Call Center Integrations


We offer integration services to integrate various solutions, apps, and other APIs into a call center solution. The integrated call center software bestows multiple benefits to the companies, call centers, or businesses using it.

Major integrations for call center solutions:

We offer all integration services for our proprietary and hosted call center software, DialShree. Moreover, we also offer some of the integration services for VICIDial, open source call center software:

Call Center WhatsApp Integration

We integrate WhatsApp into our call center solution, DialShree. It lets call centers and other businesses use all features of the WhatsApp web within DialShree. A single number can be used to enable WhatsApp web for all agents using DialShree. It also shows the WhatsApp report to let supervisors monitor fair usage and other productivity related KPIs.

Call Center Collection Integration

We have developed a collection module to empower collection agencies. This integration is available for only DialShree users. The collection module has payment utility and many other features. These features automate various routine tasks to save resources to increase productivity and results of collection companies.

Call Center CRM Integration

We offer CRM integration into our call center solution. This integration can be performed in two ways depending on the usage of the systems. Call center CRM integration adds automation and many other amazing features to help agents to personalize conversations. We can integrate any proprietary or open source CRM solution into the DialShree.

VICIDial vTiger Integration

We integrate the vTiger CRM solution into the VICIDial call center software. Once CRM and call center solutions get integrated, they can be used in a harmony. We offer vTiger VICIDial integration service in three different models to let a contact center chooses the integration model based on its operational and future needs.

VICIDial Zoho Integration

Zoho being one of the most popular open source and enterprise CRM solutions, we also offer this integration service as part of our VICIDial customization services. Call centers can choose to integrate the open source or enterprise version of Zoho CRM into the VICIDial solution. Our VICIDial experts will integrate these systems.

VICIDial SuiteCRM Integration

Call centers or businesses using SuiteCRM to manage their customer relationship campaigns, marketing, sales, and business development or any other campaigns can integrate SuiteCRM into the VICIDial with our VICIDial SuiteCRM integration services. This integrated solution offers an array of benefits to increase ROI.

VICIDial Salesforce Integration

We offer call center CRM integration service to integrate VICIDial with one of the most popular American CRM solutions, namely Salesforce. We have expertise in VICIDial Salesforce integration to provide a holistic system having combined features of Salesforce and VICIDial. This integrated system streamlines data and operations, both.

Key benefits:

  • Single sign on
  • Easy usage
  • Save time and other resources
  • Personalized calls and conversations
  • Rich communication benefits
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • And many more

We can also offer these integration services for other open source and proprietary call center solutions along with VICIDial and DialShree. Contact us to know more and discuss your requirements.