VICIDial CRM CTI Integration

VICIDial CRM CTI integration for better customer engagement

The integration streamlines processes, optimizes the workforce, and provides a unified view of conversations to empower your team to engage more clients.

Personalize the journey of customers by using their data and interaction history available in VICIDial CRM CTI integrated solution, which will be on a single screen with single sign on. Now, managing customer relationships and enhancing bonds with clients to increase retention is simplified with our VICIDial CRM CTI integration services.

Increased Customer Engagement

Better Call Handling

Increased FCR rate

Improved Resource Utilization

Major CRM solutions we integrate with VICIDial, call center solution to harmonize both systems and operations.

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Major Challenges

Without using a VICIDial CRM CTI integrated solution, the businesses may face major challenges that create hindrances in the process of customer care and engagement.

Lack of information to resolve customer concerns

VICIDial cannot store all data of customers, which provides a limited source of information to agents during live calls. Thus, agents often struggle in providing context driven and personalized responses to clients. This can increase client frustration.

Toggling between multiple system screens

If agents have to fetch some information from a CRM system, then agents will need to switch back and forth between a CRM and VICIDial call center solution. This will waste a lot of time and other resources to hamper overall agent productivity and performance.

Data discrepancies

If customer data is managed in VICIDial and CRM solutions, occurrences of data discrepancies appear due to the wrong version of data stored in any of the systems. This may result in giving wrong or outdated information to clients.

Waste of resources

If data is stored and managed in two different systems, the job of data entry will be tedious and error-prone. Also, toggling between system windows can exhaust agents and possibly lead to mistakes and errors. This hampers efficiency and accuracy.


Elision v/s Challenges

With our VICIDial CRM CTI integration service, we will help you optimize your processes and customer relationship model in the most efficient manner. This software will resolve major hindrances to let you excel in your game of customer care and sales by enhancing agent performance and productivity.

Eliminate toggling between systems

With a single login, your team can access features of VICIDial and CRM solutions both. It will remove the need of toggling between screens

Contextual conversations

Agents can access the customer data stored in CRM and dialer features of a VICIDial solution within a single system to drive contextual conversations.

Automated data update

The system will automatically add or edit data in CRM if a customer record is updated in VICIDial and vice versa to save resources from this data entry job.

Better resource utilization

Automation and personalized conversations will help agents engage more clients and achieve a higher first call resolution rate. It can maximize your resource utilization.

Improved customer satisfaction

Clients feel valued by receiving personalized responses. Moreover, the increased first call resolution rate will boost client satisfaction by up to 90%.

Connect to clients with just a click

Click2call is one of the features integrated into the CRM with VICIDial CRM integration that can help you connect with your clients with just a click. It also has communication features like call hold and retrieve, call mute and un-mute, etc. to help you enhance your business communication.

Are you interested in boosting the power of your VICIDial solution by 150% with VICIDial CRM integration?


VICIDial CRM integration services

Our VICIDial CRM CTI integration services are available for all popular third party and open source CRM solutions. Three major customer relationship management solutions are in major demand to integrate with the VICIDial call center solution.

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It is a complete office suite with the most powerful CRM system. The complete customer journey of marketing, sales, and customer care can be captured and managed with the Zoho CRM system. Our VICIDial Zoho integration service helps you combine the power of both Zoho and VICIDial solutions.

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It is renowned as an all-in-one customer support platform with powerful automation features. It is designed to handle efficient customer queries and empowers multiple other customer relationship management aspects. VICIDial Kapture integration will help you boost productivity and performance.

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It is a known open source cloud CRM system that is used by more than 300,000 businesses worldwide. It strengthens support, sales, and marketing efforts with a single system and its powerful CRM features. Our VICIDial Vtiger integration services can help in syncing data and workforce optimization

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It is popular due to its 360-degree view of customer relationship with a business. It provides easy access to vital information about customers, sales, and marketing within a single platform. VICIDial SuiteCRM integration helps in streamlining operations between these two solutions to empower a call center.

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It is more popular to empower the sales team of a business with its powerful features and automation. It also helps in enhancing customer care operations to improve process optimization. VICIDial DialCRM integration service will provide added features like click2call, CRM widget, and more.

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It is a complete business automation solution that automates end to end operations of marketing, sales, and customer success teams. It is an enterprise grade solution that simplifies capturing, managing and nurturing leads to boost ROI. VICIDial LeadSquared integration adds further automation.

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It is a cloud based CRM system that is renowned for its features that enhance the performance of sales, marketing, and customer care teams. It supports different stages of the sales funnel with automated processes. VICIDial SugarCRM integration will integrate this CRM system with VICIDial to boost productivity.

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It is one of the popular CRM solutions offered by a USA based company. Its motto is bringing customers and companies together and with its CRM solution, it benefits companies to get closer to their customers. Our VICIDial Salesforce integration can help businesses leverage unified operations.

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It is one of the most known platform which integrates your business with one of the most innovate & dynamic CRM solution called as Microsoft Dynamic, & drive your data into most agile yet insightful structure.

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