VICIDial SuiteCRM Integration

From large scaled call centers to small and medium businesses (SMBs) use call center solution and CRM system to run various calling campaigns with an aim to increase business and revenue. The companies use different types of call center solutions and CRM systems.

VICIDial: Call Center Solution is one of the most widely used call center solutions as it is an open source system. It provides a wide range of features to support different inbound and outbound calling campaigns. The missing features can be added by the expert VICIDial Customization services.

SuiteCRM is one of the popular CRM solutions. It is used by many companies to keep records of leads and customers. It is also an open source solution. The SuiteCRM can be used to drive marketing, sales, customer service and IT departments in the company.

We offer a SuiteCRM VICIDial Integration service which is one of the most popular Call Center CRM Integration Services offered by our expert team. This integration service aim to provide a single view / panel which can be used with a single sign on to access features of both, VICIDial: Call Center Software and SuiteCRM: CRM System. Once the VICIDial SuiteCRM integration is finished, the agents or executives can get benefited with a wide array of features bestowed by this integration.

Single Sign on to access features of both systems
  • The call center CRM integration is aimed to provide a single system which lets its user access to all major features of both systems call center solution and CRM system. Thus, once we perform VICIDial SuiteCRM Integration, the users can access features of CRM in the VICIDial and vice verse. This simplifies operations and increase productivity.
Click to Call in SuiteCRM
  • We can configure click to call functionality within the SuiteCRM solution as part of our VICIDial SuiteCRM Integration. It means the agents / executives can generate an outbound call, just by clicking on the lead record.
VICIDial Call Dialer within SuiteCRM
  • With our SuiteCRM VICIDial integration service, one can access the complete dialer of the VICIDial within the SuiteCRM system. This Dialer provides all features an agent / executives need to conduct a call such as,
    • Call mute / Call un-mute
    • Call transfer
    • Call forwarding
    • Call hold and retrieve
    • Call timer
    • Dialpad
    • Disposition
    • And more

The features in the dialer can be customized based on the need of your business.

Automated lead management
  • One of the major benefits of VICIDial SuiteCRM Integration service is automated lead management. Once the integration is performed, whichever lead you create in SuiteCRM will automatically add in the VICIDial: Call Center Solution. Furthermore, if you make any changes in the lead record in the SuiteCRM or in the VICIDial, the changes will be reflected in another system automatically. It means at all the time, your team will have access to the most recent data in both systems.

Fetch lead information from CRM

  • We can perform VICIDial SuiteCRM Integration in a way that the agent / executive can access lead data stored in the SuiteCRM within the VICIDial: Call Center Solution. It means once an inbound or outbound call is connected a popup will be opened which will show all information of the lead which is stored in the SuiteCRM. This helps in increasing customer satisfaction by providing personalized responses.

Data push from SuiteCRM to VICIDial

  • Once we provide VICIDial SuiteCRM Integration service, one of the features we provide is Data push. It allows you to push all data stored or added in the SuiteCRM into the VICIDial solution so it can be used in running call center campaigns more effectively.
Automated Call Log Details in SuiteCRM
  • When your agents / executives conduct calls and fill in the disposition in the VICIDial, the record will be updated in the SuiteCRM as well with the detail of the call conclusion stored in the Disposition. Alternatively, if your agents / executives conduct calls from the CRM system, then also the disposition will be stored in both systems.
Detail Activity Log
  • The VICIDial SuiteCRM Integration allows agents / executives to make changes in the lead records in one system which reflects in another system on its own. For security and review purposes, we provide complete activity log which provides detailed view on who made which change at what time in which record. This helps in assuring the quality of lead records.
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