Role of Social Media in Call Centers for Improved Customer Satisfaction

With billions of users using one or more social media sites, social media has become one of the primary modes of communication for any business. Whether a business is interested in reaching a wider audience or interested in maintaining a positive brand reputation, effective use of social media is necessary.

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Call Center Solution with Unified Communication and Its Impact on Customer Experience

The call center solution has been one of the leading tools that empower industries to deliver excellent customer experience. With the advancements in this solution, the businesses using this software can lift up customer satisfaction and experience even more.

One of the advancements that happened in the call center software industry is the integration of unified communication channels into the call center software. This type of call center solution is also known as an omnichannel call center solution and a contact center solution.

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We Have Launched Technology Tools for Healthcare Industry

We are extremely happy to make an announcement of the launch of technology tools for the healthcare industry. We have launched multiple technology tools to enhance communication, productivity, and patient/ customer experience in the healthcare industry. We have been catering to some leading healthcare organizations such as CIMS: Multi Specialty Hospital, Sterling Diagnostic Center, and more. Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Hosted Call Center Solution

The call center solutions are now used by all industry verticals. Therefore, different types of models have come up in the market, including the Indian market. A call center solution can be accessed or acquired by choosing one of the models. In this blog, we will share one of the important models to use a call center software, which is the rental model.

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Call Center Solution Advancements that Reform the Customer Experience

Call center solutions have been reforming customer service, sales, loan collection, and other campaigns. Each passing year, more and more businesses have started adopting this software. The companies like ours, innovate different features and advancements to empower the users of call center software.

In the past few years, much advancement has happened and in this blog, we will share the top 5 advancements for you to understand how they reform customer experience in businesses and call centers. Read More

Elision Tools for Video KYC in Banking and Fintech Industry

We, Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, have been catering to different industry verticals with our feature-rich tools. In this blog, we will share how some of our tools help the banking and Fintech industries.

We have been offering different solutions and tools to the banking industries and each of them is loaded with some amazing features. All features are built to strengthen different operations and departments of any bank and Fintech organization. Read More

How Contact Center Solution Flourishes Rental Car and Cab Business?

Contact center solutions have their applications in almost all industry verticals. There are many businesses that are flourishing by using a contact center solution and the rental car and cab business is one of them.

In this blog, we will share how a contact center solution with unified communication support helps rental car and cab businesses to grow faster.

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Benefits of Using Secure IVR of DialShree: Call Center Solution in Banks

DialShree is a popular call center solution, which is used in all industry verticals. It has a wide array of features and each feature is crafted with an excellent and advanced functional logic. Therefore, even a standard feature of DialShree: call center solution provides superior functionalities.

In this blog, we will share how an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) feature available in the call center solution, DialShree benefits banks in multiple ways. Read More

How Call Center Solution Can Be Used during COVID 19?

COVID 19 has hit hard all parts of the world. Still, some parts of the world like India, Brazil, etc. are still the top affected countries in the world. Even the countries that have controlled the situation are taking precautions to make sure the spread of the COVID 19 stays in control.

The COVID 19 has brought many changes to the world. Technology has benefited here as well. Read More