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Call Center Solution for Insurance Agencies

Call center solution is a multipurpose communication system and almost all industry verticals can get benefited by using it. The call center software can be utilized by any business to leverage certain benefits. In this article, I will share top 3 utilities of the call center solution for insurance agencies.

Read on to know how insurance companies can use it effectively in their business model for various campaigns and operations.

1. To provide better services to the existing customers

Just like any other business, in an insurance company as well, it is important to make sure that the customers are attended promptly and their concerns are resolved with the satisfactory answer. The call center solution comes with many features which help in answering customer queries at its best.

For example, the sticky agent makes sure to route the call of the customer to the agent who handles the account of the customer. The integrated IVR (Interactive Response System) in the call center solution helps in introducing automation in the processes. It means the customer can get the answer of his query on his own or perform certain actions on his own such as, calculating the premium amount.

2. To sell new insurance policies

The call center software is perfect to run any type of lead generation campaign and insurance agencies can take real benefit of this characteristic of the call center solution. For example, if someone has taken accident coverage, then the campaign can be run to promote vehicle insurance and third party accident insurance.

The insurance company can also run a campaign to generate awareness about the newly launched insurance policies to the existing customers or run a campaign to sell existing policies to new leads collected by the agents.

The features like predictive dialer dial multiple numbers at the same time with an intelligent calculation of the number of calls going to be answered. This helps in assuring the highest possible productivity.

3. Make good use of data

The call center solution logs all calls as well as it provides a wide range of reports. The data provided by the call center software are rich and if it can be used by the experienced business eyes, it can be used in creating better business plans. For example, the report can provide the details about which agent is best in selling which policy or in which city which policy get sold more. Based on these details a specific selling plan or business approach can be developed.

The call center solution for insurance companies comes with many other features which can help them to streamline process in direction of increasing revenues.

If you have the agents that can’t sit in front of the system to use the call center software, you can take benefit of “Remote Agent” feature of the advanced call center solution which can be used via any phone. The agent doesn’t need to login into the call center software. To know more about this and other features and / or to book a free demo, please contact us.

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