Multilingual TTS API Solution

The advent of the computer era made life much more comfortable than it was before. The benefits of automation are many. Computer technology is being incorporated in all leading businesses/corporate sectors across the world. One of the most popular automation technologies that is being implemented in recent times is Text to Speech (TTS). The TTS Solution is a versatile technology that can be implemented in both software and hardware of a business infrastructure.

We offer Multilingual Text to Speech API. Our TTS API when incorporated into digital platforms and websites of businesses can benefit them in many ways. The team at Elisiontec strives to honor the belief on which the company’s business policy is standing. Elision is a passionate IT firm that provides custom Text To Speech solutions to its clients. It helps businesses to bridge the gap between man and machine. With the practical use of speech technology, Elision makes sure that the TTS voices created are speaking to the clients and their prospects in a clear, natural manner.

i. Our Key TTS Services

TTS Engine SDK – Provides versatility to the developers in the form of software development kit. The TTS Solution can also be used to build customized applications for a variety of purposes.

TTS Server SDK – Elision has a custom TTS engine that comes bundled with the SDK and Application Program Interface that assists our clients to fulfill their requirements of dynamic conversions of incoming textual data.

ii. Our Key TTS Solutions

Human-like Voice – All of the Multilingual Text to Speech solutions provided by Elisiontec are dynamic. The solutions are capable of seamlessly combining the incoming audio snippets with pre-recorded audio segments. It allows the application to give audibly pleasing outputs, resembling human speech.

Cloud-based and Embedded – The Multilingual Text to Speech API has a wide range of applications in both, corporate as well as mass production sectors, across industries. The app can deliver high-quality outputs, backed by a database and dictionary that is regularly updated.

Indigenously made Yet Global Reach – The TTS Solution provided by Elision supports over 55 languages and is capable of generating more than 100 different voice outputs.

iii. Why Choose Elision’s TTS Service?

Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading TTS API and solution providers that have a client base spanning all over the globe. We are backed by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are masters in their respective fields.

The company has the expertise, the infrastructure and the tools that enable us to deliver performance-optimized multilingual Text to Speech solution to our clients at affordable rates.

Our TTS Solution provides our clients with specific features and benefits that other service providers cannot. Some of the salient features of our TTS solution are as follows:

  • Natural sounding audible outputs
  • Accurate transformation of speech from text
  • Multilingual support
  • Dictionary support
  • Convenience of  multiple language support and voice database
  • GUI based admin panel
  • TTS API integration
  • Round the clock support
  • And more

Implementation of multilingual Text to Speech solution enables companies to get a competitive boost in the long run. Elisiontec can assist interested companies to implement TTS Solution in their business infrastructure at affordable rates. The company has been in this sector for many years and has the reputation of a customer-centric firm making it the ideal choice.

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