Location : Jaipur, Rajasthan
Since : Feb, 2015
“Customized & SecureCall Center Solution”

A customized and secure call center solution with innovative features was provided to a leading international customer support center, namely, The Phone Support, by the Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The Phone Support

The Phone Support is an international customer support center based out of Jaipur, India. The company has been operating since 2013 in the international market and till date has catered more than 100,000 customers across the globe. The main service area of the company is offering round the clock technical support services to its customers with their concerns related to hardware, software and other systems. The company offers technical support for a wide range of devices, including, Windows System, Mac, Android Smartphone, Tablets, iPhone, iPad, etc. The majority of the customers of the company comes from North America. Since inception, the company has been serving the customers from the USA and Canada and now expanding its horizons geographically.

The Challenges Faced By The Company

The Phone Support has been offering technical support services to its customers to resolve their system related issue using an Asterisk based PBX system, namely, Elastix. This PBX solution was used to meet the calling related needs of the company with the available calling features of the stated PBX system. As a good customer support center, the company was also providing personalized service to their customers for which it was using a custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. The CRM system stores all the data of their existing customers, including, the support history along with their contact details such as Phone number, Email ID. Back in 2015, The Phone Support agents were using two different solutions, PBX solution and CRM, to offer support services to their customers. It means the agent calls from the Elastix user panel, then switch back to the CRM system to see the customer related data and offer support services. This was a lot of hassle at the agent’s end.
With their existing system which was made up of an IP PBX solution, Elastix and CRM system, the company was facing many challenges.

The key challenges faced by the companyare listed below:
  • The customer support agents had to switch back and forth between two different windows of the PBX and CRM system to provide support services. This was wasting a lot of crucial time of the agents.
  • Each time an agent had to push data manually from the Elastix, PBX system to CRM to update the records as there was no integration in place which may allow both systems to work in harmony.
  • The PBX system was lacking with the full fledged call center solution features. Thus, there was no proper way in place to screen the performance of the agent. As it is a remote support services on the technical front, it would take hours to resolve the issue. As the whole customer support center is running on PRI lines with the client centric approach at its heart in the business model, it was a necessity for the supervisors and managers to have some mechanism in place that allow quality assurance for each call.
  • There was no real time log and limited historical reports available for the monitoring purpose which was again a big issue for the MIS department and the supervisors. They need to see the performance of the agents with the key metrics such as idle time, first call resolution, Queue wise call hold time for a customer, etc.
  • Another major concern faced by the company was security of customer’s data.The database of the customers was available to the agents and supervisors. Of course, it was secure with the contracts the customer support center has in place with its staff still The Phone System was looking for a consolidated solution to safeguard its database from any possible hampering or threat.

To overcome all above mentioned concerns, the company was looking for a robust, secure and scalable call center solution to support its day to day operations to cater their customers with the highest possible quality and confidentiality. The company wanted a solution which can provide the required tools for the agents to work with optimal productivity. Also, the company thrives to get a solution which can give it clear reports to look for which can aid management to take necessary actions to improve the performance of agents and customer support center at whole.

The Solution Provided By Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Being in this industry for many years while contacted Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd had hands on experience to heal each pain area of the company.

  • Our Business development team had enough discussions with the company to understand their concerned areas. After getting the complete view of the issues faced by the company, the business development team passed details to the technical team of the Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd so they can offer them a complete solution that addresses all issues of the company.
  • Our technical team came up with an innovative solution to resolve all issues of the company. The technical team suggested following solution:
    • Developed a Dialer Widget, namely, DialShree: Contact Center Dialer Solution and integrated it within their existing CRM system. This widget appears in the screen of the CRM itself as its integral part. This integration made it look like a part of the CRM system itself rather than a separate call center solution. Moreover, the stated dialer widget has all required calling features such as Manual dialer, In group selection, Call transfer, Call Park, Call Hold and Retrieve, Mute, Logout, etc. This solution empowered agent to use all calling features from the CRM system itself.
    • Added Click to Call functionality in the CRM with integration of the call center module. It means, now agent just need to click on the contact displayed in the CRM system and the system will call in itself to the customer. When the call gets connected, the customer related information will be displayed to the agent that can be used to provide personalized support.
    • Provisioned full fledged call centersolution which offers all basic to advanced call center features & Advance MIS Reporting.
    • Made provision to get real time and historic data and detailed reports
    • Added all call recording feature for screening purpose
    • Added encryption for the sensitive customer data such as contact number and Email ID. This way the database made available to agents, supervisor and other employees was completely encrypted and couldn’t be deciphered by any individual which safeguard customer information.
    • Automated data integration between CRM and Call center solution to keep real time data in both systems
  • The QA and testing team performed all required manual and automated testing to ensure 100% uptime of the system without compromising security or quality.
  • The deployment team offered on site deployment support with required training and support so The Phone System can utilize the solution at its best.
How it works? Inbound/Outbound Calling:
  • The Phone System Company uses PRI lines and a toll free number for its operations. Each inbound call is routed to an agent through PRI line using skill based call routing.
  • For outbound calling campaigns agent can use manual dialer, predictive dialer or click to call functionality to run an outbound call campaign.
  • The agent can handle call using the Dialshree: Call center dialer widget integrated within the CRM system which will show related customer record.
  • After completion of call, the agent may fill in the notes which will be pushed back to CRM automatically.
  • The saved data will be pushed back to CRM automatically
Key Features Provided:
  • All basic to advanced call center features
  • Skill based call routing
  • Manual Dialer
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Inbuilt call center widget that is integrated with the CRM system
  • Encrypted customer database
  • All call recording
  • Click to call
  • Real time call logs
  • Historic Call Detail Reports on different metrics
  • On-Hook based support
Functional Environment of offered Solution:
  • HOT Marking Bank API Integration with Contact center solution which blocks card over IVR
  • SMS Integration via Rest API for SMS communication
  • Use of SMTP to send emails
  • High end security feature integration for Server & Data security at server and data level
Functional Environment of offered Solution:

We offered the turnkey solution to The Phone System, which had following functional environment:

  • Cluster Server Setup: 2 Signaling Server + 1 Database Server
  • Call Center solution: 200+ seats
  • PRI Lines: 8
  • SangomaVega400 Gateway with 4 Ports: Qty – 2
Result Obtained

With the implementation of our proposed solution, the company was able to overcome all its concerns and achieved following results:

  • 100% secure database
  • Saved time of agent up to 85.37%
  • Increased performance of agents on average 35-89%
  • Increased work accuracy up to 98.95%
  • Received clear metrics to gauge performance of different agents, and campaigns to aid decision making related to training programs and other managerial programs
  • 100% uptime of the customer support center for attending 5000+ calls daily
  • Increased revenue up to 200% on average
Customer Testimonial:

We are extremely happy with the Call center solution provided by ElisonTechnolab LLP. They came up with a completely innovative solution which resolved all our concerns. They provided excellent support service. We are using their solution for 2 years and we are happy with their solution and post sale support. We admire the expertise and professionalism of the team and highly recommend them. Thanks!

Our Experience:

Happy customers are vital for any business as it gives work satisfaction. We are glad that The Phone Support is one of our happy customers. I highly appreciate the skills and expertise of the company and support they provided. It was great experience working with The Phone System to provide them contact center solution to overcome their concerns.