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Unipath Lab revamped patient service by adopting our imperative DialShree healthcare solution

Reduced Data Redundancy

Improved patient service

Boosted staff efficiency

Enlarged resource utilization


Unipath Speciality Laboratory Ltd is a well-recognized diagnostic brand in 11 western Indian states, encountering 50Lacs+ tests annually.

We are happy to provide a web based complete calling solution and collaborative CRM integration required by the diagnostic center, delivering calling and tracking features for robust communication.


Challenges faced with Legacy System

A well-known brand in the diagnostic sector, Unipath Speciality Laboratory Ltd had traditional call management causing multiple challenges in regulating streamlined systems.

  • No rapid interaction channel b/w patient & Lab staff to encounter emergencies.
  • Low patient care efficiency with no mechanism to track and address abandoned calls.
  • High data redundancy due to lack of integrated platform b/w CRM and calling solution.
  • Extensional hard ePBX without unified ecosystem

Hassle-free healthcare calling solution to Unipath Specialty Laboratory

That restructured patient - Lab interaction process with our blended calling services along with other multiple features.

Blended Calling Solution with Missed Call Platform

Essential communication on Patient appointments, body check up reminders, callbacks, quick patient query addressal through our comprehensive blended calling solution, our missed call panel ensure that USLL reach out to their patients without any delay.

Elevating QoS through Voice Monitoring

Built In voice logging feature for monitoring communication between patients & diagnostic center staff, elevates overall QoS of center & helps in future enhancement & patient experience.

Reduced data redundancy with CRM - Dialer integration

Integrating & leveraging Dialer & CRM under a single panel helped lab staff to assist patients informatively & promptly; Our HIPPA compliant integration evades data redundancy & made data sync up seamless.

Functional Environment of offered solution

We provided comprehensive calling solutions to Unipath Pathology Laboratory. The Functional environment of the complete system is as follows.

10 Agent Seats

1 location

Sangoma 2 Port PRI cards

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