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PMC Bank Reduced Operational Cost by 50% & Enhanced Customer Relationship Model

Increased Banking Customer Satisfaction

Boosted Banking Staff Proficiency

Reduction in Banking Operational Cost

Increase in Bank ROI


Punjab & Maharashtra Co-operative (PMC) bank is renowned as one of the top 10 banks in India. The bank has 125+ branches and has been serving banking customers for more than 30 years.

We are glad to provision an omnichannel contact center solution with custom features like hot marking, real time reports, customized IVR, high end security, etc. We take pride in provisioning a turnkey call center solution to this leading Indian bank.


Challenges faced with legacy system

PMC bank used to outsource call center services to an offshore call center service provider. The bank used to face some major concerns and challenges in using the third party services instead of having in-house customer service and call center.

  • The turnaround time of attending calls, getting feedback from banking staff and responding to customers was too long.
  • TRAI rules are too restrictive for using third party services, which was causing major challenges.
  • The mechanism to measure the quality of service was missing.
  • Custom reports were missing.
  • Streamlining processes was difficult and sluggish.

Our Solution to PMC Bank

DialShree: Turnkey, Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

We have provisioned a turnkey contact center solution to the bank and became the one-stop provider of software and hardware for the bank. We also provided on-site setup to simplify infrastructure setup. We built a hot marking feature for PMC bank to simplify emergency operations like blocking a credit card, net banking access, etc. We have also provisioned SMS and email facilities to support seamless communication via multiple communication channels between the bank and its customers.

IVR Solution

The PMC bank wanted to enable self serving options for their customers, so we designed a completely customized, dynamic IVR system for the bank. It enables banking clients to take advantage of self serving options, which contributes to high customer satisfaction.

Functional Environment of Offered Solutions

We have provisioned a turnkey communication solution to the PMC bank. The functional environment of the complete system is as below:

High end data and server security

Hot marking with banking APIs

SMS integration via REST API

SMTP configuration for email communication

Empower Banking operations with Elision's secured & customizable industry specific solution.

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