Contact Center Trends 2021: Get Ready for the Future

Call Center Trends 2020: That You Must Know

Similar to all other industry verticals, the contact center industry also faces changing trends every year. The year 2020 has impacted many aspects of this industry, which is why it has become even more crucial to look forward to the future trends to be witnessed by the contact centers. Knowing the trends will help you get ready for the future and stay ahead of your competitors.

In this blog, we will share major contact center trends to look forward in 2021.

Number of remote call centers will increase

The year 2020 enforced remote operation to obey the legislation and to reduce the spread of the COVID 19. Therefore, many call centers had started using a cloud call center solution with a ‘Work from Home’ add-on. This allowed contact centers to experience the benefits of remote call centers. This trend will continue. The number of remote call centers has increased and it will increase even further in 2021.

Self-service options will be inevitable in contact centers

Automation in contact centers has been important for many years. The scarcity of the workforce has made this need even more evident. Self-serving options to let customers get answers to their queries automatically have become necessary. The best call center software comes with a wide array of features, which lets customers get the answers to the frequently asked questions without the intervention of humans. Chatbots and voice assistants can also take over this segment to deliver more reliable and accurate self-serving features in 2021.

WhatsApp and social media will overpower calling channel in contact centers

The omnichannel call center solution has been in use for many years, but in the year 2021, it will become a necessity. Gone are the days when customers stay in the call queue for long minutes until they connect with the customer care executive and get the resolution. Now, customers grab their smartphone and tweet their anger on Twitter or post an angry comment over the Facebook page of the company. This has made use of the omnichannel call center solution necessary. Even if one does not use omnichannel contact center software, integration of popular communication channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is mandatory as those are the future communication channels.

Major focus will be on the client-employee experience

For many years, the contact centers have been focusing on delivering a great customer experience. However, things are more likely to change to give equal importance to employees in the year 2021. As per the industry experts, to deliver an excellent customer experience, the companies need to have experienced and well-versed agents. If employees are not nurtured and valued in the contact center, they are more likely to switch the job. This increases the hopping ratio, which is also known as the job rotation rate. This can result in a waste of money and time as well as poor customer service. Therefore, the new trend in the contact center industry will be focused on good employee experience along with the customer experience.

These are the major trends, which will shape the future. Are you ready to welcome the year 2021?

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