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GMDA, smart city increased citizen satisfaction and operational accuracy with our communication solutions.

Improved connectivity between departments

Increased citizen satisfaction

Improved smart city operations

Better resource utilization


GMDA (Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority) has been handling the growth and development, along with the transformation to a smart city for Gurugram and nearby areas. Gurugram is one of the technology and financial hubs in India.

We are glad that we are part of this project and that we could contribute to making this city a smart city in India with our expertise and solution. Our team built and deployed a highly personalized solution for Gurgaon. A centralized and streamlined system is built and implemented for the citizens.


Challenges faced with legacy system

GMDA used to use a manual system with minimum digitization, which caused multiple challenges in handling citizen concerns.

  • Difficulty in managing different complaints using files and paperwork.
  • Slow process of assigning citizen concerns to respective executives in specific departments.
  • Missing system to provide status of the raised issues to citizens.
  • Keeping an eye on the status of the ticket to escalate quicker resolution.

Our Solution to GMDA, Smart City

DialShree: Call Center Solution

We successfully established seamless connectivity between citizens and the ICCC for efficient complaint resolution and streamlined services. With DialShree, our customized call center software, citizens can conveniently lodge complaints via multiple channels. Its dynamic IVR system enables quick registration and tracking, fostering direct communication for prompt issue resolution. DialShree's reports and call logs offer valuable insights for evaluating staff performance, optimizing operations. Together, we bridge the gap between citizens and the ICCC, fostering a connected and responsive urban environment.

Grievance management solution

Tailor-made Grievance Management Platform developed by Elision, covering a comprehensive range of citizen services. It offers a customized workflow for easier ticket handling and assignment based on complaint categories. Citizens and officials receive detailed descriptions and necessary actions for complaint resolution. Our transparent end-to-end process allows citizens to close their complaints, avoiding miscommunication. With an escalation matrix, our software automates ticket assignment, keeps citizens informed via SMS, and notifies higher authorities for unresolved tickets.

Notable Services: Integrations

We have integrated a third party IP PBX system with this dialer software to provide internal extension calling support. We have also integrated a grievance management solution and help desk ticketing mobile app to automatically raise a ticket into the respective systems once it is raised via call center software. We have also provided call center software integration with a tool to show the live status of ongoing, resolved, and overdue, tickets on the wall mounted monitors.

"Elision empowered GMDA for a superior citizen experience and more. We highly recommend Elision to any organization seeking top-notch contact center solutions and a trusted partner in their digital transformation journey..."
Mr. Pradeep Kumar Agarwal
Esteemed Advisor, GMDA

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