“An Indian City Grow to be Smarter and Centralized with Elision Call Center Solution and Help Desk Ticketing System”

Gurgaon, officially named as Gurugram, is one of the smart cities in India. The GMDA (Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority) has been handling the growth and development, along with the transformation to a smart city for Gurugram and nearby areas.

Gurugram is one of the technology and financial hubs in India. It is an influential city in Haryana and in fact whole region of North India. It has attracted numerous Millennials due to lucrative job opportunities here as the country has put this city forward to attract global investors as well as capitalists across the nations. Rapid development, ultramodern infrastructure, and endless opportunities have put this city on the global map more prominently. For more information, visit gmda.gov.in

We, Elision Technolab LLP, got an opportunity to cater to the government of India in making of this smart city with our whole solution. Our provisioned solution takes care of the whole grievance and citizen support department in all different wards and areas of the Gurugram Smart City.

Challenges Faced with the Previous System

Before transformation to the smart city with ultramodern infrastructure, the city had a traditional system in place to listen to the concerns and queries of the citizens. The flow of the old system was as briefed below:

  • Citizens facing any issue such as water supply, unclean roads, electricity issues, drainage problems, etc. or need certain help such as ambulance, fire brigade, etc., need to reach the concerned department in their area and raise a complaint or ask for help. This approach of reaching can be calling on a specific number of reaching the regional office.
  • The officials take care of complaints as per their set standards and guidelines.

There were certain challenges faced by the government and citizens with this traditional system of citizen grievance and support. Some of them are listed below:

Challenges faced by citizens:
  • They have to identify the right way to reach a specific department and the person to raise their concern or request.
  • There were no automated means to track what is happening with the raised concern.
  • There were no automated means to get information on the resolution of the raised concern.
  • The process of physically going to the office or calling to the concerned department to raise the concern was very time consuming and tedious in certain cases. This was not the case with the emergency services.
Challenges faced by the officers:

The process of receiving concerns and help requests was manual with minimum digitization. Thus, receiving complaints or requests, assigning to the concerned person in the concerned department, getting an update, and closing the concern or request with the resolution or comments were somewhat lengthy process. Thus, it was quite time consuming in certain cases. Some of the major challenges faced by teams are listed below:

  • Managing files and paperwork for different complaints
  • Time investment in assigning the concerns to the concerned person
  • Managing records of the complaints and tracking the progress
  • Checking the delays in resolving concerns
  • Tracking the ward wise or department wise open or close tickets
  • Informing the citizens about the progress and closure of his raised concerns or request help
Solution Provided by Elision Technolab LLP

The government was building a smart city and for that, they wanted a more centralized and whole solution for the grievance and support departments, so citizens can effortlessly reach with their concerns or requests and the concern people can resolve the issue at the earliest possible. We, Elision Technolab LLP, came into contact with them and we gave our proposal with a very specific and clear plan on how we can make this smart solution for the Gurgaon smart city.

Once the project got awarded to us, we took care of the whole project in a very strategic manner by following the best practices and guidelines:

  • Our team personalized our DialShree: Call Center Solution to provide the required features and functionalities. The use of this system was to receive calls from the citizens about their concerns by operators.
  • Our developers also customized the helpdesk ticketing solution to provide a help desk solution to create, manage, and close the ticket by the operators.
  • Our engineers integrated certain other solutions and build a whole system to provide a centralized solution for the grievance and support departments.
  • Our business developers, project heads, and engineers performed installation, set up, and training of the whole system on-site in Gurgaon.
  • They also created an HA (High Availability) solution to make sure in case of failure, the high availability solution works and the system and operations do not stop.
Key Features Provided:
Elision Help Desk Solution
  • Web based ticketing system to open a ticket by an operator who receives the call or directly by the citizens regarding any concern faced or help needed in any area or ward in Gurgaon.
  • Integration of the help desk system in a mobile app so citizens can raise a concern or send a request via an app.
  • Ticket generation acknowledgment to the citizen via SMS and email.
  • Automatic ticket assignment to the concerned person in the concerned department to work and resolve the ticket.
  • Automated intimation to the manager if the ticket is not resolved within two days of the generation.
  • Automated status update and ticket resolution update to the customer via SMS and email.
  • Show the details of all tickets (open, closed, etc.) on the wall-mounted monitor systems to the officials who monitor the whole system to assure citizens are getting the best support from the government.
  • All features available in the DialShree: Call Center Software.
  • Integration with a third party IP PBX system so extension calling from call center dialer to IP PBX extension and vice versa can be made possible.
  • Complete call detail logs and reports.
  • Integration with the mobile app so the whole ticketing system can be accessed via a mobile app to raise a complaint or a request ticket by citizens.
  • Integration with a tool so tickets and their status can be viewed on the wall-mounted monitors.
How It Works?
  • Helpline number(s) is shared with citizens to reach an Operator for any complaints, including, but not limited to, electricity, street lights, bad roads, drainage issues, water supply concerns, etc. or for any request, including, but not limited to, emergency services, rescue from domestic violence, etc. This helpline number is configured with our call center solution setup for operators that handle the calls.
  • Once citizen calls to the helpline number, that incoming call will be routed to the operator desk that will be logged to the call center solution window.
  • The operator will have access to the web portal of the Elision Help desk system, which will have a list of fields to be filled:
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Email
    • Department for which complaints need to be raise
    • Sub category of the department
    • Area under Ward
    • Ward Number
    • Description of the complaint
    • Attachment Option: Can attach an image, video
    • Location: Address of the complaint area
  • Once the complaint is registered, the citizen will get an email and an SMS with the complaint ID. The operator will also share that on the phone for the citizen.
  • The raised ticket details will be passed to the assistant executive, who takes care of the ticket resolution, via Email and SMS notifications. He will do the needful to resolve the ticket by taking the necessary actions and update the ticket once it is resolved.
  • If the ticket does not get resolved within two days of creation, then the supervisor of the assistant executive will be notified via email and SMS. However, if the ticket is resolved within two days, then no notification will be sent to the supervisor.
  • The customer will receive the status and resolution update of the complaint raised or help requested by him via an email and SMS. The operator at the operator desk will also have the ticket status details, so he can give clear information about the ticket if the citizen calls in to know the status.
  • All the tickets and calls will be logged which can be reviewed for quality and improvements.

Citizens can also raise tickets by the online help desk system web portal or mobile app. In both cases, steps 4 to 8 will be carried out as mentioned above to resolve the ticket.

Results Obtained:

With the implementation of our delivered smart solution, Gurugram: the smart city is able to achieve the following results:

  • Centralized system to receive, manage and maintain citizen concerns, queries, and requests
  • Uniformity in the process
  • Automation to the process of ticket assignment which saves resources and time
  • Streamlined process of ticket resolution
  • More professional and satisfactory services to the citizens
  • 99.99% uptime of the system
  • 80.72% of improvement in resource utilization
  • Time maximization
  • Better record-keeping with digital records of all tickets
  • 97.25% of the increase in citizen satisfaction
  • 95.36% of the increase in efficiency and accuracy
  • Reduced expense on manual operations
  • Disaster recovery to keep the system running even in case of failure
  • Remote access to the system using the web based solution
  • Easy monitoring of the tickets to create a plan to resolve all common issues
  • And more
Major Use cases of the System:
  • For convenience and utility issues such as electricity, drainage, etc.
  • For healthcare services such as ambulance, COVID 19 information, etc.
  • For emergency services such as fire brigade, police help, etc.
  • For telementoring in the cases of domestic violence, Coronavirus threat, pandemic, natural disaster, etc.
  • Misc. For any other information.
GMDA Spokesperson:

Team Elision is very talented and gave us the solution we wanted to have. We are happy with the provided solution. Thanks.

Elision Spokesperson:

We are glad that we are part of this project and we could contribute to make this city a smart city in India with our expertise and solution. Our team built and deployed a highly personalized solution for Gurgaon. A centralized and streamlined system is built and implemented for the citizens. We are happy to work on this project and successfully completing it. We are thankful to all officers and executives that cooperated along the way so we can build and deliver the best system. It was an amazing experience.