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Benefits of Smart Grievance Management Solution in Government Industry

The government-industry has started using smart tools. Smart cities are furnished with smart city solutions, which are technology inventions, to make smart cities empowered. These tools are not limited to smart cities. In India, many departments in the government-industry use different technology solutions. One of the most powerful and beneficial tools for the government-industry is a smart grievance management solution.

It is a completely personalized system developed by the technology experts of Elision to empower smart cities and other government departments in India and abroad. The smart grievance management software can be used in any other business as well to enhance the grievance management process.

Top benefits of using the smart grievance management solution in the government-industry:

1. Automate some operations of grievance management

The smart grievance management solution can be integrated with any other software such as a call center solution, help desk app, citizen dashboard, etc. When a grievance ticket gets raised by a citizen via any predefined ways, the smart grievance management solution will automatically assign that ticket to the concerned person in the concerned government department. It will also send regular updates via SMS to the citizen to keep him posted about the updates happening related to his complaint.

This software can also trigger a notification if the designated government officer fails to resolve the issue within a predefined time to the higher authority.

2. Reduce delays in grievance management

As multiple operations in the grievance management process get automated using this smart city solution, the delays in resolving a complaint get reduced. It also triggers automatic alerts for seniors to ensure the tickets get resolved within the standard time. This can help in better handling grievances and reduce delays happening for any reason.

3. Enhance the citizen experience

The citizens receive a ticket number via SMS once they raise any grievance. This ticket number, in simple words complaint application ID, can be used by the citizen to check the status of the complaint whenever he wants to. If the smart grievance management solution is integrated with a call center solution, the citizen can also check status via IVR. Moreover, the smart grievance management solution will also send notifications via SMS to the citizen about ongoing updates. All this will keep citizens informed that their grievance request is under process and will be resolved soon. Moreover, this platform reduces the delays in ticket resolutions. Thus, a majority of tickets will get resolved within a stipulated time. This will enhance citizen delight.

4. Resolve common issues completely

It shows data of all raised, solved, and unsolved grievances. This can help the government departments or smart cities to take the required steps to resolve common issues. This helps in removing common issues and also delights citizens.

The smart grievance management solution has many benefits to offer to the government-industry. It can help in enhancing citizen experience and streamlining multiple operations related to grievance management in a smarter way in any government department or industry.

Gurugram is one of the smart cities that are already using this smart grievance management software to handle grievances more efficiently. Contact us to know more about this platform and how it can help you.

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