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On-Premises vs. Cloud Solutions: Key Differences

Cloud vs On Premises Solution

In IT realm, it is common to hear a question about cloud vs. on-premises solution. There is always a debate which one is better and which is not! The fact is, both are good at their own places and the real question is which is better for you. It highly depends on your preference, but to help you in process of making choice, today, we are going to share top 5 key differences between on-premises and cloud based solutions based on common factors.

1. Data Security
It is one of the most important factors to think about while we are talking about on premises solution and cloud based solution. In on-premises setup, your data, applications and other infrastructure will stay within your company premises or data center. On the other hand, in cloud setup, you are putting everything on a shared server aka cloud server. (more…)


Elision’s CallTrack Solution: Track Performance of Your Team in Field

CallTrack Solution

Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, popularly known as, Elisiontec has been the industry leader in VoIP. The company has been offering innovative solutions to its customers for a decade. It always comes with innovative solution and this time the solution is launched to benefit all industry verticals thathave sales representatives or business developers working from the field. The name of the solution is CallTrack Solution.

What is so special about this solution?
The CallTrack Solution allows you to keep track of communication activities of your team working from the field. It does track each and every call made by your sales reps along with crystal clear recording and many other features. This solution helps you to gauge the performance of your sales representatives to ensure they are working at their best possible, even when they are not tightly supervised, i.e., they are in the market, meeting clients and prospects. The CallTrack Solution ensures that you may get the maximum productivity from your executives and agents. (more…)


WebRTC vTiger Integration: Facts and Benefits

WebRTC vTiger Integration

vTiger CRM Solution
vTiger is most widely adopted CRM solution. It is an open source and it offers all simple to advanced CRM aka Customer Relationship Management features and functionalities to empower lead management as well as making lead conversion and lead nurturing process simpler and faster. It has both, paid and free CRM versions to offer.

WebRTC Solution
WebRTC introduced web browser based communication solution to support real time communication. Its full form is Web Real Time Communication which allows you to make audio and video call using your web browsers. Furthermore, the WebRTC solution also offers additional communication features such as Instant Messaging (chat), file share and image share support full fledged communication.

vTiger WebRTC Integration
We, Elisiontec, have introduced a service which combines power of these two powerful systems called vTiger CRM solution and WebRTC based communication solution. (more…)


Top 3 Advanced Contact Center Software Features to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Top 3 Advanced Contact Center Solution Features

Gone are the days when manual calling was used by call center agents and manual entries were made in the excel sheets. The manual processes are tedious, slow and error prone. That’s why more and more people have started using Contact Center Solution to fuel up their calling activities along with the benefits of streamlined and well organized records with all required details. This article shares top 3 features of contact center software, which increases customer satisfaction.

Skill based call routing

In any call center or customer care center, it is of vital priority that each incoming call of a lead or customer complaint should get addressed by an agent who has enough knowledge and required skills to handle that call. It means the agent must have matching skill to resolve customer’s concerns. (more…)


How Integration of VICIDIal and WebRTC Empowered Contact Centers?

VICIDIAl WebRTC Phone Integration Service

VICIDial is well known open source call center software. It has been in use by many small to large scaled contact centers for their business for many years. There are many evolutions made by the VoIP developers to improve the functional and operational module of VICIDial with the VICIDial customization services. One of the latest and in trend innovation in this field is integration of WebRTC and VICIDial. The WebRTC provides a communication tool to exchange voice, video and/or data in real time using a web browser. The integration of VICIDial and WebRTC has empowered many contact centers. How? Let’s unveil.

The WebRTC solution which is also known as WebRTC client or WebRTC based phone or WebRTC Phone works directly from a web browser and as it is integrated with the VICIDial solution, the agents can utilize both, WebRTC and VICIDial in a streamlined manner.

Top 3 benefits of WebRTC and VICIDial Solution Integration: (more…)


Top 5 Reasons Why Investment In Voice Broadcasting Solution Is Worth?

5 Reasons to Invest in Voice Broadcasting

Business growth is all about keeping connection active with the existing connections and reaching new people in mass. The Voice Broadcasting Solution is one of the most effective solutions which can help in achieving both aforementioned important business goals. If you are still wondering, is it worth spending in a voice broadcasting solution or not? This article will share top 5 reasons why it is worth spending in this solution to contribute in your business growth.

1. Brand Benefits
The voice broadcasting system allows sending a voice message to your customers, prospects and staff in your own voice. A voice message of a few seconds in the voice of the owner or a manager creates a greater impact among its audience. (more…)


Why You Must Use vTiger CRM to Benefit Your Business?

vTiger CRM Benefits for Business

vTiger is one of the most popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solution. It is used by many small, mid and large scaled companies around the globe due to a host of features and benefits it offers. The vTiger CRM system has contributed to the growth of many companies by making the operations and lead management streamlined and well organized. If you are still not using this amazing CRM solution, then here are top 5 reasons to use vTiger CRM Solution for lead management and business operations.

Free Open Source License with Affordable custom modules
The vTiger CRM system is free to use and come with a lifetime free license. Thus, you don’t need to pay anything additional to start using it. You can also take a help of your developers or any vTiger customization service provider company to apply white label. (more…)


Elision’s Custom VICIDial Module Empowered ‘Remote Agent’ Work Model

VICIDial Custom Module - Elisiontec

Remote Agent is a growing trend in the call center industry and many call centers have started supporting that due to multiple benefits it offers which include:

  • Wider access to talented call center agents to choose for your own call center
  • No issue of Human Resource management
  • Save money on infrastructure expense to support onsite staff
  • Save money for physical space
  • And more

These call centers use one or another call center software to streamline their work with the onsite and remote agents. The call center software not only makes things well organized, but also makes it automated, fast and tractable. The VICIDial is one of the most commonly used contact center solution across the globe. (more…)


IVR System to Reduce Cost and Increase Benefits

Interactive Voice Response System aka IVRS has benefited many companies since its inception. The IVR System automates many tasks and allows customers to self serve them. Technically saying, the IVR solution is a telephonic menu which plays predefined voice menu; allows customers to select the most suited option; identify the action and serve with the specific step which can be a next IVR menu or some action. There are many companies which are getting benefited by the IVR system.

The IVR solution bestows many benefits to the companies. This article shares key benefits of this Interactive Voice Response system: (more…)


Top 3 Things to Look For While Hiring a VoIP Developer

Tip to Hire VoIP Developer

VoIP solutions are getting integrated by many companies nowadays due to the benefits it offers. The companies may need different features in their VoIP solution and after VoIP solution development; they may need ongoing support services. Thus, it is always a good idea to hire a VoIP developer who not only develops all the features you are looking for, but also stays together to provide ongoing support as and when required. If you, too, are looking for hiring a VoIP Developer, this article shares top 3 things to look for while hiring a VoIP developer to ensure you get the best one! (more…)