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A Guide to Start a Call Center in the Philippines

As per a survey result shared by HubSpot, “More than 50% of consumers still use phone calls as a primary method of communication to reach out to service or support team”. This proves the worth of a call center solution and a call center even in the era of too many communication channels. It doesn’t mean other communication channels like WhatsApp, social media, chat, email, SMS, etc. are not useful. An omnichannel call center solution is very much useful for call centers, but running a call center with a team of agents is not yet out of business. You can still launch a call center and become successful.

If you want to start a call center in the Philippines, here is the complete guide to follow.

1. Define the type of call center

A call center can run inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns. But, there are also options for running any one stream of the call center. For example, you can run a customer service center using inbound call center solution features or you can run telemarketing or cold calling campaigns using an outbound call center software. Instead of trading on multiple things, you can focus on any one thing to become a pro at it.

2. Decide call center software model

One thing is very clear, regardless of the model and features of a contact center solution; you must use a call center solution Philippines. It will have all the major features that call centers in the Philippines require.

There are two types of call center software models:

Both have their own pros and cons. Depending on your initial budget, feature requirement, market competition, future plan, etc., you can choose the right model.

3. Get the right integrations

Your call center must need more tools other than a call center solution Philippines. For example, a CRM system or an IP PBX solution might be required to support operations. Instead of using each of these tools as independent software, you must invest in integration, so you can save time and maximize resource utilization.

4. Check regulatory restrictions

In different countries, setting up a call center can be a different process. Different countries may have different legalities and telecom rules, which are subjective and likely to change anytime. Thus, it is necessary to research the legislation before launching a call center. Also, explore details related to wages, labor law, etc.

5. Hire a talented team

The final step is getting the right team that can use the best call center software at its best and delivers exceptional results. Even if it needs you to invest a little higher amount, it is necessary to get an experienced and talented team. It can help you boost your business success within a small time frame.

This is a complete guide that you can follow to launch and run a successful call center in the Philippines. We offer the best tools and services like a call center solution, call center integration, strategic support, etc. to help businesses that want to start a call center in the Philippines. We can help you, too. Contact us to start the discussion.

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