Voice Broadcasting Solution


Voice communication has always been an effective mode of communication regardless of industry. The voice broadcasting solution allows you to reach the masses in minutes. Yes! You read it right, with our top-notch voice broadcasting solution you can reach a large number of people in an instant by sending an automated voice message. It is actually a process through which an organization or an individual sends a pre-recorded message to a list of contacts without the requirement to manually dial each number. In a nutshell, with audio broadcasting software, you can deliver your message in the most effective way within minutes, that too, without much investment of time and resources.

Now let’s come to the features of our top class voice broadcasting software:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Web based system
  • Remote access
  • Customized caller ID
  • Customized message feature
  • Easy import of contacts
  • Multi-Level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Multilingual support such as English, Hindi, etc.
  • Multi-tenant support
  • Play message on call back
  • Press 1 Campaign creation
  • Push to connect
  • Survey system
  • Polling system
  • Detailed broadcast reports
  • Graphical Reports

TTS integration with voice broadcasting campaign to gather input from the recipient. This TTS solution can work in different languages such as English, Hindi, etc. This feature can be used for a variety of use cases such as, confirming a booked table from a hotel guest with following voice message:

“Hi, this is a reminder call for your booking today at at , for guests. In case of a change in your plan, please press 1 to cancel the booking. You can request for change to your booking from the app or website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank You.”
Here is one more example of TTS which is used for verification purpose by telecom service provider:

नमस्कार,ये company-name से verification call हे.
ने company-nameका prepaid connection लिया हे और reference के लिये आपका नाम और number दिया हे. क्रिपिया अपने phone का dial paid use करते हुए अगले दो प्रश्नों का जवाब दे
अगर आपका नाम, हे तो एक दबाये नहीं तो दो दबाये
अगर आप को जानते हे तो एक दबाये नहीं तो दो दबाये

Benefits of our audio broadcasting solution are:

  • Improves your efficiency and saves time

You can deliver a business message to hundreds and thousands of people, through a voice broadcasting campaign in just a few seconds. This helps in saving a lot of valuable time of your resources.

  • Easy to use

It is not at all complicated to install and use a voice broadcasting solution. It is an easy to use GUI based software which can be used with an ease, no high level technical knowledge required at all.

  • Pocket-friendly

Our audio broadcasting software uses VoIP technology to run broadcasting campaigns and as a known fact VoIP is cheaper than traditional calling. Along with this cost benefits, you can save a lot on resources by reducing human resource involvement in this process. You can broadcast your message to your desired contacts in an affordable way.

  • Give a personal touch to each call to impress customers

You can record the voice message in your own voice as well as you can customize broadcasting campaign, according to the desire, needs as well as the category of your customers. This will make your customers love and trust your company more than ever.

  • Consistency

A large organization having a large number of clients may not be able to provide the same level of consistency with manual calls. However, with voice broadcasting, you can stay assured that all your customers will receive the same information and data with the same energy in the voice even on 100th call.

Why choose our voice broadcasting solution?

  • Increased business

Regular voice broadcasting campaigns create an emotional touch with existing customers which would increase your business in terms of repeat and referral business.

  • Professional and experienced team

We have a team of experts who are the best in the VoIP industry. They have great expertise in customizing the voice broadcasting solution to meet your custom requirement, if any.

  • Judge the effectiveness

With our patented custom software, one can do scientific testing on the effectiveness of the variations of messages. This way, you get to know where improvement is needed.

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