Now your agents can get over the language and accents limitations. Sound Board Avatar module is specifically designed to mask foreign agent accents so that they can prospect for sales leads.

Soundboard Avatar Module for VICIDial comes with a pre-recorded voice pieces from professionals for most common sales pitches and sentences. With this module we automate the pitching process so that every agent can be your best agent. By simply clicking buttons to deliver the best pitch ever.

This type of setup given a professional accents and feel to the listener which increases engagement ration by 235% of the call centers.

We have developed a custom Soundboard Avatar module for VICIDial which provides custom features as listed below:

  • Recorded sales pitch in professional accents and tone for the greetings
  • Recorded sales pitch in professional accents and tone for common sales pitch
  • Bucket creation facility to create a bucket of all requires audio clips
  • Campaign wise Soundboard creation
  • Colour assignment to set priority and differentiate sound clips. For example, one color for greetings related sound clips and another for the wrap up related sound clips
    Click and play functionality

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