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Specialised Call Center Solution for Advanced BPO Processes

Optimize your BPO process to provide swift and personalized customer support with our featuristic omnichannel call center solution.

Our BPO call center software is deliberately designed for all business verticals and streamlines the inbound and outbound calling processes for enhanced agent productivity and effective call resolutions.

Higher Agent Efficiency and Productivity

Improved Customer Satisfaction & Retention

Faster Call Resolutions and Outcomes

Reduction in Call Center Overheads

Our Esteemed BPO/KPO Clients

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Redefine Customer Support Processes with Super-Efficient BPO Call Center Software

Empower your agents with cutting-edge tools and solutions that offer practical features to amplify their productiveness and obtain higher operational efficiency.

Omnichannel Call Center Solution

Adhere to the finest call resolutions by connecting with your customers via Voice, SMS, WhatsApp, and Social Media channels.


CRM-CTI Connector

Utilize our CRM-CTI Connector Solution to integrate and access client data securely with the single sign-on feature.


Intelligent IVRS

Leverage our efficient IVR solution to segregate customer problems at the first level and connect them to the desired process agent.


BPO Challenges that Hampers Process and Agent Productivity

Counter tricky BPO operational challenges effortlessly with our exceptional contact center solution that delivers the finest BPO workflow outcomes.

Dependency on Different Tools for Distinct Business Processes

BPO agents struggle when dealing with multiple industry verticals like healthcare, telecom, retail, eCommerce, etc., due to dependency on different tools and software for desired process outcomes that is easily solved by our single-platform omnichannel BPO call center software.

Compromised Data Security

Data leaks and breaches have become more prevalent in recent times which can destruct your brand image and hence we offer encryption features like number and profile masking to ensure your client data (Personal Identifiable Information (PII)) stays safe and secured.

Reduced Agent Productivity and Retention

Low agent productivity for the business processes is a big challenge faced by BPO agencies that can be simply solved by utilizing our call center solution for BPO that offers the best performance management routines to maximise your agent efficiency.

Deteriorated Customer Experience with Low Call Resolutions

Transform the calling experience for your customers by providing them with improved first contact resolution leveraging our advanced omnichannel call center solution capabilities and features like sticky agent to obtain an enhanced customer satisfaction rate.

Lack of Customizations in Process Specific Tools

Customize our BPO call center software as per your business requirements to synchornize your client and process data with our software solution and diminish data redundancy with easy API integration procedures.


Solve Complex BPO Process Challenges with Refined Contact Center Solution

Leverage our top-notch call center solution for BPO that is designed to empower your agents with a plethora of useful features to provide swift resolutions to the customers.

Accessible Omnichannel Solution for Lightening-Fast Outcomes

Reach out to your customers effortlessly with our omnichannel call center solution that connects to the customers via Voice, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and Social Media channels.

Integrated CRM-CTI Connector

Utilize our contact center solution that offers practical features like CTI integration and a CRM widget to consolidate your client data into our system with a single-sign on-page and eliminate the complexity of switching between multiple windows.

Robust and Scalable Solution with Efficient IVRS System

Make use of our highly efficient IVR solution that offers self-serving options and redirects customers to the right agent to reduce waiting time for the customers. Also, the solution is highly robust and easy to scale when the need for increased calling agents arises.

Work from Home Module for Streamlined Calling Processes

Work remotely and provide customer care services with enterprise-grade security to your customers without altering the quality and productiveness of your calling agent with our process-driven DialShree Mobi application.

Voice Analysis and Monitoring for Assured Call Quality

Track agent performance and measure their KPIs by monitoring calls to ensure the agent follows the right procedures during the calls to deliver an exceptional call quality and enhance your customer satisfaction rate.

Counter BPO challenges effectively with our superlative contact center solution.

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