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Automate your debt recovery process and successfully collect past-due invoices, delinquent amounts, and attain higher promise-to-pay ratio.

Elision’s omnichannel communication solution helps recovery agents with higher connect rates and better coverage to make the recovery process efficient and increase the collections for your brand.

Smoother Collection Processes

Effective Communication Between Collection Agencies & Debt Payers

Accurate On-Time Payment Reminders

Higher and Swifter Receivable Recoveries

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Simplify Your Business Challenges with Our Debt Collection Software

Our solution taps into the most challenging areas of your collection process and offers advanced features to counter those challenges.

Difficulty in Collecting the Debt from the Customers

Getting unpaid dues from the customers is no easy feat as customers always have multiple excuses and reasons to not pay their debt on time which our collection module counters with best outcomes and eventually increases collections.

Low Call Connectivity Because of Recovery Calls Avoidance

Collection agents always find it challenging to connect with the customers as people do not attend to recovery calls which can be successfully resolved leveraging our feature-rich solutions like alternate number dialing, disposition based dialing and many such features.

No Payment Utility – Do Not Call Paid Customers

Customers often get irate and switch to some other company for services if they keep getting calls or messages from collection agencies for the debt they have already paid which our feature-rich solution handles with care.

No Auto Reminders via Multi Channel (SMS, WhatsApp & Call)

Customers usually find it troublesome to connect with the business through a single access point which may cost them more time so we cater to this problem by providing a reliable omnichannel solution that makes communication process possible through several platforms.

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Resolving Challenges with Elision’s Intelligent Solutions

We take each challenge faced by our clients with sheer passion, and determination, and delve deep into the core of the problem to find the most simplistic and effective solution to counter those challenges and increase collections for your agency.

Call Scheduling and Messaging for Automated Follow Up

Let your debt collection agent make the most from their calls by utilizing the auto call. Message scheduling feature that automatically calls or messages the customer on the date they promised to pay their debts and get collections back in time.

Automate Number Shuffling

Call your customers with a different number every time you make an attempt to connect with them and achieve increased connectivity and better chances of debt recovery.

Managing and Assisting FOS

Ease the recovery process for your field agent by providing them with accurate data on the last communication status of your recovery agent with the customer and establish a connection of trust between your brand and the customer.

Alternate Number Dialing

Increase the connect rate with your customer by leveraging this practical feature of alternate dialing which successively calls all the substitute numbers of the customer and helps you reach the customer by all means.

Payment Utility for Collection

Leverage our payment utility for collection feature to filter out the customer numbers that have already paid their dues. It saves significant time for the recovery agents and ensures that customers don't get irate because of the redundant calls.

Empower Your Business with Transparent & Efficient Debt Recovery Processes with Elision’s Collection Solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Major commonly asked questions by Collection agencies, are answered for you.

  • Why does a business need collection software?

    A collection software is a great tool that can lead to high recovery ratio, reduce bad debt write-offs, improve the profitability of operations and maintain good relationships with the customers provided your collection agents properly focus on their KPIs and make the most of the features of the collection software.

  • Some of the most needed features in a debt collection software are:

    – Payment Utility for Collection
    – CRM with call center collection integration
    – Automation for call connect
    – Automatic payment reminders
    – Sticky agent
    – Caller ID Shuffling
    – Monitoring and analytics tools
    – Alternate Number Dialing

  • It all depends on the features you intend to use. However, it is always advised to go with the best collection software that consists of all necessary features if you wish to make your workflow truly efficient and performance-oriented.

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"Elision offers technology which supports latest requirement of market, their team is super supportive & proactive..."

Mr. Nabarun Dutta

Call Center Lead – Operations (Mahindra Insurance)

"It’s been pleasure working with you on relatively new technology for us, the Call Management ..."

Mr. Dhaval Rao

President - IT

Elision has been phenomenal in implementing custom business logics and support the business needs in a timely manner. Their ability of designing scalable system architecture has helped us to ramp smoothly to 500 seats. With their huge list of offerings, they are able to add value to each area of business to enable us offer best on board brand experience.

Mr. Muzaffar U Zaman

Director Operations, (GirnarSoft - CarDekho)

“DialShree has been a crucial element that has helped in fulfilling our company’s vision of providing customer-centric support...”

Mr. Herat Gandhi

Customer Service Head of Prudent Corporate Advisory Service Ltd

"In our business it is important to have good communications, we were looking for a more modern and cost effective ..."

Mr. Ashish Patni

Q-M Manager - Mantra Softech (India) Pvt Ltd

“As an outsource provider of Contact Center and BPO services for over 25 years spanning hundreds of clients ..."

Mr. Sean Gruwell

Managing Director

"Elision empowered GMDA for a superior citizen experience and more. We highly recommend Elision to any organization seeking top-notch contact center solutions and a trusted partner in their digital transformation journey..."

Mr. Pradeep Kumar Agarwal

Esteemed Advisor, GMDA

It has provided all features we were looking for to improve our customer services. Our customers are extremely happy with our services after the implementation of DialShree.All patients get an easier and more professional way to reach out to our customer care team to get resolutions related to any queries they may have. The emergency alert system is exceptional in handling emergency cases. All in all, we have received an ideal communication and collaboration solution for our hospital.

Mr. Kishore Gojiya

Associate Head - IT

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