WebRTC Solution


WebRTC is an open source framework which allows developing the communication solutions. This communication solution supports real-time communicating. Furthermore, it can be accessed using the web browser to enjoy real time communication from anywhere, at anytime. WebRTC is a solution under the kitty of Unified Communication, which supports different modes of communication, including:

  • Voice calling
  • Video calling
  • Chat aka Instant Messaging
  • SMS
  • Video Conferencing
  • And different combination of above mentioned channels

Elisiontec has extensive experience of WebRTC solution development. We have developed scalable and reliable WebRTC solutions for enterprises and businesses to benefit them with advanced communication features offered by the WebRTC.


One or more communication channel

Based on the requirement of the customer, we integrate one or more communication channel in the WebRTC solution. Along with the voice, video and chat communication, for enterprises, we offer features such as:

  • Conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing

HD Quality Audio and Video

The WebRTC solution provides the high definition audio and video quality to all users. This solution can be used for internal team meetings as well as business communication with customers and prospects as the audio video quality is the hallmark of the offered WebRTC solution.

No dependency over platform or a device

The WebRTC solution can be accessed using any device as the developed web solution will be responsive in nature. Thus, based on the size of the devise it will resize the screens and modules. Moreover, this is a single solution which can be accessed from any platform. It means all different devices with the different platforms can use this solution with the same efficiency and quality.

Peer to Peer calling via Browser

To use this solution, all members will require only one thing and that is a WebRTC compatible web browser. No plug-ins or app installation will be required to use this system.

Supports cloud and server environment

The WebRTC solution can be setup on your server as well as cloud space without compromising quality. It can be configured on any environment so you don’t need to switch to any other hosting environment to take benefit of this solution.

Integration with other solutions

The WebRTC solution can get integrated with the other solutions as well, such as call center solution, CRM systems, websites, etc. Here, the WebRTC solution will work as an intuitive part of the main system.

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