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How to Identify Customer Pain Points in Call Center?

VoIP solutions May 25, 2020

The major responsibility each call center needs to handle is satisfying customers. In this era of having too many competitors, a pool of information, and rapidly changing demands, it is not easy to delight a customer. The call centers need to walk a long way for that.

Along with acquiring a talented team and feature-rich call center solution, the call center also needs to take many important steps. One of them is identifying major pain points of customers. Knowing their problems aka pain points help in taking effective steps to remove or reduce the pain points and improve customer satisfaction.

In this article, I will share the top tips that will help you identify the customer pain points:

1. Know your customers and give personalized services

A call center caters to many customers. Each customer might not be the same. Thus, giving the same responses and using the same way of customer handling might not be effective. A more strategic and effective approach would be grouping customers based on various factors by knowing them.

By doing this, you can create different personalized call scripts to attend different types of customers. Moreover, you can also use different types of call routing rules as per the group of customers.

2. Use KPIs to identify the pain points

The call center solutions often provide different KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which can be used to monitor various performance indicators. Usually, the reports section in the call center solution provides these KPIs and the required data. In this case, to identify customer pain points, you need to look for the following metrics:

  1. Call abandoned ratio
  2. Average call waiting time
  3. Average call hold time

All these three metrics are correlated and often display a clear fact that the number of agents is not sufficient to handle the call volume. Also, it indicates that agents need further training to cater to the customers.

3. Take extra steps to remove customer pain points

If you really care for your customers, you need to walk extra miles and it is worth it for sure. The call centers win with the volume of customers and that is why it is necessary to put extra effort into removing customer pain points. One of the common concerns of the customers is that the agents are not skilled enough to handle their issues and questions. In this case, training agents about the products to acquire better knowledge can be very helpful.

Moreover, the call centers can invest in call center CRM integration, so agents can know the customer issues and customer behavior with the complete record of him and that way cater to him better.

4. Ask customers what are their pain points

There is nothing wrong to ask customers about their experience with the services you provide and what more they expect from you. A call center solution offers a survey module, which can be used to run a survey and ask customers about their preferences and suggestion. Based on the survey, practical suggestions can be used to further enhance customer care services.

If you are looking for a call center solution that can help you remove these pain points, contact us.

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