PII Masking Features for Elevated Consumer Privacy

We have introduced an amazing masking feature, which protect Personally Identifiable Information with Profile based Masking & Identity based Masking.

Level up your customer privacy mechanism

With our number masking solution. It can help you hide or mask sensitive information from general or third – party access to keep data & client information safeguard.

How it works?

Masking Services that We Offer

Identity based Number Masking

Elevate customer’s privacy with temporary number

Cab Driver/Field Executive calls Customer

On clicking Dial button, client’s app calls API & makes a call to Elision’s temporary number

Elision responds back

Elision reaches to Client’s server & provides “cab driver/field executive’s number in order to receive corresponding number of customer.

Elision patches Customer & Executive’s number

In order to establish call connection between customer & driver/executive, Elision dials customer’s number

Virtual Number flashes

Customer’s number gets masked with a temporary number, and acts as a bridge between customer & executive for the particular conversation.

Best Fit Industries for Identity based Masking

    Cab Booking

    Food Delivery


    Courier Service


Profile based Number Masking

Hide a few or all numbers or details from agents that are using call center solution.

Customer dials call to phone banker/finance company representative

Customers discuss queries or ask for support, phone bankers/ finance company agents ask to confirm important details in order to address the query or information.

Agent able to access customer’s masked key details

Phone banker access complete profile details but important details like credit card number, account number, customer id will be masked fully or partially

Secured Conversation happens

Phone banker addresses query from customers and also verifies customer with added mechanism, no sensitive details will not be disclosed to phone banker/ agents; customer privacy & security will remain intact.

Best Fit Industries for Profile based Masking

    Fintech Companies


    Finance Companies

    Collection Agencies

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