Location : Ahmadabad, Gujarat
“IP PBX Solution”

A feature rich IP PBX solution provided to one of the known Automobile Brands in India, namely, Kiran Motors, by the Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Kiran Motors

Kiran Motors is an automobile company based out of Gujarat, India. It is a multi-brand company with its centers in Gujarat & Maharashtra states of India. The company helps its customers to find the most suitable pre-owned cars in their budget and make sure that the process of documentation and transfer go swimmingly. The company offers a range of cars of different Brands including, luxury cars, budget cars, brand new models of the cars and many more.

The Challenges Faced By The Company
  • There was no mechanism to track the activities happening as no clear call logs are available.
  • It was getting difficult to manage records of calls and the discussion happened on the last call
  • There was no clear KPIs available for measuring the performance of agents.
  • There was no mechanism to track missed calls.
  • They were not able to manage the call recording in a systematic manner.
The Solution Provided By Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Elision Tecnolab LLP was contacted by Kiran Motorsback in 2016. We understood their pain areas and provided a custom IP PBX solution. The proposed solution not only overcomes the concerns faced by the Kiran Motors, but it also furnished them with the additional features which benefited the company in many ways.

Below is the step by step procedure followed by our team to assist Kiran Motors to get the most suitable solution:

  • Our Business Development team discussed about their current platformand the areas they would like to improve upon. Our BD team also provided them additional suggestions which they may include to leverage more benefits from technological inventions.
  • Based on the requirements outlined by the Business Development team and the customer,our technical team, developed a custom IP PBX Solution for the customer to provide advanced features and clear tracking reports. Moreover, our development team also integrated this IP PBX solution with Kiran Motors custom CRM for accessing Customer data during the call.
  • Our Graphic designer ensured to create a user friendly and easy to manage the user panel for Kiran Motors.
  • Our QA and testing team ensure top to bottom system testing for the perfect working of the solution
  • Our deployment team deployed this custom IP PBX Solution in branched of Kiran Motors at Ahmedabad and Mumbai.
How it works? Inbound/Outbound Calling:
  • The Kiran Motors Automobile Companyuses the IP PBX solution deployed by the Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd for outbound calling to prospects, customers and internal staff at another branch
  • All inbound calls are received through the IP PBX solution
  • During both, inbound and outbound calling, the agent can see the caller data from CRM which is integrated with the IP PBX system.
Key Features Provided:
  • Inbound calling
  • Outbound calling
  • Extension to extension calling for internal communication between same or remote branches
  • All calling related features such as call forward, call transfer, call hold & retrieve, etc.
  • Call recording
  • Interactive Voice Response System
  • Sticky Agent
  • CRM integration with the IP PBX to fetch lead data during the call
  • Click2call functionality within CRM
  • Call Detail Reports
Functional Environment of offered Solution:

We offered the turnkey solution to Kiran Motors, which had following functional environment:

Ahmedabad Branch:
  • Sangoma 1 Port PRI CARD
  • 32 port Analog gateway
  • 32 Analog Phones
  • 2 IP Phone
  • 100 Extensions
Mumbai Branch:
  • Sangoma 1 Port PRI CARD
  • 32 port Analog Gateway
  • 1 IP Phone
  • 30 Extensions
  • 20 Analog phones
Result Obtained

With the implementation of our proposed solution, the company was able to overcome all its concerns and achieved following results:

  • Improved customer service model
  • 100% uptime of the system to serve their customers in real time
  • Increased productivity of the agents
  • Added branding factors such as IVR to greet the callers
  • Clear metrics and information with KPIs to measure the performance of individual agent and his productivity
  • Clear logs of each communication made with the call recording feature
  • Improved customer satisfaction by implementing “Sticky Agent” feature, which route the call of the customer to the same agent, he talked to last time
  • Clear and detailed reports for review
  • Increased revenue
  • Remote operational ability as provided solution is accessible remotely from multiple branches
  • Easy management of solution with its Graphical User Interface
Customer Testimonial:

We were using the traditional calling tools to stay in touch with our customers and staff at remote branches. It was working fine initially, but as we grew, we needed an advanced communication solution. We are really happy that we got an IP PBX solution integrated with the CRM which connects our remote automobile branches in different cities of India seamlessly and also furnished us with the advanced tools for calling customers and measuring performance.

What Elision Wants To Say?

It was a great experience working with the Kiran Motors and providing them the communication solution. The staff we dealt with during development and deployment was really cooperative. It made deployment and training quick.