MassMeet: Web Conference Solution


MassMeet is a feature rich web based video conferencing solution. It is perfect for all types of industry verticals to have conferences in real time. It is platform and device independent as it is a web conferencing software solution. It can be accessed through any device, on any platform and from any location. It provides a perfect tool to have face to face meeting using a virtual mean.

This video conferencing solution is developed to meet increasing communication needs and a shortage of time. It leverages the power of the latest tools, VoIP technology, and internet to provide an empowered conferencing software solution to businesses, startups, MNCs, enterprises and independent professionals. It can be used to have a video conference with n-number of participants. To conduct a video conferencing, the participants don’t need to download and install any app or software. It is a web conferencing solution and can be accessed via a web browser which is commonly available in all desktops, laptops and smart devices.

The practical reasons for an organization to apply Elision’s MassMeet are:

  • Decision timeliness An important contributor is the timeliness of making decisions, enabling users to gather information from others and making swift decisions based on these findings. This is especially important in the case of managerial abilities to coordinate distributed business activities.
  • Enhance productivity MassMeet allows individuals to collaborate quickly so quality decisions can be taken faster than through traditional means. All participants can view the same information, interactively discuss the business topic and come to collaborative conclusions.
  • Time and money The direct and indirect costs associated with travel for face-to-face meetings can be Substantial.
  • Broadening reach Mass Meet can include participants who are geographically distributed. These can be a key aide resembling: specialists with expert knowledge, respected advisors who could bring different perspectives to the virtual table or someone “on the scene” of developments under discussion.
  • Responsiveness Virtual meetings can be assembled far more quickly than physical meetings. Fast action can be essential in times of crises or market competition.
  • Scalability New people can be added quickly, sometimes in a matter of minutes, when the need for their participation is recognized

When evaluating the criteria points mentioned above, it can be concluded that Elision’s MassMeet will more likely to be applied by organizations that:

  • Operate and compete on a global market by means of working with geographically distributed groups
  • Whereby certain individuals or groups of people have to travel (inter)nationally, on a regular basis.
  • Making use of a combination of communication tools, being able to make quick decisions and transfer information.
  • To do this every target user has agreed upon using this communication technology and is able to do so.

Mode of Mass Meet Conferencing

  • One-to-one
  • One-to-many
  • Group-to-group
  • Multipoint

Key Features of MassMeet:

  • Multiple Rooms
    To let you manage conferences and meetings with ease, this web conferencing solution provides this feature. You can create multiple rooms and each room can have concern participants. For example, in the sales room, you will have all sales reps and related executives; in the marketing room, all marketing executives, so on and so forth.
  • Breakout Room
    It allows the moderator to put some participants in the breakout rooms for predefined minutes to increase collaboration.
  • Use Our Public Cloud /Your Own Private Cloud Choose what is best for your business from available two deployment models.
  • Multi-Vendor, Multi-Device Interoperability With Elision’s video conference solution all parties can easily connect to the same meeting using their preferred platform of choice.
  • Desktop Sharing Go beyond sharing only slides. The presenter can broadcast their desktop for all people to see or just a region the desktop. Works on Mac, Unix and PC.
  • Rich– The Next Generation of HD Video Share your latest marketing slides or budget-tracking sheet in high definition. Dual-stream support ensures the quality of both the video feed and shared content.
  • Share Documents, Presentations, Videos, & More Share virtually anything accessible to your computer: entire documents, presentations, videos, applications.
  • Meeting Recording and Playback With Elision’s VC you can record, watch and share your meetings, including the video, audio and content being shared.
  • Military-Grade Security with End-to-End Encryption It transmits all web, VoIP and video conferencing over encrypted connections end-to-end.
  • Webcam Multiple users can share their webcam at the same time. There is no built-in limit on the number of simultaneously active webcams.
  • Whiteboard The whiteboard controls let you annotate key parts of your presentation.
  • WebRTC Audio Users of Chrome and Firefox browsers will benefit from high-quality, low-latency WebRTC audio. (Users of other browsers will seamlessly use Flash-based audio.)
  • Local Dial-in Number Select your own number from virtually any area code across the globe.
  • Chat
    It provides an instant messaging feature. The participants can share their comments in public chat section or can send a private message to the speaker.
  • Polling
    It allows you to run a poll during an ongoing conference. It is perfect to collect opinion about the ongoing points in the meeting. It is also amazing for secret voting as it shows the final poll result only.
  • Emojis
    It allows participants to use different emojis to show their like and dislike towards the ongoing conversation. This feature makes the conference more engaging and interactive by letting participants share their emotions.
  • Live Captioning
    The captions can be entered for a conference and it will be shown as subtitles during the live conference.
  • Screen Reader
    To help visually impaired people, this video conferencing solution allows using JAWS screen reader to interact with the participants.
  • Conference Scheduler
    You can schedule an upcoming conference to let all participants be prepared for the same and stay available on time.
  • Send Conference Recording
    You can send conference recording to the participants via an email with a single click.
  • Reports
    Take benefit of reports to track various conferences, including, number of participants, duration of the conference and other details.


The following examples show how Mass Meet can be beneficial when incorporated into various environments.

  • Business: “MassMeet” provides businesses with the ability to meet and to work with others over a distance. Distance Learning Mass Meet is an exciting technology for education. Teachers and students are able to see each other, share documents and discuss topics together in a situation similar to a traditional classroom setting. Maintaining the ability for interaction between teachers and students.
  • Telecommuting / Home Office: Working from home has never been easier or more practical. Video conferencing makes it possible to stay connected with people in a very real way.The video conferencing allows users to save resources by meeting with clients and/or colleagues via video conference.
  • Telemedicine: There can be a time when a person needs medical advice, but is unable to visit their personal physician or even more likely, a specialist. In such situations, using “MassMeet” Solution can make all the difference. A patient in a rural location can easily “meet” a specialist from anywhere in the world.

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