used in businesses.

Call centers being one of the businesses that rely heavily on communication and communication tools need to be updated with technology to keep serving clients with the right experience. An omnichannel contact center is the latest trend in this industry.

In this blog post, we have covered the following points:

  1.       Some important statistics that you must know if you are in this industry
  2.       What is an omnichannel contact center?
  3.       What is an omnichannel contact center solution?
  4.       What are the major benefits of omnichannel contact centers?
  5.       What are the best practices to run a successful omnichannel contact center?
  6.       Which are the top omnichannel call center providers?
  7.       Major FAQs related to omnichannel call centers
  8.       Conclusion

The omnichannel contact center has become a buzzword and it becomes necessary for all businesses associated with the communication industry or using call center software to have insightful knowledge about it. To give all the required insight on this subject matter, we have compiled all the details: from omnichannel contact center definition to FAQs. Let’s take an insider look at this captivating topic.

1. Some important statistics that you must know if you are in this industry

  • According to Google Research statistics, 98% of American users use multiple devices within a single day and one of the uses of these devices is to communicate with friends, brands, family, etc. 
  • According to Omnisend data, marketers registered a 287% high purchase rate by using more than three communication channels in
  • According to the statistical result shared by Omnisend, companies achieved up to 90% of customer retention rate by using omnichannel communication tools over a single channel.

There are so many statistics results available in the market, which define the benefits of omnichannel contact centers.

2. What is an omnichannel contact center?

When we talk about the omnichannel contact center definition, there are different versions available. Each version defines one common definition, which is as below:

When a contact center adopts the power of all popular communication channels and provides customer support or runs sales campaigns through all popular communication channels, it is called an omnichannel contact center. The omnichannel contact center definition also covers the top communication channels that have to be part of an omnichannel call center. These communication channels are listed below:

  • Voice calls
  • Video calls
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Facebook/  Twitter/ Other social media platforms
  • Instant messaging
  • WhatsApp

3. What is an omnichannel contact center solution?

A contact center solution, which can be either an on-premise or cloud call center software that provides all unified communication channels within a single platform is an omnichannel contact center solution. It eliminates the need of managing independent communication channels across multiple platforms. Instead of that, a single solution is used to manage communication across channels.

All conversations will be logged regardless of the communication channel used, which makes it the best tool for call centers and customer care centers. It will also make it easier to switch to another communication channel or use more than one communication channel in parallel. The omnichannel solution supports all communication channels that are preferred by your customers to keep them delighted in terms of the selection of the communication mode. As it contributes heavily to handling customer support, it is also referred to as an omnichannel customer support solution.

4. What are the major benefits of omnichannel contact centers?

There are several advantages of using an omnichannel customer support solution. Let’s explore the top three of them.

A) Improve customer experience

One of the major advantages covered even in the omnichannel contact center definition is improved customer experience by using this software. Everyone likes to make a choice instead of falling short of choices. The selection of a communication channel is often considered a small thing, but it can be comforting to your customers. Some customers willingly use Twitter for communication and some love having a telephone conversation. It is necessary to give this freedom to your clients to choose which mode of communication they are more comfortable using.

Even if you don’t accommodate all communication channels within your software, your customers are still likely to use these channels to reach out to your customer care team. No response and the delayed response would cause major concerns and brand damaging impact, which would get difficult to cover. By incorporating omnichannel communication into your strategy, you will be able to deliver an excellent customer experience. Your agents will get notified for all messages, not considering the use of communication channels, so they can respond quickly. They will also have context as all conversations across channels would be logged into the system. This helps them serve your clients better and improve customer service standards.

Prompt responses and personalized responses will keep your customers happy and excited about your customer service. This way you can improve customer experience with omnichannel call center adoption.

B) Improve agent productivity

The productivity of agents is as important as the happiness of customers. A productive agent can deliver better and faster services and help improve the values of many more KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to increase the ultimate goal conversation. As mentioned earlier, despite the fact that you use an omnichannel solution or not, your clients will use their favorite mode of communication to reach out to your support team. Thus, at a certain point, your agents or other team members will need to check individual platforms such as Facebook messenger or Facebook page wall and respond to these clients. This will be an exhaustive and error prone job. Likewise, there are so many communication channels to manage, and handling each of them independently can cause several challenges and affect the productivity of agents negatively.

Unlike that, using an omnichannel system will give a notification for each message. The software can also put clients into queues like chat queues, WhatsApp queues, etc. to make it easy to manage the process. When you avoid the need for switching across communication channels, your agents can save time and energy to synergize them on improving customer experience. Moreover, some communication channels let agents handle more than one customer at a time with templates and other features available in the software. This further contributes to boosted productivity. As we all know, improved productivity reflects improved performance because the same headcount can deliver much better output.

C) Improve ROI (Returns over Investment)

Managing different communication channels within a single platform is cheaper than handling different communication platforms. Saving time for agents also saves a lot of resources, including expenses. A majority of providers help in saving time by adding added features such as a message scheduler, message templates, auto replies, chatbots, and more. That means using an omnichannel system, a call center can reduce expenses and otherwise get invested in infrastructure, manpower, communication platforms, and more.

The high productivity of agents directly contributes to better performance of all campaigns and call centers. Call centers can elevate their revenue generation with the same manpower. Even if they hire more agents, they can then spike up revenue by taking more work and handling more campaigns. Customer retention, on the other hand, contributes to the stable stream of generating revenue. Reference business and referral leads are a few more contributors to increase revenue.

In a nutshell, the benefits of omnichannel contact centers include improving revenue and cutting costs, so call centers can enjoy a high ROI generation rate.

5. What are the best practices to run a successful omnichannel contact center?

When you decide to leverage the advantage of technology and trend, you need to have a proper strategy in place. You cannot just win the game by getting the best omnichannel customer support solution. You also need to have a strategy in place and you must follow the best practices. You can learn with experiments, but using an omnichannel customer support strategy is quite mature. You can learn from the experiences of others. To help you lead the game and maximize the benefits of omnichannel contact centers, we have shared the top best practices for you. You must rigorously follow these best practices to run your support center like a champion:

  • Don’t ignore self serving options

All communication solutions, including an omnichannel customer care system offer self serving options to call center users. It is necessary to use all communication channels and let your agents handle customer calls, messages, and other forms of interactions. However, it is equally important to invest in self serving options and encourage their use among customers. Using self serving options can help customers to get responses to their concerns on an immediate basis as they don’t need to wait for agents to join the conversation. On the other hand, it keeps your staff available to handle more complicated cases of customers to deliver excellent support.

Technology tools like chatbots, AI voice analysis, smart WhatsApp web tools, self serving IVR, voice broadcasting, SMS broadcasting, and more can be used to increase effective self serving options.

  • Live agent has to be available for customers

Even if you have plenty of self serving options, you need to be sure that you have enough live agents to handle clients and their concerns. You also need to give the option to connect with a live agent at any point. Some customers prefer to have a conversation or interaction with humans even if it is an easy task like retrieving the total due balance. This type of client also needs to get complete attention and respect from your customers to retain a good brand image.

  • Identify top performing and in-demand communication channels

Even if an omnichannel customer support solution is used to blend the power of all communication channels in serving your clients, it is worth investing resources to identify popular communication channels. Different customer bases may like different communication channels. In some countries, WhatsApp is the most preferred mode of communication. In some countries, SMS is still one of the top used communication channels. These facts also vary from industry to industry. Even in the same industry, two different customer care centers may have different charts of communication channel usage.

With careful analysis, you can identify the top performing communication channels for your business. Knowing this information can help you define further strategies to serve these clients. You can also put adequate resources based on the preferred modes of communication for your clients. You don’t need to put an equal number of agents for each communication channel. Rather optimize resource allocation based on the volume of queries received for that specific mode of communication.

  • Focus on unified customer experience across communication channels

One of the major advantages of using an omnichannel contact center is that it provides a holistic view of all customer interactions across channels. That means agents can view all conversations between a customer and an agent that could have taken place via one or more communication channels. Having this information is very useful as agents will be aware of ongoing updates, common issues faced by customers, preferred solutions or assistance by that particular client, and other aspects. All the information can be used to provide a universal experience to clients across all communication channels. The customers can be served with the same professionalism and experience through any mode of communication he or she chooses. This not only impresses your clients, but it also helps in building an unforgettable experience for clients as a brand.

  • Collect feedback and suggestions from customers and agents

Guessing games can be good, but only in gambling. In fact, even there, people use experience and logic. In businesses like customer care or contact center, using metrics, data, suggestions, recommendations, etc. can be really beneficial. One of the vital sources of data is humans correlated to the system. Your customers and agents use your services, software, etc. on a day to day basis. Therefore, there is nobody better than them to give feedback on how your omnichannel customer strategy is performing. Direct interaction can give direct answers.

You can ask your agents in weekly or monthly meetings or you can use a self serving IVR to collect their feedback. You can take their opinion to scrutinize your resource allocation, strategy, and more for improvement.

Your customers are receiving customer service from your team and they can give you brutally honest opinions. You can ask them how they feel about the service they received right after the call or any other form of interaction. This data can show you the mirror and give you much needed and reliable data.  

  • Empower your agents

The next important best practice is team empowerment. You need to empower your team of agents that interact with clients. You can give them the required training to be more professional and effective across multiple communication channels. Alternatively, you can hire experts for each communication channel. Depending on your strategy, you can define how you want to train and furnish your team with the right resources.

To empower your agents, along with training, you also need to give them adequate technical support. You must use the integration of third party tools like CRM, communication channels, AI voice analysis, chatbots, etc. All this helps them work more productively. They can also be encouraged to self learning by giving them access to some of the reports or their own call recording files.

Having a rich knowledge base is another important best practice to become a champion of customer care strategy that blends omnichannel communication in it. Agents can use this knowledge base to keep themselves updated with different best practices, procedures, tools, etc.

  • Invest time in report analysis and live monitoring

The call center solutions provide an extensive range of reports. You must review these reports on a regular basis. These reports will give more insight into the performance and effectiveness of different communication channels. It will also contribute to identifying strengths and weaknesses. You can also use live monitoring tools to take real time actions for improvement.

  • Keep improving

No strategy or trend is permanent. Thus, you must constantly evolve and improve. Keep fine tuning the best practices and omnichannel strategy to stay competitive and impressive for your clients.

6. Which are the top omnichannel call center providers?

There are multiple providers of this type of software. We have listed out the top 3 of them.

     1) Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd

It is one of the most affordable providers that offer omnichannel communication and has more than 15 years of industry experience. It offers omnichannel communication, speech analytics, and multiple other features at very affordable rates. You can get a licensed solution or opt for the hosted model.

     2) Nice InContact

It quotes 100 USD/agent per month and has a hosted model to use its omnichannel solution. It supports omnichannel communication, but it does not have a video channel. You will need to integrate a third party video calling app and that integration would cost additional for customization.

     3) 8×8

It charges 115 to 175 USD/agent per month with unlimited call support in the USA and Canada. For other regions, you need to check for the cost of calls. It does not have a multilevel IVR as an inbuilt feature. You need to use it as an add-on. It supports omnichannel communication and a hosted model.

7. Major FAQs related to omnichannel call centers

Should I use an omnichannel call center?

It can be used by anyone that wants to implement an omnichannel customer strategy. Still, businesses with bigger clientele or diversified customer bases gain more advantages by using it compared to small scaled call centers.

Can I add omnichannel communication to my existing software?

That depends on the software. If you have access to the code and if the software is compatible with third party integration then you can add more communication channels to the software. However, compatibility still needs to be checked. It is better to get an omnichannel solution than add communication channels into it to avoid compatibility related issues or increasing cost of ownership.

How much does an omnichannel solution cost?

That depends on the provider. There is no standard cost for the software. Thus, you need to contact the provider and get a quotation for the software.

What will be the hardware requirement to use an omnichannel call center?

Usually, the software and hardware work in coordination with multiple other driving factors. You need to define what software you will use for omnichannel operations and based on that, you will learn about the required hardware. Usually, your software provider will guide you about the hardware that you will need to run your call center with an omnichannel communication mechanism.

8. Conclusion

Superior customer experience gives momentum to call centers to reach beyond the competition and stay ahead of them. An omnichannel contact center contributes to achieving exactly this. It lets customers choose their favorite communication channel to reach out to the customer care team and receive the required assistance, whether it is a self-serving option or any other mode of communication like voice, video, WhatsApp, social media, etc. Agents get empowered with a holistic view of all interactions between customers and call centers to deliver a more contextual and personalized customer experience.

The right tools, best practices, trained and skilled team, and strategic approach can help you take maximum advantage of this trend of using omni channel communication. We have been witnessing call centers growing in leaps and bounds with our DialShree: omnichannel contact center solution. This software helps them achieve a better balance between technology and human interaction and ace the game of customer care like a champion. Get in touch with us for a free demo.


How Does NBFC Improve Customer Experience?

How Does NBFC Improve Customer Experience_

Customers have been more aware of their rights and options in all areas. When we talk about financial services and products, the options are abundant. From banks to non banking financial companies (NBFCs), private lenders, and the list goes on. The competition is so tight that the financial service providers have to allure customers with offerings like low interest rates on loans, high FD rates, better returns, and more. Along with all these offerings, one really vital aspect that financial companies need to focus on is customer experience. There are several ways to improve customer experience.  From following common practices like being there to answer queries of your clients to unique ways of making them feel special with personalized financial products, there are many things financial companies can do.

As the whole new branch of the NBFC business is forking out and growing so rapidly, we have collated the top tips that any NBFC can follow to increase customer experience. These tips are not yet another customer care blog post, but it gives a solid foundation for building a strategic customer care plan to improve customer experience and see the real difference.

1. Collect data

Throwing darts in the dark leads nowhere and this applies to all business aspects. Whether you want to increase sales or customer satisfaction, you need to have a plan derived from real data. To build the right strategy to uplift customer satisfaction and experience, you need data. If your NBFC has been offering services for some time, you will have that data stored in the form of reports in a call center solution for collection agencies, CRM system, loan management system, and other software tools. You can also collect that data from in-branch feedback left by clients, net banking and mobile banking users, and other sources. You must collect as much data as possible.

2. Identify patterns

Once you have enough data collected, you must invest time in analyzing this data. You can even hire a financial professional that understands numbers and can yield fruitful and easy to understand reports from that data. There are also big data analysis tools available in the market similar to a call center solution for collection agencies. These data analysis tools can be used to extract meaningful reports for raw data.

Some common mistakes made by NBFCs are listed below:

  • Offering irrelevant financial products
  • Capturing the same information repetitively
  • Unreasonable or too long paperwork
  • Too many applications for a single process
  • Delays in processing
  • And more

All these can frustrate users and the patterns may showcase all of these.

These reports will show patterns and common user behavior or expectations. This information can be very helpful to work on different aspects related to customer service for NBFC.

3. Personalize product portfolio

An NBFC usually offers a range of financial products and assets to its clients to run its business including banking and nonbanking offerings. The common mistake made by not only NBFCs but also banks is giving random offers to random customers by running lead generation campaigns using a call center software solution and its auto dialing features. Instead of randomly sending offer calls, it is advisable to work on personalized offer creation to improve customer experience. It can also increase customer experience.

Along with product portfolio and offerings, NBFCs can even personalize collection calls run through payment utility for collection or a call center solution for collection agencies. Personalization is always appreciated in the game of customer service for NBFC.

4. Be there when customers need

This is a golden rule for any company that wants to improve customer experience and certificate. Whether your business was there or not to sell financial products to a client, your customer care team must be available to answer any query of clients. Whether you use a call center software solution to handle customer care campaigns or if you use a CRM system with an NBFC solution or you just send customer relationship management to the doorstep of the client, being available to your clients whenever they need you can lead you to uplift customer experience to another level.

5. Leverage technology

Technology is a boon for all businesses. There are so many amazing benefits of using technology in a non banking financial company. From saving resources to speeding up operations, increasing efficiency, reducing expenses, and many more advantages are boasted by technology tools like a call center solution for collection agencies, payment utility for collection, CRM software, NBFC system, and more. Some NBFCs use technical tools, but still with standard or substandard features, which can put them behind their competitors that invest in advancing technology. For example, if you are using the call center software, but it does not have payment utility for collection or other NBFC specific features, then you are more likely to lose the game of customer care. You would be just wasting your resources and even possibly leaving your clients frustrated.

To understand this here is a quick example: a simple system enabled NBFC to run a collection campaign with an auto dialer, but the whole process of filtering clients is manual. This would waste a lot of time for agents. Moreover, it may lead to mistakes like calling clients that have already paid their EMIs. Unlike that, if an NBFC uses a specifically designed call center solution for collection agencies, then it can use a payment utility for collection and filter customer data based on different criteria and leverage several advantages. Thus, always use technology tools

6. Listen to your team and clients

It is necessary to trust humans as much as data and tools. Your customer care team interacts with clients in routine and they know their pain points. Thus, they also know the best practices of customer service for NBFC. Moreover, you also have the option to collect direct feedback from clients on what they are interested in and what is missing. This information can help you level up your client service game to boost client satisfaction and experience.

7. Reduce hassle for clients

Your clients might be already frustrated in their lives and adding up to that would definitely submerge your efforts to improve customer experience. Long documentation process, too delayed approval, too many visits to a physical office, etc. lead to client dissatisfaction and even loss of lead for an NBFC. Thus, it is necessary to reduce the hassle of clients with digitization, door to door services, and other possible options.

Concluding notes

Client experience is one of the definitive factors that contribute to the success and growth of the business, so NBFCs invest so much to uplift client satisfaction. One of the major focus areas for profit making has to be the quality of customer service for NBFC. Whether a business uses the best customer relationship managers or the top quality call center solution for collection agencies, the final goal has to be to boost customer experience.

The top 7 effective tips to improve customer experience in an NBFC are covered in this article. If you are interested in knowing more about the technology tools like call center software, call center collection integration, NBFC software, etc., then Get in Touch with Us NOW! Our team will be happy to assist you with detailed information.


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