Agent Experience in Call Center Defines Customer Experience

Call centers often invest a lot of time, money, and resources to increase customer experience and satisfaction. Many of them receive success and many of them stay puzzled with a question: Even after putting all required efforts, why do not they get expected customer satisfaction ratio? The reason behind this might be dissatisfied agents.

Even if you have the best call center solution, but if your agents are unhappy, you are less likely to achieve success. Don’t believe me? This blog will share the top 3 reasons agent experience defines the customer experience.

1. Increased agent hopping results in untrained staff Read More

Live Chat Is Vital in the Travel and Hospitality Industry

Communication is vital in the industry these days and all industry verticals need to take benefit of the features and benefits offered by technological inventions. There are many innovative tools that allow uninterruptable communication to allow organizations to stay in touch with customers.

Live chat has turn out to be a powerful means of communication between the organizers and customers irrespective of the business. This mode of social communication enables clarifications of any kind and facilitate deal-making. In today’s world of cut-throat competition, an online presence is crucial to success. Read More

How to Select the Best Call Center Solution India?

India has the fastest growing call center industry. The call centers and BPOs are at the peak and it will be in the future as well. The call centers need investment, skilled staff and advanced tools to achieve success. The India government has allured many investors with flexible legislation of foreign investment; India has highly skilled and passionate youth and the tools are available from reputable vendors. However, in the selection of investors, team, and tools, you need to be careful to assure long term benefits for your venture. In this article, we will share the top 4 tips to choose one of the most important tools for a call center or a BPO, namely, Call Center Solution India.

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Key Benefits of vTiger CRM Solution for Businesses

Automation in business processes has brought radical changes. It increases efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. The CRM solutions are one of those technological inventions that help businesses in introducing automation in process and leverage a range of business benefits.

vTiger CRM solution is one of the most widely used and appreciated CRM aka Customer Relationship Management Solution. It can be used by any scaled business from SMB to MNC. It is an open source CRM solution with a highly customized nature. The vTiger Experts can develop custom modules to add additional functionalities in this CRM solution. Furthermore, they can perform customization to make it fit with your business specifics.

The vTiger is an enterprise CRM solution with a modular architecture, which is easy to customize by the vTiger experts to meet your custom requirements. Let’s explore the top 5 key benefits of the vTiger solution:

Open Source Architecture

vTiger is an open source CRM system. This fact bestows many benefits as with any other open source solution. You can tweak the code and also have ownership of it. Read More

How to Optimize Your Omnichannel Strategy

In modern times, many businesses and brands have adopted and executed the omnichannel approach for providing a seamless customer experience. However, most of these businesses do not have a proper plan chalked out for the omnichannel approach. In order to deliver the customer experience that your customers expect from you, it is crucial to plan well in advance as to how the channels will function, their management and quality checks for efficiency.

What is the omnichannel strategy?

Omnichannel strategy is a way or means used by organizations to improve customer experience. Read More

Cloud Vs. On-Premises Call Center Solution: Differences and Advantages

What is a cloud-based call center?

Cloud-based call center software is the one that is hosted in the cloud by a service provider. The cloud is used for storage and processing of all information. The functioning of this call center solution depends on an active internet connection having sufficient bandwidth. As a cloud based call center software is hosted in the cloud, it can be easily accessed from anywhere across the globe just by using an active internet connection.

What is an on-premises call center?

As the name suggests, the setup of this type of call center solution is established in the office premises. Read More

Unified Communication Solution: A Quick Guide

Business communication has become the lifeline of different businesses. The reliability and versatility of business communication solutions define the success or failure of any business. Unified communication solutions have become the need of the time in today’s competitive environment. There are many business owners that are ready to invest in unified communication solutions, but they are not really sure what it is actually! If you are one of them, fret not. This article will give you complete knowledge of unified communication solutions.

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Top 4 Habits of Customer Centric Call Center

Companies and call centers invest a lot to keep customers happy. Customers seek for better services and not cheaper prices really. According to one of the statistics shared by the Thikjar, 55% of customers are ready to pay more to get better service. Yes, you read that right. Customers are looking for customer care support before and after the purchase. Nowadays, companies know the importance of happy customers and that is why they invest in the best call center software, integration of social media and other channels in the call center solution, train agents, and much more to do everything possible to increase customer satisfaction. Read More

Integrated CRM Is Must for Seamless Working in Call Centers

It is quite common for people to feel frustrated just at the thought of calling a customer support team for any product or service. That is the feeling that people have about call centers. However, with the tough competition faced by businesses in today’s world, they realize that the only way to be distinctly different from others is to offer world-class customer service to their customers. One such technology, which they can use to provide the best-in-class customer support is the call center CRM integration.

The CRM system Read More