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We, at Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd (Elision and Elisiontec), are dedicated to protecting your privacy. This Policy applies to the website ( and our associated applications which are controlled and managed by us. It describes the processing, collection, and usage practice of data collected by the website. This Privacy Policy also governs your choices to process, use, and modify your personal information. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy stated on this page, it is advisable to not use the services we provide, including, but not limited to, our website, subscription services, and mobile applications.

According to the Information Technology Act, 2000, and the rules and regulations under, as relevant and amended provisions related to electronic records in various statues apply to this webpage and website. This webpage is an electronic record generated by a system and doesn’t require any digital or physical signature.

This document is created and published according to the 2011 of Information Technology Act, Rule 4 of Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2000 amended through Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008, which require publishing the access and / or usage of (Website of Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd).

The Privacy Policy is applicable to all visitors, users, and subscribers of our website.

By using our services and by completing the contact registration process, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed with the points further clarified on this page. 

Any references in these Terms to “us”, “our”, “we”, “company” or “Elision” are referring our services and “you” as the user, visitor or the subscriber of the website. 

Privacy Preamble

The concern of online privacy is acutely crucial for us while providing information for web development, VoIP development or any other services. We are dedicated to protecting the information provided by the users and are committed to creating a secure platform for them.

Considering the importance of online privacy, we respect the privacy of users navigating our website and to protect the same has always been the core values of our company. This Privacy Policy gives an overview of the practices followed by us to give users a safe passage as they browse through the website.

We would also like to mention that our website may contain links to third party apps/websites that are governed by their own policies. In that case, we do not take responsibility for the privacy and security of any data you ought to provide on their platform. Users are advised to refer to their Privacy Policies and familiarize themselves before providing any personal or financial information.

In cases where you provide us with your personal information, you are agreeing with the points further clarified in this Privacy Policy. If you do not wish to be bound by the Policy, please do not use or browse this website any further.

Privacy Policy Governing Areas:

  1. Information we may collect about you.
  • Information you provide us: During the process wherein you need to contact us, you would be prompted to fill out a registration form asking for basic contact details. This may also happen when you subscribe to our mailing list. The information asked from the users may include an email address, name, phone number, address, and other basic details. You agree and acknowledge that we can retain and use this information, as well as we can send promotional / informational messages to you in the form of an email or SMS.
  • Information we collect: The collection of information between you and us may happen via contact forms, live chat, telephone calls or emails. For the purposes of our services and solutions, we may also collect information about your engagement in an event. We also collect information about your browsing behavior on our website. This includes your geographical location, IP address, length of visit, browser type, your operating system, and similar information. This data may be collected by a third party website analytics tool via cookies on our behalf. We also use pixels and cookies to track the delivery and open rates of emails sent to our users, the results of which are stored against your profile. Since we use third-party analytics tools for more detailed reports, it is crucial for us to let you know that we have limited control over these tools. You acknowledge that we shall not be held accountable for any privacy issues related to it.
  • Information received from third-party apps: We may collect information and details about the users via third parties to deliver the services as promised by us. Third party apps / websites may collect information based on your digital presence or through their websites.
  1. Your data might be shared 
  • There would be instances where it becomes necessary for us to share your data. Please note that we are committed to protecting your privacy, and will never disclose any details without your proper consent.
    • Government authorities for legal proceedings and processes.
    • Other users through portfolios or testimonials.
    • Third party service providers who could help you in your business and projects.
    • Newly added customers asking for region-specific users.
    • Any other third party app / website wherein we are able to enforce our legal rights to properly and safely guard users’ privacy.
  1. Cookies 
  • Please note that our website uses cookies in order to provide our users with a better browsing experience. Cookies are text files stored in your local storage and are used by us to monitor and analyze how you use our website. However, if you don’t wish to install cookies, you can change the phone settings or even reject the request to store cookies. Please note when you reject cookies, you may not be able to access full functionality our website has to offer.
  1. Third Party Content 
  • Our website may contain links to third party apps / websites which operate under their own policies. We have no control over their websites / applications, including whether or not they store cookies. This Privacy Policy is inapplicable for these apps / websites and users are advised to read and acknowledge the Privacy Policies governed by them.
  1. How your data is processed 
  • We use a number of operational and technological measures to protect the user’s data we store from unauthorized access, unlawful use, and unknown modifications. The transmission of user data over the Internet is always channeled through secured gateways. However, we cannot always guarantee the protection of data.
  1. Where we store your information 
  • We follow a systematic and ongoing approach for managing and keeping the safety of stored data intact. We follow measures that keep the confidentiality, integrity, and privacy of the user’s data. The company is committed to ensuring that your personal information is well protected and guarded in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  1. Know your rights 
  • As a user, you have the right to:
    • Request a copy of all the personal details we keep about you. It can be done by making a request to the Data Protection Officer.
    • Contact the Data Protection Officer to update any incorrect information you may spot in the details requested by you. 
    • Ask the Data Protection Officer to stop the processing of your data and withdraw consent in the process where it’s required.
    • Ask the Data Protection Officer to delete your personal data.


According to the Reasonable Security Practices as per I.T. Act, 2000 and its Rules, Rule 8 of India’s Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011 of Information Technology Act, 2000 amended through Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008, we have implemented reasonable security practices.

Once registered, you will have the option to inform us at any stage that you no longer wish to receive future emails, any sort of promotional messages, and the services we offer. You can also send an unsubscribe request to remove the forwards processed from our end. You will also have the right to withdraw your consent provided earlier in order to process your sensitive information. Such requests should be sent to us in writing to your registered address.

We have effectuated internationally accepted standards of technology, technical security, stringent measures, operational and physical security in order to protect your personal information from any loss. Your data is stored behind a firewall with access limited to authorized personnel only.

By using our services, you agree that we would not be held responsible in any case of a security attack. We shall not be held responsible for any type of financial loss, including, but not limited to, legal cost, business loss, reputation loss, and attorney’s fees, direct or indirect losses that may occur to you. Further, you agree that the management shall not be held accountable directly or indirectly, for any cybercrime related liabilities relating to your personal information. 

Amendments to these Policies:

We reserve all rights to change the policies at any time. After we implement a change, this page shall be updated with the latest information. It is advisable for the users to check these policies from time to time in order to be aware of the changes made to the Policies.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction:

Regardless of your nationality and race, you acknowledge and agree that this privacy policy shall be governed by the laws of India without any conflicts of laws. Furthermore, you acknowledge and agree that jurisdiction for any matters relating to this privacy policy shall have in Indian courts situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. If you don’t agree with any of these policies, you should not use, browse or navigate this website.

This document may change as and when the terms and policies of the company and regulatory laws related to Information Technology in India change. Thus, you are advised to visit this page from time to time to make sure you are well aware of the changes made in the privacy policy. To make sure you are reading the latest version of the page, you can check the date when the latest version of the privacy policy is published by scrolling to the end of the page.

This privacy policy is published on 25th June 2019.

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