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Centralize and Streamline Communication & Grievance Management

Multiple smart city solutions aim to provide easily accessible telephony and collaboration infrastructure to smart cities for resilient communication between citizens and authority.

Secure, Resilient, and Scalable Communication Tools for Smart Cities

Smart city solutions let authorities manage all citizen and internal conversations via a centralized system for better administration. These tools provide real time tracking of grievances or requests raised by citizens, so within stipulated time frame citizen requests can get addressed. It also supports quick and simplified ticket tracking and follow-up to citizens.

What our clients achieved using our Smart city solutions?

Increased citizen grievance handling efficiency and accuracy

Improved productivity of government officials

Better citizen call management

Enhanced resource utilization in smart cities

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Smartcity solutions

Smart City Solutions?

Smart city solutions can increase engagement between government departments and citizens by providing modern communication tools. It also improves the transparency and efficiency of processes. Without involving multiple resources, with the help of smart city solutions, citizen requests, queries, and concerns can be received. The smart city solutions also automate the delegation of grievance tickets to the right team members, in the right departments. It can further provide custom system integration to add a holistic view to manage and track tickets seamlessly.

The smart city solutions level up the concept of centralized communication in the government departments to facilitate better citizen experience, improved grievance resolution rate, and sustainable systems.

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Products & Solutions

Streamline operations & speed up resolutions to improve citizen satisfaction

Transform a typical city into a smart city by upgrading communication infrastructure with smart city tools. Modernize the way government departments engage with citizens and tourists by leveraging the power of automation and technology.

Call Center Solution

Bridge communication gap between citizens and government to provide better citizen engagement and ensure no citizen conversation is missed.

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Empower internal department collaboration with rich communication features to speed up processes and streamline operations in the smart cities.

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IT Help Desk Ticketing Solution – Grievance Management System

Resolve citizen grievances and queries within the least turnaround time by leveraging the power of automation and digitization. Manage all tickets via a real time help desk.

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