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CIMS Hospital Increased Customer Satisfaction and Got Higher Control with Our Unified Solutions

Better emergency handling

Enhanced patient experience

Improved internal communication

Improved patient service


CIMS is one of the award-winning, multispecialty hospitals in India. It provides 24 x 7 healthcare services to patients.

We are happy to have an opportunity to furnish the communication tools required by the hospitals, using which the hospitals can attend patients & emegency calls 365 days, 24 hours a day.


Challenges faced with Legacy System

CIMS used to use a traditional system, which required staff to handle all operations manually. It causes multiple challenges.

  • No way to track dropped and abandoned calls.
  • No way to monitor Quality of Service (QoS) as the real time call monitoring system was missing.
  • Very slow operations that used to hamper the team productivity.
  • Lack of formal script made each conversation different than the past conversions, which conflicts with the brand aim to position uniformity in all interactions with the patient.

Our Solution to CIMS Multilevel IVR System

With our end to end patient care & emergency alert solution, we helped CIMS to keep their commitment & serve their patients seamlessly.

Multilevel IVR System

To automatically attend all incoming calls to fetch data of the patient or customer even if the call gets disconnected before reaching the patient care executive. It helps in contacting missed and abandoned calls.

Omnichannel Patient Care Solution

An omnichannel call center solution is developed for enriched patient communication with the CIMS hospital team via any of the unified communication channels. Automation in multiple jobs like auto dialing, automated callback scheduling, etc. saves time of patient care executives, so that can be invested in handling more patient calls. Other features like call script, live call monitoring, reports, etc. to fill the missing part in the hospital communication system.


To empower internal communication and keep logs of all staff conversations for quality check and to assure fair usage of communication resources. It also helps in reducing internal communication costs.

Code Blue: Emergency Alert System

To automate and speed up the process of contacting medical, or any other emergency teams via an SMS and a voice call in case of emergencies.

Notable Services: Integrations

To reuse the existing communication infrastructure of CIMS, our team integrated their existing ePBX, FXO devices, hard phones, SIM cards, and FTC cards with our advanced healthcare communication tools.

Functional Environment of offered Solutions

We have provisioned multiple solutions to the CIMS hospital. The functional environment of the complete system is as below

12 Agent seats

2000 Extensions

1 Location

Sangoma 2 Port PRI cards

It has provided all features we were looking for to improve our customer services. Our customers are extremely happy with our services after the implementation of DialShree.All patients get an easier and more professional way to reach out to our customer care team to get resolutions related to any queries they may have. The emergency alert system is exceptional in handling emergency cases. All in all, we have received an ideal communication and collaboration solution for our hospital.
Mr. Kishore Gojiya
Associate Head - IT

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