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Collection Agency Eliminated Manmade Errors and Enhanced QoS with Our Omnichannel Call Center Solution

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Elimination of Manmade Errors

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Astute Management Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd offers a one-stop solution to its customers for back office work, collection, verification, audit, etc. It has 2000+ staff across 800+ locations.

We are glad to provision an omnichannel call center solution with tailored integrations, a collection module, and other communication solutions to speed up collection campaigns and increase its results for Astute.


Challenges faced with legacy system

Astute used to use a third party call center dialer solution and a CRM system to run multiple outbound campaigns, including collection campaigns. It also involved manual efforts, which used to slow down the process and cause several challenges.

  • Manual actions reduce the speed of outbound campaigns.
  • Directly affect the performance and productivity.
  • The third party system could not support the visionary growth plan of the company.
  • Lack of system to categorize collection customers.
  • Lack of automation features to speed up collection campaigns.

Our Solution to Astute

Several other hospitals, pharmacies, labs provide better patient care and save more lives using our unified communication tools for the healthcare industry.

DialShree: Omnichannel Call Center Solution

An omnichannel call center solution with customized fields in the customer form and customized features like lead filtering, custom disposition messages, etc. is built to provide a high level of automation in collection campaigns. The automation and customized features available in this omnichannel contact center software help Astute to simplify grouping collection clients based on their bucket list characteristics and run more efficient auto dialing campaigns to increase reach for outbound campaigns. It also has a tailored dashboard to show real time data related to collection campaigns.

Customized Collection Module

This module is developed with custom features and a payment utility to automate collection jobs otherwise handled by manual resources. It not only speeds up the process, but also eliminates manmade errors up to 100% to provide highly efficient results in collection. It further boosts the collection of EMIs.

Notable Services: API Integrations

We have integrated multiple third party APIs into the call center software to provide a one-stop solution to the agents and users. This provides a single sign-on facility for users of the software. We have also integrated multiple CRM solutions with our call center CRM integration service to add a facility of CRM popup within the call center solution and harmonize operations.

Functional Environment of offered Solutions

We have provisioned multiple solutions to the Astute. The functional environment of the complete system is as below

300+ Calling seats

2 Locations

We instantly knew that Elision would be the way forward for our organization with the immense amount of diversity that this Dialer Team brought to the table. Being an organization with various requirements at multiple locations and a diversified portfolio of Bounce Prevention, Collections, and Sales with different organizations, Elision is a perfect fit.
Shailen Mehta
Managing Director, Astute

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