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Centralized and Streamlined Communication & Grievance Management

Diverse communication solutions aim to provide easily accessible telephony and collaboration infrastructure to the government for resilient communication between citizens and authorities to improve the living standards of citizens.

The government communication solutions help with better vendor management to keep government organizations furnished with everything they need to serve the public swiftly.

Resolution of citizen tickets

Improved citizen satisfaction

Improved efficiency of government officials

Improvement in handling COVID cases

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Tailored Government Communication Solutions

Revolutionize the conventional way of managing conversations with the ultramodern communication, collaboration, and grievance management tools, particularly, designed and developed for the government agencies to improve citizen lifestyle and fulfillment.

Smart City Solutions

A call contact center system is a centralized communication platform that manages all interactions of citizens with the government departments. The IP PBX solution facilitates internal communication and collaboration with enhanced features and added security with governance.


Smart Grievance Management Solution

Automate major tedious jobs related to citizen grievance registration and management for better and faster resolution of citizen concerns. Provide a precise mapping of grievances to the concerned person and accurate tracking of status.


Cloud Based Webcasting Solution

Webcast a government seminar, webinar, event, or training via a web based webcasting system for public or authorized officials only. Pass the recording to the absent attendees to maximize outcomes.


Major Challenges in Government Departments

In order to maintain proper balance and consistency, the government departments and organizations face multiple challenges.

Sluggish Process of Citizen Query Resolution

The traditional way of registering complaints and providing resolutions is quite sluggish. The major reason behind that is the absence of effective tools.

Difficulty in Ensuring Citizen Data Privacy in Government Departments

During the process of citizen data exchange, there is no measure of undertaking that all data is accessed securely and kept confidential in the interest of the public.

Difficulty in Tracking All Official Conversations

In the case of using traditional communication tools, it becomes difficult to have all logs stored in one centralized system in an easy to review form. This may result in security protocol breaches and slow-moving inquiries.

Ineffective system to track recurring issues

Traditional systems often face high downtime, which makes it unachievable to deliver an excellent citizen experience and slows down multiple other processes, which ultimately leads to inefficient processes and unreliable systems.

Frequent System Downtime Slowing Down the Processes

Traditional systems often face high downtime, which makes it unachievable to deliver an excellent citizen experience and slows down multiple other processes, which ultimately leads to inefficient processes and unreliable systems.

Our Advantage

Empowering Government with Communication Platforms

The unified communication solutions built for the government industry furnish a secure means of communication. It excels in resolving major challenges commonly faced by the government industry.

Simplify complaint registration and tracking for citizens

It simplifies the way of raising a complaint. Each raised concern will have a unique ticket number, which can be used to track the status of the complaints at any moment. The system will also send status updates via SMS, as and when the status changes.

Automate grievance assignment & monitoring for government officials

The smart grievance management solution automates the delegation of the grievance tickets to the concerned person in the concerned departments. The system also shows a live view of all tickets to provide an eagle view of raised, resolved, attended, & non-attended grievances.

Manage all public data securely as per the compliance

The data stored and exchanged using these solutions will be encrypted for better threat and hack protection. Moreover, the system can also mask (hide) Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data to be presented to the agent or other users to ensure a high level of security & privacy.

Track re occurring issues efficiently

Add up to the value of life to citizens by removing the reoccurring issues. The feature rich grievance management solution for government agencies helps in filtering and sorting the tickets to identify reappearing issues to take the best actions to resolve the issue wholly.

99.95% uptime SLA

The robust communication solutions for the government industry assure 99.95% of system uptime, which helps in delivering uninterrupted services to citizens and continue performing internal communication and collaboration for enhanced government operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a smart city solution?

    It is a set of unified communication solutions that can help the government centralize internal and public communication. It also automates some processes such as:
    – Connecting the caller to the right person in the right department
    – Record all calls for quality assurance
    – Delegate grievance tickets to the right person in the right department

  • No, you don’t need to buy all solutions available as a smart city solution and built for the government industry. Depending on the communication needs in your department or government organization, you can get one or more communication solutions.

  • – To convey a message to predefined departments or to the whole country with video streaming
    – To inaugurate or conduct a remote session for a government event
    – To provide nationwide training to all government officials
    – To share advisory to the government officials to run political campaigns And more

  • All data will be owned by the government and will also be encrypted to provide higher security. In fact, the solutions will be hosted on the cloud of the government, so complete control over data will be available to the government.

  • Yes, we integrate third party or open source solutions with our unified communication solutions to provide a comprehensive system to the government.

  • Yes, we provide hardware and software to the government departments to simplify vendor management and system deployment.

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