What is Customer Journey Mapping and Why is it Important?

Making customers happy starts with understanding their point of view. Sometimes, while interacting with the brand, the service does not meet expectations. In this case, there is a need for customer journey mapping in a call center solution. To identify these moments, you need to create a customer journey map. This map allows brands to visually understand the entire customer experience, anticipate problems that can occur at each stage, and ultimately actively find solutions. There are four reasons why a brand should create a customer journey map.

Reasons Why Customer Journey Mapping is Important: Read More

Key Benefits of Auto Dialer Software for Call Center

Auto Dialer or the automatic dialer transformed call center tasks in a short time. As the name suggests, an Auto Dialer is an outbound calling system that allows you to dial automatically from a list of phone numbers.

While using the automatic dialer, users can choose from various types of automatic dialing techniques (predictive dialing, preview dialing, and power dialing) depending on their exact communication needs. However, it is important for both home users and enterprise users to understand some of the key benefits of auto-dialers which make Auto Dialer a perfect tool in the call center solution. Read More

Web Conferencing Solution and Its Benefits

Web conferencing solutions are pretty much in use by businesses these days. From web conferencing services to white label web conferencing software, everything is in-demand. Still, there are some businesses that don’t use it and yet not know the advantages of this powerful solution. This article sheds more light on this topic and the necessity of this solution.

What is a web conferencing solution?

It is a conferencing software or app which comes with a wide array of features. It can be accessed from any web browser as it is a web conferencing system. It allows participants to be part of a meeting or a conference via any device. Read More

Elision Founder Will Speak at India Omnichannel Forum 2019

We are delighted to share that our Founder and CEO, Mr. Mehul Shah, is one of the keynote speakers at the India Omnichannel Forum (IOF) 2019.

Mehul Shah, Our CEO and Founder, has been working in the VoIP and telecom industry for more than 12 years. He works as a driving force in one of the most popular VoIP companies in India, Elision Technolab LLP.  The company has been delivering omnichannel communication and telecom solutions such as call center solution, voice broadcasting solution, voice logger solution, multi tenant IP PBX solution, and more. Read More

How CRM System Empowers Call Centers?

Call center is a gigantic industry. That’s why many tools are invented specifically to benefit this industry with the power of advanced technologies. The call center solution is the most used software in the call centers. In fact, some call centers use only this solution in their organization and nothing else. Definitely, the call center dialer software which is loaded with a wide array of features is the best solution and must be in the kitty of the call centers, but there are some more solutions that can be used in the call center industry to increase efficiency and efficacy. Read More

Tips to Use Voice Logger Solution in Call Center Software

Call center solution comes with a wide range of features. These features make it perfect to run all different types of call center campaigns. One of the most important features of the call center dialer solution is the Voice logger aka call recording.

Some call center software solutions offer limited functionality as part of call recording and some call center solutions such as DialShree offers a wider array of features to increase its benefits. You must get the dialer with advanced call routing rules. Read More

API Integration in Collection Module Doubles Its Power

The call center industry is really big. All different industry verticals run call center campaigns to assure all operations are running perfectly. To run these operations, call centers use call center solutions. Generally, this solution comes with features that automate many operations in the business. Still, there are some business specific operations that need to be taken care of manually. This wastes a considerable amount of time of the agents and supervisors. The best solution is to get a customized call center software solution. Read More

Elision Founder Participated in Dinstar Product Launch at Ooty

Elision Technolab LLP aka Elision is one of the leading VoIP companies in India, which cater to global customers. Elision offers turnkey VoIP solutions to its customers. Its turnkey call center solution is one of the most popular products of the company. The company develops the VoIP software solutions with the help of its in-house team of VoIP experts. However, for hardware equipment, it relies on its partners. To provide the best turnkey call center solution or any other VoIP solution to its customers, Elision Technolab LLP has partnered with some big names in the VoIP hardware industry. Read More

How Payment Utility Benefits Collection Companies?

Collection companies use call center software to run their campaigns in which they call customers to pay their EMI for an ongoing month as well as any of the pending EMIs from the past months if there are any. The agents keep on going through contacts and using a call center predictive dialer or any other dialer of the call center solution to keep on calling customers until they make a payment. Generally, when the agent talks with the customer, the customer may give a promise to pay, also known as PTP, on a specific date or request to call back later at a specific time. Read More