“MIBS Increased Uptime, Agent Productivity and Business with Dialshree: Contact Center Solution”

MIBS is one of the most reputable multinational conglomerate holding company based in India. The headquarter of the company is in Bombay, Maharashtra, India. It has a number of companies under its name and operating in all different industry segments, including, but not limited to automotive, leisure, consulting, education, energy, defense, IT, logistics, hospitality, sports, retail, real estate, agriculture, aerospace and aftermarket.

We got an opportunity to serve MIBS. It offers HR and Finance outsourcing services to rise businesses with efficient business solution.

The Challenges Faced By the MIBS

The MIBS which is an important arm of this conglomerate holding company run various outbound calling campaigns to generate more leads and to nurture existing leads by offering them other valuable products. Also, it handles inbound calls to provide better customer service to its customers. The MIBS had a call center solution and custom CRM software to take care of their inbound and outbound calling campaigns. The MIBS was facing multiple challenges with their existing system:

  • The call center solution was facing frequent downtime, which was a very big issue as the company handles hundreds of concurrent calls. The system downtime results in reduced agent productivity and potential business loss.
  • The call center solution had limited features which were not able to perform some custom operations such as, data fetching from web forms, assigning priorities, automated callback, etc.
  • The legacy call center software was not flexible enough to integrate other third party applications and software within it, so the agents can use all systems with a single sign on. This was further affecting the agent productivity.
  • The calling activities were highly dependent on the tight relation of the call center software and the custom CRM system. If the CRM system goes down for any reason, the calling campaigns get stopped as well.
  • The agents were needed to wait for the calls to get dialed which result in significant reduction in agent productivity.

All these bottlenecks in the legacy system were creating huge concerns of decreased agent productivity and loss of business, especially, during peak months.

The Solution Provided By Elision Technolab LLP

The MIBS was looking for a reliable and stable contact center solution that can remove all performance concerns of the legacy system. Also, they were seeking for a more robust and flexible solution. During their hunt of the best contact center software, they got in touch with us, Elision Technolab LLP aka Elision.

Our Business head and Tech head personally handled this project from initial level to the deployment phase. The stepwise work model followed by us to provide the best solution to the MIBS is as follows:

  • Our business head and tech head met the representatives of the MIBS and had a detailed discussion about the issues and problems they were facing with the legacy system.
  • Our team proposed our contact center software, namely, DialShree with some customization to provide them the advanced unified communication features they were looking for.
  • Once the proposal was accepted by the MIBS, our VoIP experts implemented additional modules and also tailored our call center software to meet the needs of the MIBS.
  • We integrated SAP – C4C, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics CRMs in the contact center software.
  • Our VoIP engineers deployed this custom contact center solution in 3 different companies of the MIBS. Also, they have made required integrations to meet their custom requirements.

Our solution really made a difference in operations of MIBS. So we can cater other group of companies of MIBS with our solution. The deployment is ongoing in other companies of the MIBS group. Also, we are providing post-sales support.

Key Features Provided:
  • Complete contact center software with all simple to advanced features to run blended calling campaigns.
  • 500 concurrent call facility to handle incoming / outgoing call flow promptly in two different locations.
  • Integrated call center solution in the web form in a way that it can fetch filled data from the web forms and database and feed it in our call center software. It can also read abandoned forms and fetch those leads, so it can be taken to the next step.
  • Assign lead priority based on different factors to perform priority based calling that can increase sales and business.
  • Automated callback based on the predefined criteria.
  • Contact center solution integration with their custom CRM system, so the agents can use a single sign on to perform various operations using these two systems.
  • Automated data refresh in the CRM system in real time, as and when the lead data gets changed in the call center software to assure the CRM has the most recent data at all the time.
  • Email alerts and notifications about various important events related to software, performance and even hardware.
  • Removed dependency from the CRM system. Thus, even if the CRM solution gets down, the calling campaigns will not get affected or stopped.
  • Failover and backup system to assure minimum to no downtime of the system.
  • Graphical reports, dashboard and live call view to give quick access of the system, agents, campaigns, and other important details.
  • Barge-in and whisper facility to improve agent performance in real time.
  • Progressive dialer and predictive dialer to increase call capacity and agent productivity.
  • GUI based control to perform system level operations such as, checking CPU performance, memory space, etc. The admin also gets controls to run some hardware and software based commands such as, server restart with the GUI functions only.
  • Sangoma A104DE AFT PRI Card integration with the devices to double the call capacity and echo cancelation to increase voice quality.
  • GSM gateway is used in the deployment of the contact center solution with the telecommunication infrastructure of the MIBS.

How It Works?
  • The web forms and other lead generation sources are integrated with the call center software in a way that all the lead data will get collected and fed into the call center solution automatically.
  • The contact center system assigns the priority to each lead based on certain predefined criteria.
  • The system calls the lead based on the assigned priority automatically.
  • The agent can see the lead data during the live call and make changes in it as well.
  • The changed lead data will be updated in the CRM system in real time.
  • The system / agent will assign labels to the lead status and priority to the next follow-up call.
  • All incoming calls will also be handled similarly.
  • The supervisors can barge-in to an ongoing call to assure or improve the call quality.
  • The call center solution uses the Sangoma 4 ports PRI cards with echo cancelation facility to provide multiple parallel PRI lines. Also, it helps in providing the best voice quality.
  • The failover system assures to take a front seat in case of any instability in the main server in a way that in less than 30 minutes the call center of 200 seats gets up and running with the same stability and efficiency.
Functional Environment of offered Solution:

We offered the turnkey contact center solution to the MIBS, which had following functional environment per site:

  • Contact center software with custom features
  • Calling seats: 500
  • Locations: 2
  • Sangoma 2 Sangoma PRI Cards with 4 Port and Echo Cancelation
  • GSM Gateway
Result Obtained
  • Streamlined operations with the stable and reliable contact center solution.
  • Removed dependency from the CRM system to assure the call center works even when the CRM solution faces downtime.
  • 98% of the system uptime compared to the legacy system.
  • 84% of the connectivity achieved by increasing the dial out time.
  • 2% of the increase in the quality of call because of live call monitoring and agent coaching.
  • 10% of cost saving on the vendor billing because of transparency in TSR’s break and log-in hours.
  • Enhanced reports that aid business decisions with the quick and easy to understand information.
  • Streamlined data in all different systems in real time.
  • Improved agent productivity with automation of different tasks.
  • Easy management of system, hardware and related operations.
  • Reduced manual efforts and errors in calling campaigns.
  • Increased sales with priority based calling and automated follow-up callback mechanism.
  • Enhanced outbound calling campaigns with automated lead fetching from the web forms.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Increased ROI.
  • And more
Customer Testimonial:

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Elision team for the patience, perseverance & for their endless support to make this a success.

What Elision Wants To Say?

It was an amazing experience working with one of the most reputable group of companies in India, We are thankful to the leaders and managers of the MIBS Pvt. Ltd. who made the transition and process of deployment so swift with their continuous support. Also, they helped us in expanding our service reach in other arms of the MIBS. Indeed a really nice gesture and I strongly appreciate it.