Location : Pune, Maharashtra
Since : May, 2012
“Mahalaxmi achieve a significant increase in business productivity by using autodialing solution from Elision”

MahalaxmiAutomotivesPvt.ltd is a very well-known name in the Maruti Suzuki Fraternity. Maruti being the only Car with 47% market share in Automobile Industry of Passengers Cars and its popularity is a proven fact and undisputable. Maruti Suzuki Cars attaches great importance to India and the company’s manufacturing unit is growing very fast with great potential for its new cars.

Challenge :
  • 1. Transforming Manual calling process to Automation of inbound/outbound calls
  • 2. Restructuring of Agent screen as per Maruti DMS CRM fields so that agents get maximum details for the customer they are talking to.
  • 3. Maintaining data updates with Maruti’s central Database called DMS for every activity done with regards to customer communication.
  • 4. They have a PBX also which they wanted to merge with Dialer.
  • 5. Reaching to customer whose calls was not attended by existing system.
  • 6. Sending automated SMS to customers after attending their calls
  • 7. Listening to conversation between agents & customer for Quality Analysis.
  • 8. Monitoring agents for their performance & detail reports of campaign for entire day/ month/ year.
Solution from Elision :

Mahalaxmi Auto chose Contact Centre DialShree Solution from Elision for their entire 20 seats. They are running dealership of MarutiUdyog Ltd and for the same they need to contact car owners for different reasons.

The envisaged challenges were overcome when below modules / functionalities were chosen as a part of service from Elision.

  • Inbound based on ACD/ Outbound based on Predictive dialer
  • IVR System for handling automated incoming calls
  • Sending automated SMS after completion of call with customer for feedback.
  • Digital Voice Recording for all calls.
  • Install VoIP Card in the existing ePBX to sync it with the Elision Dialer.
  • Real Time Reporting along with Call Barging & Call Whispering
  • Off-Office hour’s audio voice was played to attend incoming calls when no Agent was available.