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VICIDial CTI Integration with vTiger

VICIDial integration with Vtiger CRM Integrate VICIDial and Vtiger to access all features of these powerful solutions with a single sign on platform.

We offer VICIDial CTI integration services to facilitate users of this open source call center software and Vtiger CRM solution with a comprehensive and enhanced platform. It can transform a simple call center into a customer engagement center with its intuitive features. Moreover, it will save time and energy of agents to handle more context driven customer calls instead of juggling between two different solutions.


Explore VICIDial CTI integration with Vtiger in a live walkthrough video

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We integrate Vtiger, CRM solution and VICIDial, call center solution to provide a single sign on facility. This introduces automation and provides a Vtiger CRM popup without leaving the VICIDial screen. It also automatically updates data and records in another system if it is edited in any one of the systems. This walkthrough video shares all major feature details.


Major Features of VICIDial CTI Integration with Vtiger

VICIDial Vtiger integration augments the functional efficiency of both of these systems. Out of all available features, here are the top features made available to the users of this integrated solution.

Single sign-on

No need to toggle back and forth between Vtiger and VICIDial systems as the integration will give access to powerful features of both of these solutions within a single platform. The single sign on can eliminate errors and increase efficiency and productivity.

CTI Connector

Integrate CTI features into Vtiger like call mute and un-mute, call hold and retrieve, call transfer, call forwarding, etc. to let your agents engage clients within the same software. Features of a call center dialer widget will boost speed of calling campaigns and customer data management jobs.

CRM Pop-up

VICIDial vTiger integration will also provide access to the CRM popup in the VICIDial, call center software. It will show the majorly required information about clients fetched from Vtiger within VICIDial solution to let agents drive conversations based on context.


The integrated system will add some value added features such as click to call into the Vtiger CRM system. Agents can generate calls from the CRM system on a single click. They can use features of CTI connector within Vtiger to have a productive and professional conversation with clients.

Data Sync

Customer data will be synced between Vtiger and VICIDial to automate jobs like pushing data from VICIDial to Vtiger and vice versa. Data sync will automatically update the customer record in Vtiger if it is changed in VICIDial. The integrated system will streamline processes.



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