We Have Launched Call Center Integrations Services

We are glad to share that we have launched call center integration services. We will offer a suite of services related to custom integration for the call centers. These services are available for all call center solutions along with our renowned call center dialer solution, DialShree.

Our call center integration services include various custom integrations to make call center dialer an even more powerful and completely personalized solution. Our clients and prospective customers can choose to use one or more custom integrations as per their business needs. Read More

How an Omnichannel Call Center Solution Improves Customer Experience?

Remaining ahead of the curve in a highly competitive market has become a necessity. Using just a call center solution would not help a call center to meet the expectations of customers. They expect more, they need more. By delivering a seamless experience and by surpassing the expectation of customers, a call center can improve customer satisfaction.

The omnichannel call center solution is one of those solutions, which contribute majorly to improve customer satisfaction nowadays. Read More

Effective Tips to Improve CX with Call Center Automation Features

Call centers put sufficient agents to handle incoming client calls. However, there can be situations where call volume is higher and the call queue gets longer. For example, due to COVID 19, many countries had a lockdown and because of that, minimum or no staff was available to handle client calls. There can be other reasons behind a similar situation. Even if you have enough agents, why not use the power of your call center solution to reduce call wait time and the number of agents to improve customer experience. It will also increase the ROI. Read More

How to Improve Results of Collection Calls?

Collection calls are not easy. Often people give various excuses or try to trick the agents calling for collection. Of course, collection agencies, invest in training agents to handle collection calls more effectively and get the most advanced call center solution.

But, is this it?

Getting a call center solution and giving the training is sufficient to increase collection and debt payments?

Well, the answer is no.

There is something more a collection agency and all collection agents need to do to increase debt payments. In this blog, we will share the top 3 tips for collection agents to improve results. Read More

Auto Dialer and Other Automation Features to Benefit You

Call center solutions come with excellent features to benefit call centers. Depending on the availability of automation, advancements, and other functional competence, the call center software can be used. Many people have started investing in a hosted call center solution to ensure they have access to the best and the most advanced features of the call center solutions. Read More

Major Advantages of an Omnichannel Call Center Solution

Call centers use call center solutions to handle customer support requests and other campaigns. A call center solution usually comes with a wide array of features. However, customers are now aware of those features. They are aware of the quality of services and the convenience of reaching out to the support center. Therefore, to deliver a better customer experience and improve results an omnichannel call center solution becomes necessary for call centers. However, if you are still wondering whether to invest in an omnichannel call center solution or not, then you will get the answer to this question. Read More

How Call Center Solution Technology Transforms Collection Industry?

The collection of payment is often a troublesome and tedious process, but very much important. Therefore, many companies and organizations outsource this work to collection agencies. This business has become so big that a whole new industry has emerged, called, collection industry.

The collection agencies used to follow the process of physical visits at the debtors’ house or office and calling with traditional phone calls. Read More

Major Tips for Effective Call Center Management by Industry Experts

Call center management is a crucial part to run a call center or similar nature business. The COVID 19 pandemic has changed the dynamics, which demand fine-tuning of strategies. In this blog, we will share the top 4 tips to be more effective in the management of a call center and how to cope up with any situation now and in the future.

1. Move to the cloud

It is not only about a call center solution, it is also about your all infrastructure and IT tools. Read More

How Hosted Call Center Solution Makes Earn More in Invest Less True?

With none other than a hosted call center solution, you can earn more in less investment. This is true and in this blog, we will share how it can be proved. Are you ready to explore this amazing way of making more money within a minimum investment?

If you run a call center, collection agency, or a business, which uses a call center solution, this blog will help you know another side of the hosted call center software. You will know how it is the only software, which lets you make more money and at comparatively low cost compared to off shelve call center software. Read More