How to Reduce Call Hold Time in Call Center?

Customers wait for enough in the call queue, putting them on a long hold is quite irritating according to customers. Of course, customer care agents need to put customers on hold while their requests are in process or while agents look for the required information. However, long call hold times fuel up the frustration. Even if you have the best music on hold, it won’t help to keep customers happy with the long hold time. Even if it is necessary for customers to stay on hold to get a resolution to the concern, you are losing customer loyalty with the long call hold time. Read More

Tips to Run Call Center Campaigns at International Level

Believe it or not, but catering to local customers is easier as you know the culture, mood, tone, and much more about them. However, if you are running or going to start a call center that will cater to international customers, then reading this blog is a must.

In this blog, we will share the top tips that will help you run your campaigns at an international level.

Understand your customers to be served Read More

Blacklist in Call Centers: Is It Really Helpful?

A call center solution comes with a wide array of features. Some features get used more frequently and some of them are used rarely. In fact, it has some features, which stay untouched, even if they can do magic for the business using it. In this article, I am going to share more details about one of the rarely used features, which is equally important. It is “Blacklisting”. Read More

Call Center Metrics to Measure Agent Productivity

Call center metrics, which are more popularly known as call center KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), are necessary to monitor. Not just monitor, but you should also work on improving them. Usually, a majority of call centers keep all their focus on monitoring KPIs related to customer experience and satisfaction. It is good to monitor KPIs related to customer satisfaction as higher customer satisfaction also means higher revenues. However, ignoring agent productivity and related KPIs can be one of the biggest mistakes your call center must be making. Measuring agent productivity-related KPIs can help you reduce expenses and improving customer satisfaction even further. This will help you improve ROI (Returns over Investment). Read More

Call Center Solution vs. Contact Center Solution

Call center solution and contact center solutions, these two terms get used interchangeably. However, both of these terms refer to different types of software. It is necessary to understand the difference, so you can identify, which kind of solution is best for your business. In this blog, we will share the difference between both of these solutions to give you complete clarity.

Traditional vs. digital customer service Read More

How Omnichannel Call Center Solution Contributes to Maintain Digital Brand Reputation?

A call center solution can be used for multiple reasons in any business. One of the most important use cases of this software in the era of digitization is to maintain a positive brand reputation. We are living in a digital era. Customers have multiple options to share their anger and defame a brand. Moreover, competitors are lurking for a single opportunity to take away your clients. Therefore, it becomes necessary to use the right tools that can help you maintain a positive reputation of your business brand on digital platforms. Read More

Major Use Cases of Sticky Agent

An advanced call center solution like DialShree possesses many amazing features. Each feature has multiple use cases. In this blog, we are going to share major use cases of one of the advanced features available in the call center solution, called, Sticky Agent.

What is a sticky agent?

It is an advanced call routing feature of a call center solution. Read More

Tips to Improve Call Center Efficiency

Call centers invest in the best call center solution, CRM software, skilled agents, experienced managers, etc. To make sure the investment in the team, software, tools, etc. gives the expected returns, the call centers need to take further actions as well. One of the areas, call centers must work is call center efficiency. Call centers need to invest time and efforts to improve efficiency because improved efficiency can boost other results as well.

In this blog, we will share some tips, which will help call centers to improve efficiency: Read More

What to Include in Training Call Center Agents?

In any call center, agents are the only people who communicate with customers. They are the face of the company and brand representative. Thus, they have to be well versed and well trained. All call centers have their own training programs. With time, call centers must update their training programs. In this blog, we will share what a call center must include in agents’ training.

Company information

The first thing agents need to learn in a call center is about the company. Read More