KPIs to Monitor Performance of a Cloud Call Center Solution

Cloud call center solutions or on-premises call center solutions, it does not make any difference to customers. However, it can positively impact call centers. Both, on-premises and cloud call center solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages. As cloud call center solutions are gaining more popularity because of added flexibility shared by this type of software, we will cover it in this blog post.

To help you assure you are receiving maximum returns from your cloud call center solution, we will share some major KPIs. Read More

What Is STIR /SHAKEN? Why Should You Care?

The VoIP world is amazing. Some really useful VoIP solutions make the VoIP part of our routine life, such as a call center solution, IP PBX system, conferencing solution, app to app calling software, etc. From end-users to B2B companies, everyone uses one or more types of VoIP solutions as they can meet all sorts of needs. In fact, some businesses and even industries are completely dependent on VoIP solutions such as a call center industry is dependent on a call center solution. Read More

How Can DialShree Help in Increasing Debt Collection for Healthcare Industry?

People are more conscious about their health nowadays. People invest in health insurance, mediclaim, etc. People also get regular body checkups to stay healthy and fit. Moreover, the healthcare industry has become quite advanced now and therefore, there are many offerings along with traditional healthcare services. From annual health checkup plans to cosmetics, healthcare membership, and many other healthcare products are available for regular customers. Read More

Guide on Effective Call Center Optimization

Call center optimization is necessary to improve performance, productivity, customer satisfaction, business, revenues, etc. Along with the best call center solution and skilled agents, a strategic approach is a must for call center optimization.

In this blog post, we will share a complete guide on effective call center optimization.

 1. Define KPIs

Call center optimization is nothing more than the improvement of different aspects in a call center to optimize operations, policies, and overall performance to increase ROI (Return over Investment). For call center optimization defining KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is necessary. Read More

Tips to Train Work from Home Agents

Virtual call centers are increasing because of a plethora of advantages available to them. Technology tools have been supporting the work from home models for call centers. Some innovative tools such as the Work from Home add-on are also introduced to empower call centers that offer a work from home option for their agents. A cloud call center solution has been in the market for some years to support secure access to the call center solution for remote call centers. Read More

Tips for Inbound Call Center Agents to Improve Performance

Call center solutions support all types of campaigns:

  1. Inbound
  2. Outbound and
  3. Blended

Depending on the major functional area, a call center can have either inbound or outbound operations. In both cases, agent performance matters. In this blog post, we will share the top tips to improve agent performance working in an inbound call center:

1. Get familiar with the call center solution

A call center solution plays a major role in any call center. Read More

Tips to Define an Effective Call Center Management Strategy

Customers first contact a call center as part of the standard to discuss their needs and issues. More than 50% of communications are still phone calls in any call center. Therefore, it is necessary for a call center to define and execute an effective call center management strategy.

Here are the top 5 tips that can help you define an effective call center management strategy:

1. Hire experienced agents

If you have a team of experienced agents, then half of the job is done. Read More

Major Challenges Faced by Healthcare Industry without a Contact Center Solution

The healthcare industry is one of those industries that are early adopters of technology tools. Technology has empowered many tools and one of them is a communication tool. A contact center solution is one of the most advanced communication tools. It has many utilities and applications in the healthcare industry.

Case study, one of the leading hospitals got benefited by using a contact center solution

7 out of 10 hospitals have started using the contact center solution to leverage several advantages. However, still, some healthcare departments or organizations don’t use the contact center software. Read More

We Have Launched Customer Profiling Feature in DialShree

We are happy to announce the launch of the “Customer Profiling” feature in DialShree: Contact Center Solution. All existing and future users of DialShree can get access to this amazing and must-have feature.

What is customer profiling?

It is a value-added and on-demand feature that will be available exclusively to the users of DialShree: Contact Center Software. This feature can show all inbound and outbound interactions of a customer from the beginning to the till now during a live call to the agent. This feature also allows agents to explore the interactions of the customer within the selected date range during a live call or later. Read More