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IP PBX Solution

Business communication reinvented with lower expenditures!

  • Communicate from anywhere, at any time
  • Take advantage of affluent communication
  • Automate attending and logging calls
  • Never miss an important customer, lead, or investor call

Consolidate Business Communication with IP PBX Solution

It is necessary to have an all-in-one business communication platform to meet, call, and message to take important business decisions instantly. This creates a demand for a reliable and remotely accessible communication solution.

An IP PBX system transforms the way businesses communicate traditionally with its wide array of communication collaboration features. From introducing automation to introducing a more robust communication tool, our IP PBX software will work as a one-stop solution for all your business communication needs and demands. It meets inter-organizational and intra-organizational communication needs and demands.

What our clients achieved using our IP PBX solution

Switch and quick connectivity

Uptime SLA of business phone

Reduction in telecom expenses

Enhanced call and lead handling

Improvement in client satisfaction
Interested in strengthening communication for your business using an IP PBX solution?
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Streamline your customer service with the most scalable IP PBX software solution.

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A Communication Solution That Works The Way That Works Best For You

Our IP PBX solution not only bridges the communication gap, but also adds value to your business to increase ROI.

Our IP PBX software is developed intelligently to meet the communication needs of small to large scaled enterprises and meet their demands. Not only handles internal communication, but it also handles external communication and collaboration with its amazing features in the most efficacious manner.

It consists of all major modes of communication to empower businesses to grow and thrive without getting restricted due to the limitation of communication resources.



Handle internal and outbound calls efficiently



Collaborate to have joint calls and decisions



Unified messaging with intuitive communication modules


IP PBX Models

We have two types of IP PBX solutions and both of them can be hosted on your in-house servers or cloud platforms.


Single Tenant IP PBX Solution

You will get a single instance of this software, which can be used to streamline communication for your own business in a single location. You will have an isolated and separate server, database, applications, etc.

Key Benefits

  • Simple and easy to manage architecture
  • Minimized risk of the data breach
  • Easy to customize the platform
  • Easy to migrate

Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution

A multi tenant IP PBX system facilitates the tenant creation to create a private network of business phone systems for all different business branches dispersed at different geo locations. Your servers, database, and applications will be shared and pooled.

Key Benefits

  • Centralized control over communication across branches
  • Ease of management and delegation of communication resources
  • Reduced expenses,Revenue generation

Explore whether you need a single tenant or a multi tenant IP PBX system in a personalized call.

What makes the IP PBX solution the best communication system?

An IP PBX solution brings everyone and every type of communication together on a single platform. It provides a more reliable business phone system with the advantage of a private network. It provides collaboration and integration with different solutions and modules. It also gives more control over communication and reduces the cost of telecommunication. Moreover, it transforms a typical business into a bigger and better brand by positioning a bigger and more professional picture of the company.

Better brand building

An IP PBX system provides amazing branding features like smart IVR, time condition based call routing strategies, voicemail, etc., which projects a better business image in front of customers, vendors, investors, etc. This helps in strengthening brand value.

Reduce expenses

The IP PBX software works on the phenomenon of internet telephony, which is 150% cheaper compared to traditional telecommunication systems. Thus, using this platform for business communication can bring down your telecommunication cost by up to 150%. Remember, internal calling is absolutely free.

Easy deployment and maintenance with high scalability

Unlike its traditional counterpart, setting up and maintaining an IP PBX solution is quite simple and straightforward, even if you use a multi tenant IP PBX solution. Due to no wiring, hardware, devices, etc., the whole management of this business communication system is made a cakewalk for its users. This system is highly scalable and perfect to match your growing business.

Complete and centralized control over communication

A multi tenant IP PBX software provides centralized control of the communication system network across different customers, tenant accounts, or business branches. From allocating and revoking access to communication features to ensuring fair usage of resources, this platform provides all control in your hand.

Never lose a lead due to poor communication

Never let work stop due to the lack of physical presence of key personnel or business telecommunication devices. It will not only forward a call of an important lead or customer to the delegated executive, but it will also follow the series of numbers with its Find me, Follow me feature to connect the customer to the best executive in case the assigned team member is unreachable for any reason.

Generate revenue with your PBX system

This solution not only helps you save money over communication, but also provides a revenue generating machine to make money. Use your multi tenant IP PBX solution to offer hosted PBX phone systems or IP PBX services and generate revenue along with enjoying the best communication features.

Important Features

Our IP PBX solution can help you redefine your business communication by adding value to your business and maximizing resource utilization with its exceptional features

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Frequently Asked Questions

Majorly asked questions by IP PBX software users are answered for you.

  • Is it necessary to use a multi tenant IP PBX solution?

    Using a single tenant or multi tenant IP PBX software depends on your communication needs and the number of team members. If you are a large scaled enterprise, having multiple branches, or want to run a business as a VoIP phone service provider, then you must use a multi tenant IP PBX solution.

  • Can I use my existing business phone numbers?

    Yes, you can use the same numbers using the VoIP porting service. You need to check that with your service provider though, but in 98% of cases, you can retain your existing numbers.

  • Can I forward a call to my cell phone?

    Yes, you can forward a call coming to your business landline number to your cell phone number. This process will be seamless and the caller will never get to know that he is communicating with you via another number than what he dialed.

  • Does IP PBX software log all calls?

    Yes, an IP PBX system logs all calls, including, but not limited to, missed calls, calls that are connected to IVR, calls that reached voicemails, conference calls, etc.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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