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High-end Unified Automotive Communication Solutions

To empower automotive Customer Service Representative (CSR)s to take customer engagement and satisfaction to the next level.

Customization, automation, and sophistication in communication systems lead to optimized customer engagement in the automotive industry. The numbers here reveal how our solutions are bringing maximized ROI for the automotive industry.

Improved customer inquiry management

Increased vehicle insurance renewal rate

Reduced automotive inquiry loss

Saved hours of customer service representatives

Products & solutions

Accelerate prompt communication for enhanced customer service

Be it fresh inquiries or lead follow-ups, our integrated communication solutions help automobile companies deliver better customer experience.

Omnichannel Call Center Solution

Connect with customers across all channels, providing seamless cross channel experience to streamline customer inquiry management, vehicle booking and insurance policy and service contract renewal call management, lead follow-us, etc. with an end-to-end omnichannel call center solution.

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IP PBX solution

Empower inter communication and intra communication with an integrated communication ecosystem for your automotive store. Keep logs of all internal communication to ensure fair resource usage and streamline processes.

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Major Challenges to Automotive Industry

Despite having a lot of demand in the market, most automobile companies experience lower sales, sluggish processes, and reducing retention rate. Here is why.

Poor customer inquiry management

Most automobile manufacturers maintain vehicle bookings in Excel sheets. Due to large data across all the dealers, the automative customer service representatives miss out on updating the data. This results in missed instant or scheduled follow-ups, ultimately inquiries remain unmanaged with a huge loss in sales.

Lack of customization & integration

Most communication or customer support platforms automobile companies choose are plug-and-play. With such platforms, companies miss out on customization and third-party integrations. This calls for a platform where customization and integration are easy.

No centralization across branches

Each automobile dealer uses their preferred platform, channels, and tools to handle calls and potential customers. Automobile manufacturers never get a clear picture of what’s happening, where, and how. Companies need an automated and centralized platform for a robust vehicle booking process. It can be backed up by curated fresh inquiries and timely lead follow-ups.

Absence of Dynamic Caller ID

Customers don’t prefer calls from customer service representative as they are marked blocked or spammed. Poor brand credibility can lead to lower service renewals and missed opportunities. When a platform doesn’t have a dynamic caller ID management system, companies can miss out the conversation with customers, leading to poor brand credibility.

Low dealer productivity

With the absence of a comprehensive automated omnichannel solution, auto dealers miss out on fresh inquiries and service renewals. It is necessary to have a digitized solution to streamline internal processes to boost employee productivity and unlock revenue for the dealer.

Our Advantage

Elision v/s Challenges

With Elision automotive communication tools, automobile companies feel empowered to deliver personalized customer service with almost zero downtime and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Go Omnichannel with Elision

With an omnichannel call center solution, chain of automobile dealers can ensure no inquiry is lost and customer service representatives may connect with them at their preferred time slots. This is the best for handling service or insurance renewal and gathering feedback. Now ensure smoother customer inquiry management.

Keep automobile staff productive

An IP PBX solution and its range of features provide a collaborative environment to automobile staff. Without any delay staff within an automobile store and across other deals can communicate about open vehicle deals, vehicle discounts, accessories, insurance renewal terms, etc.

Omnichannel Personalized communication

Predictive dialing, blended calling, and communication channel integration for social media, WhatsApp, etc. help automobile companies deliver personalized communication for service or due date reminders, AMC dates, and more, while making sure that all customers are satisfied.

Record every conversation and optimize further communication

Our platform is fully-featured with dynamic IVR configuration and integration for voice recordings and logs, scripts and forms for targeted campaigns for more vehicle bookings, and detailed tracking & reporting to help key decision makers optimize conversations and make more vehicle sales.

Single sign-on access

With such advanced features accessible with a single sign-on access, customer service representatives of automobile dealers remain organized, stay on the top of every renewal query or fresh vehicle inquiry, enhance customer experience, and convert more loyal customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Major commonly asked questions by Automotive communication tools users, are answered for you.

  • Why do automobile companies need an omnichannel contact center solution?

    The auto industry faces tremendous competition. They must improve their customer outreach to garner additional fresh inquiries. There is also a need for timely notifying customers of upcoming service renewals.

    Omnichannel call center systems make it easier for automobile companies to streamline their customer responses. An efficient omnichannel contact center solution can help improve the chances of conversion. It also ensures higher customer loyalty and increases customer lifetime value.

  • A unified communication platform can allow customer service representatives to communicate better with the customers across different communication channels. Operational costs and the customer waiting time are reduced as customer service representatives can have a complete overview of communication happening across all channels. Advanced technologies will enable customer service representatives to resolve customer queries and disputes within a few minutes.

  • Yes, Elision can help companies meet specific automobile business objectives to support streamline sales processes that can help in boosting sales by implementing an intelligent & customizable communication platform that facilitates customer service from the beginning to the end.

    Our feature-rich communication solutions for automobile companies help companies move away from manual processes. Customer care executives do not need to remember following up for new inquiries and service requests as the automatic callback scheduling will call the customer as per the schedule and that also automatically. It helps enhance customer satisfaction and adds to brand awareness.

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