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VoIP SoftSWITCH Solution Flourishes VoIP Calling Business

VoIP SoftSWITCH Solution Flourishes VoIP Calling Business

The VoIP industry is taking over milestones of ultimate success and all thanks to enterprise grade features and a plethora of benefits one may get by using the VoIP Phone system. The VoIP calling business can be run with software or hardware based routing and call control solutions by the ITSPs and VoIP service providers. The VoIP Softswitch is a software solution that can be used by the VoIP phone service providers.

The VoIP Softswitch solution has empowered many ITSPs and VoIP service providers with its abundant benefits. Let’s unveil how VoIP softswitch solution flourishes the VoIP calling business.

1. Build a scalable and secure solution

The VoIP Softswitch can be developed on top of robust VoIP technologies such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, etc. The softswitch developed on top of this robust technology is a software based solution, which won’t require heavy hardware, wiring and other physical setup. (more…)


Call Center CRM Integration: Complete Guide

Call Center CRM Integration-Complete Guide

The call center and BPO industries have been growing for many years. With the revolution in the digitization sphere, the customers have become more informed and competition has been fierce. That’s the reason more and more businesses have started understanding the worth of a customer support and call center department. The organizations either outsource their projects to renowned call centers or they buy call center software and set up an in-house customer care team. To provide improved and the best customer support, you will also need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. CRM is a huge system that helps your support and business development teams to manage and automate lead conversion and lead nurturing tasks.

The call center software and CRM solution are two different systems and generally, the agents and staff need to switch back and forth between these two systems to perform lead nurturing and customer support tasks. This results in delayed response, decreased productivity, long call wrap-up time, and some other concerns that negatively affect the revenues and business. (more…)


Why You Must Have Live Chat on Your Website?

Top Reasons to have Live Chat Solution

Whether it is a business website or eCommerce site, one fact is true for all: the lead generation ration is lower than visitors flow of the website. The companies spent thousands of bucks on digital marketing services so they can receive more leads. The marketing activities bring a lot of traffic, but lead generation is quite low compared to the brought traffic. The reason is the visitors coming on your site need instant answers. Everyone is in a hurry and if they can’t find or understand something, they are more likely to leave. The solution here is install live chat software to your website.

Wondering, how will it help? Let’s explore the top 5 benefits of live chat solution, which prove its importance.

Chat is flexible, quick and easy. People like to talk with a live person while they are navigating a site to buy something. The executive on the other side of the chat works similar to a sales person in a store who helps customers to locate what they are looking for; answers their queries with smiling face and delighting them to become a customer from prospect. According to a survey result, 44% of online consumers mentioned that having a live person answering their queries during buying cycle is one of the most important features a website can offer. Add this convenient mode of communication today.

Reduce expenses
Chat is free on both ends. Yes, there is a onetime fee while you buy live chat software, but then you don’t need to pay anything. Likewise, the prospective customer can initiate chat without spending a penny. This makes communication free on both ends. Furthermore, you don’t need to invest in hardware such as headphone while using chat as a mode of communication.

Increase productivity
The live chat software provides a mechanism to support multiple chats in parallel. As agents don’t need to hang on the call, they can be multitasking. They can provide chat support to multiple clients, prospects, etc. in parallel. Also, they can work on other tasks in parallel. The quick wrap up and increased lead generation will boost confidence and morale of the agents. This increases overall productivity of your staff.

Increase sales
Lead generation is not a single step. It is a complete cycle, called, buying cycle. If your live agents can walk the prospects through website and products they are looking for, they are more likely to convert as a lead and business. This helps in decreasing bounce rate, i.e., visitors bouncing back without generating lead. It also saves time of business developer by assuring the quality lead generation.

Increase ROI

The live chat software will provide a prompt support to prospects by answering their queries in real time, which will increase lead generation and conversion. Furthermore, staff productivity and resource utilization will be improved two times more. In a nutshell, a business can leverage the benefits of increased revenues and decreased expenses, which will clearly increase ROI.

Still have a question? Or looking for white label chat software? Get in touch.


Integrate TTS in Indian Accents, Hindi or English, In Your Telephony Applications

TTS - Elision

TTS is an abbreviation of Text to Speech application. The TTS solution is used with different modules and solutions to offer text to speech conversion to the users and customers. There are many big applications which have TTS as its part; also, there are individual applications for text to speech conversion.

What is the usage of the TTS (Text-To-Speech) application?
This application can be used in a range of telephony applications such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution, Voice broadcasting solutions, Music on Hold, etc. In this type of telephony applications, TTS solution converts a written text message into the voice message which can be then played to the callers, in the case of solutions such as IVR; and message receivers, in the case of solutions, such as voice broadcasting solution.

We, Elisiontec, have launched a TTS (Text-to-Speech) solution which can be used and integrated with any kind of telephony application. (more…)


Elision’s CallTrack Solution: Track Performance of Your Team in Field

CallTrack Solution

Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, popularly known as, Elisiontec has been the industry leader in VoIP. The company has been offering innovative solutions to its customers for a decade. It always comes with innovative solution and this time the solution is launched to benefit all industry verticals thathave sales representatives or business developers working from the field. The name of the solution is CallTrack Solution.

What is so special about this solution?
The CallTrack Solution allows you to keep track of communication activities of your team working from the field. It does track each and every call made by your sales reps along with crystal clear recording and many other features. This solution helps you to gauge the performance of your sales representatives to ensure they are working at their best possible, even when they are not tightly supervised, i.e., they are in the market, meeting clients and prospects. The CallTrack Solution ensures that you may get the maximum productivity from your executives and agents. (more…)


Moment of Pride for Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd: Our Director Delivered Keynote Session In Sangoma Roadshow Event 2017

Elisiontec Representative in Sangoma Event

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are so happy to share about our latest experience which made all of us proud to get led by such an amazing man, Mr. Mehul Shah. Our CEO and Founder, Mr. Mehul Shah, was invited by one of the prestigious VoIP hardware provider company in the world, namely, Sangoma to deliver a keynote session in its event.

We all were thrilled to hear this news and was injected with a new gusto to see how our director got such a big recognition. Indeed, it was a big moment because among all business associates of Sangoma in Ahmedabad and India, our company director was honored by this invitation as a token of appreciation from Sangoma.

Elisiontec Representative in Sangoma Roadshow 2017Our CEO represented our company in the stated event of the Sangoma which was named as “Sangoma Roadshow India 2017”. The event happened at Hotel Crown Plaza on 10th March, 2017. Our director had delivered session as an expert speaker. He shared about our association with the Sangoma and how we use different VoIP hardware products of Sangoma to provide turnkey solutions to our customers. Our director had also shared a few case studies of our customers who are using our VoIP solutions integrated with the Sangoma Hardware. To name a few, below is the list of our VoIP solutions, which are in use by our clients: (more…)


Click2Call Service – A Breakthrough Technological Leap in The Domain of Web Connectivity

Technological advancement is for the betterment of mankind. Click2call is one such revolutionary leap which is investing authoritative powers in the hands of the consumers.

The Technology:

  • You put a link on your website
  • After navigating through your site, if the consumer feels the urge to learn more about the product/ service being offered, he would press the click2calll button.
  • The feature would provide click-through connectivity from the site allowing the consumer to directly chat with the call center representative. As soon as the consumer keys in his contact number, the call center staff would start a call with him/ her
  • The service allows bridging of 2 mobile numbers as soon as the recipient accepts the call request

Sterling Features of the Service:
The click2call service is a breakthrough in terms of new generation connectivity. The service dials both the users interested in starting a conversation. As soon as the call recipients answer to the call, the service initiates web based vocal connectivity between them. Both the parties can then carry on with the conversation for the interested length of time.

There are umpteen number of superlative features associated with this service.

  • As an implementer of the service, you have the independence to choose the nature of click2call interface that would best complement your offered services/ products
  • The phone numbers to be used with this feature are not dictated by the interface. The implementer can exercise his discretion regarding choosing the numbers that would be dialed once the site visitor keys in his/ her contact number in the web interface. There is absolutely no restriction regarding the numbers to be used.
  • The application programming interface (API) link would have to be integrated in a simple manner before the service can be used in its entirety. This is mandated by the fact that click2call feature is hosted as SAAS or Software as a Service model.
  • The underlying HTML code that is used for integration of the API is simple and does not involve complex coding of intricate nature. The in-house software team can easily master the process and implement the same for an existing site.
  • Click2call feature allows seamless routing of calls to any phone number irrespective of the nature of service provider and coverage of geographical locations.
  • You can track and subsequently analyze the calls to gain insights by using the easy history and statistics section which has comprehensive reports pertaining to the call history and other parameters.
  • Even if your organization is battling out the survival war on a shoe string budget, you can afford this revolutionary service. This is brought about due to the fact that you are not required to invest a single penny on setting up of elaborate infrastructure i.e. hardware or software.

You can get in touch with Elision reps to learn more.


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