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We help you to bring the best out of each interaction with customers!

  • Be available across all channels – Email, Voice, Social Media, Chat & many
  • Stay on top of your customers’ interactions
  • Automate workflows, enhance productivity and increase revenues
  • Ready integrations with CRM and third-party applications
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Help your customer-facing team by keeping all your interactions in one place

“In today’s world, businesses have to be available on multiple communication channels and have to manage customer experience to gain and retain clients.

DialShree is a comprehensive omnichannel contact center solution. It delivers multiple benefits to diversified industries such as increasing sales, enhancing customer experience, increasing customer loyalty, and increasing revenues while reducing the cost of operations.

What our clients achieved using DialShree

Enhanced Customer Retention

Reduction in expenses

Increased productivity

Actual data collected from clients across Africa region

Our Esteemed Clients & Partners in Africa

Elevate the customer service game just at the price of one fine "bobotie" treat with your friends!


One Stop Solution - Unify All Your Communication Channels & Campaigns

DialShree is not just a call center software. It is a complete omnichannel contact center solution. Take "unfair advantage" of personalized communication with your customers!

Build smartly to meet the communication needs of all types. We have been transforming this call center software to let its users stay ahead in the market. We understand the urge of the market and the command of customers these days.

Thus, we have incorporated all major communication channels in DialShree.


Handle collection & telemarketing calls


Handle warm leads & customer care calls


Handle all inbound & outbound business calls

Implementation and Plans

We have multiple plans to offer our clients which may leverage them best possible results as per their requirements & needs

Hosted Cloud Based Solution (SaaS)

Our cloud call center software services assure to provide you access to the full-fledged call center software in a hassle-free manner. To use a reliable, secure, and highly scalable call center software.

Key Benefits

  • You do not need to buy a call center software
  • You do not need to invest in hosting or maintenance
  • You do not need to worry about capital investment
  • Pay as you grow
  • Many more…

On Premises Server Based Solution

With one time investment, you can get a licensed version of a feature rich call center solution. You can use all features and add-ons that you have purchased for a lifetime without spending anything extra.

Key Benefits

  • No monthly fee to use the contact center software
  • No increase in the cost of software or add-ons
  • Not dependent on the terms related to the SaaS model
  • You own license and call center software & decisions related to it
  • Many more…

Make your call center setup live within 24 hours!

No hidden Cost| 24X7 Support| Business Fit Solution

Industries Using DialShree

Banking & Finance
Real Estate
Service Industry
Government Sector & Smart Cities

'Hakuna matata' - DialShree is an ideal contact center solution in Africa region!

DialShree: call center solution simplifies communication by connecting businesses and customers via all popular and preferred communication channels. It helps you deliver a seamless experience at all touchpoints without increasing expenses. You can maximize call center performance by harnessing the power of this next-generation call center solution with unified communication support.

Increased Revenue

DialShree helps you manage all communication channels and campaigns within a single system with set KPIs for staff. That helps you increase productivity of agents and better customer experience resulting in increased revenues.

Omnichannel communication for increased customer delight

Nowadays, customers want quick responses via their preferred communication channels and consider that as a service quality measure to continue giving business. With DialShree, you can manage clients seamlessly across all channels and assure higher customer delight.

Gain 360-degree view of customers’ interactions

Gain insights of customers’ interactions with your team across all channels to analyze preferred channels of your customers and deliver personalized experience. When you do so, your clients love you more and stay connected effectively.

Personalize communication without toggling software

While interacting, DialShree shows insights of the customer to the agent, hence agents can conduct personalized & effective communication. This also eliminates the need for toggling multiple software like chat, WhatsApp, email, social media, etc. to save time.

Integrate with leading CRMs & 3rd party solutions

DialShree connects with all leading CRMs and third-party systems. CRM integration enables agents to retrieve customer information with the call center software, answer queries to enhance customer experience and automate workflow. It also connects to EPBX, LMS, and other legacy systems.

Automate workflows and increase productivity

You can configure business workflows using DialShree to automate processes, set time-based triggers, call assignments, send notifications to agents and clients and do much more. DialShree can route incoming interactions from different channels to the right agent, based on the agent’s skill, workload, customer category, or priority to ensure better productivity.

Do it all: Lead generation, surveys, sales, collection and more...

Speed up your lead generation, survey, and sales calls by using the predictive, auto, preview, progressive and manual dialers of DialShree. Its payment utility and other debt collection specific features help in accelerating loan EMI, credit card bills, and other collection campaigns.

DialShree Mobi for Remote Operation with Enhanced Performance

DialShree Mobi is a mobile app for agents. It has all the major features of an agent panel, so agents can work from home or anywhere to enjoy uninterrupted operations. It helps call centers to enjoy high productivity and exceptional performance even in a virtual call center environment.

AI based voice analysis for quality monitoring

With the DialShree you can understand the intent of your customers based on voice and words analysis. It helps you know their emotions with advanced AI-powered quality analysis algorithms presented with easy to understand pictorial representation for you. It rates the call quality and provides feedback to agents, which results in reduced workload of the QA team.

Important Add-ons

DialShree helps you create a seamless experience with your customers & maximize productivity of your team by bringing all functionalities together.

We are here to help

Frequently Asked Questions

Major commonly asked questions by DialShree users, are answered for you.

  • What is an omnichannel contact center solution?

    It is a call center software solution that supports omnichannel communication within a single platform. DialShree supports unified communication channels like Phone Calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email, Chat, Video Call, and Screen Share. All communication channels will be available as integral features. All conversations will be logged.

  • Can it be installed on-premises or cloud?

    DialShree is a flexible call center solution and it can be deployed on any of the available options, i.e., on-premise and cloud.

  • Should only large scale businesses and call centers use this software?

    It can be used by any scaled business or enterprise in any industry vertical. It has flexible buying models that include, license purchase or SaaS usage.

  • How can a business benefit from using DialShree?

    It is an omnichannel call center solution that can enhance several operations related to sales, customer care, collection, technical support, etc. It has certain automation features that can help DialShree users to boost productivity, increase performance, and reduce expenses. It also uses AI features to automate the quality assurance of calls.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

"Elision offers technology which supports latest requirement of market, their team is super supportive & proactive..."

Mr. Nabarun Dutta

Call Center Lead – Operations (Mahindra Insurance)

"It’s been pleasure working with you on relatively new technology for us, the Call Management ..."

Mr. Dhaval Rao

President - IT

Elision has been phenomenal in implementing custom business logics and support the business needs in a timely manner. Their ability of designing scalable system architecture has helped us to ramp smoothly to 500 seats. With their huge list of offerings, they are able to add value to each area of business to enable us offer best on board brand experience.

Mr. Muzaffar U Zaman

Director Operations, (GirnarSoft - CarDekho)

“DialShree has been a crucial element that has helped in fulfilling our company’s vision of providing customer-centric support...”

Mr. Herat Gandhi

Customer Service Head of Prudent Corporate Advisory Service Ltd

"In our business it is important to have good communications, we were looking for a more modern and cost effective ..."

Mr. Ashish Patni

Q-M Manager - Mantra Softech (India) Pvt Ltd

“As an outsource provider of Contact Center and BPO services for over 25 years spanning hundreds of clients ..."

Mr. Sean Gruwell

Managing Director

Overall experience is good, it is user friendly. Can make changes according to our needs!

Ms. Richa G.

Network Engineer, GMDA

It has provided all features we were looking for to improve our customer services. Our customers are extremely happy with our services after the implementation of DialShree.All patients get an easier and more professional way to reach out to our customer care team to get resolutions related to any queries they may have. The emergency alert system is exceptional in handling emergency cases. All in all, we have received an ideal communication and collaboration solution for our hospital.

Mr. Kishore Gojiya

Associate Head - IT

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