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To create a memorable patient experience & save more lives by optimizing healthcare communication.

Prompt communication can help in delivering proactive patient care. Top statistics prove the worth of using communication tools that encourage timely communication in healthcare industry.

Enhanced patient experience

Increased call connects

Better handling of emergencies

Accurate healthcare reminders and alerts

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Deliver reliable and enhanced Patient Experiences at Every Point

Upgrade your health information technology to deliver a radical patient experience across all digital and traditional communication channels with our integrated and automated healthcare call center solution.

Omnichannel Call Center Solution

Simplify call management with an accurate patient communication tool that offers efficient features to ensure no patient calls are missed.

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Speed up medical team communication with an enriched communication tool that enhances internal communication and increases productivity at its best.

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IVR System

Greet all patients and engage them until your patient care representatives are available. Let patients take autonomous actions and self serve themselves.

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Code Blue: Emergency Alert System

Handle medical emergencies promptly and proactively by sending an emergency alert to each concerned healthcare and other staff members with a single click.

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Major Challenges to Healthcare Industry

Major roadblocks faced by Healthcare industry, traditional telephony platforms used to have many obstacles in serving their patients better.

Difficult process of doctor appointment booking

Traditional telephony system often keeps phone lines busy and makes it difficult for patients to connect with a medical representative to book a doctor’s appointment. Downloading an app or booking an online appointment is not convenient to all patients. This forces patients to visit a hospital physically and stand in a queue to get a doctor’s appointment.

Forgetting medication and health checkups that Increase Health Risks

Many hospitals and pathology laboratories face several challenges because of increasing no show up ratio. Many patients forget about their scheduled medical appointments and don’t show up. This not only wastes time of doctors, but also increases health risk for patients that are not showing up. Also, it increases roadblocks for other patients due to unavailable slots.

Bothersome way to manage multiple communication platforms

Nowadays, patients need care via their preferred mode of communication and as per their convenience. Adding flexibility of communication for patients while keeping communication infrastructure less overwhelming has become a major roadblock for many healthcare organizations. Much time and money get wasted in managing communication over multiple platforms.

Our Advantage

Elision v/s Challenges

Healthcare organizations can add ease to interact with doctors and patient care executives at their fingertips using healthcare communication tools. Personalized patient conversations will increase engagement and satisfaction rates.

Automate doctor appointment booking

An omnichannel call center solution simplifies and at a certain level automates booking a doctor’s or pathologist’s appointment. Patients also receive confirmation of a booked appointment with date and time on their registered phone number or/and email address.

Reminder and alerts to increase show up rate

Voice broadcasting, SMS broadcasting, and callback scheduling are some of the features available in the best call center dialer software that send automated reminders and alerts about upcoming medical appointments to increase patient show up rate, so more lives can be saved and better patient care can be ensured.

Simplify patient data management in a secured manner

Our call center solution for healthcare industry follows the HIPPA compliance to assure secured data storage to save interest of patients. This software also encrypts sensitive information about patients to add an added layer of security to the patient data management.

Deliver patient care using a single platform, but preferred channel

Patients have their convinient communication channels, similar to having a preference of a doctor. DialShree: omnichannel call center solution lets your patient communicate with your medical team via their favorite communication channels from voice call, SMS, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, web form, etc.

Handle emergency communication promptly to save more lives

In case of medical or other emergencies, respective team members can be informed with a personalized and automated voice call or SMS. It can speed up communication during emergencies and help in saving more lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Major commonly asked questions by Healthcare communication tools users, are answered for you.

  • Why use a call center solution in the healthcare industry?

    It provides multiple benefits to the healthcare industry such as:

    – It helps in engaging patients and increasing patient satisfaction rates.
    – It helps in handling emergency situations better.
    – It simplifies and speeds up process of booking medical appointments, requesting healthcare reports, etc.
    – It automates multiple jobs such as sending healthcare reminders, informing each respective team member during medical emergency, etc.
    – And many more

  • DialShree, call center solution encrypts patient data to protect it from malicious attacks. It also follows the HIPAA compliance to keep patient data confidential as per the international standard. Thus, it is completely safe to use this patient communication software.

  • It is built to simplify and speed-up communication between patient and medical staff. It can help in reinforcing the processes with the power of digitization and AI. It can help in reducing time of handling emergencies, so more lives can be saved and more patients can be satisfied. Moreover, it brings all communication channels in a single platform to provide all-inclusive communication experience to patients and medical representatives.

  • You can use an on-premise or cloud call center software for healthcare industry. We can help you choose the right software and setup model that can fit in your budget and need.
    Don’t worry about technicalities as we are here to handle them. Get in touch to know more about healthcare call center solution and how it can benefit your organization from our experts.

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