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Use Cases of Call Center Solution in Smart Cities

Blog January 28, 2021

The first thing you need to understand here is that a call center solution developed for smart cities will have some exclusive features unlike other call center solutions available in the industry. These features get developed to provide the required exclusive functional capabilities to the smart cities and to consolidate the security of certain assets such as data, call logs, etc. We will refer to this call center software as a call center solution for smart cities in this blog.

The call center solutions for smart cities have many utilities in the smart cities. Let us share the major use cases aka utilities of this software in smart cities.

Public grievance readdressal

In smart cities, the government provides grievance readdressal services to citizens. In smart cities, usually, everything is centralized. Citizens or anyone seeking grievance readdressal can call on the single helpline number given by the government. The complaint will be registered and passed to the respective department for readdressal. Moreover, whenever the citizen wants to check the status of the raised concern, the call center will also provide the status update. The call center solution for smart cities gets used in grievance registration, status update, and similar job.

The call center solution can be used to lodge complaints and grievances related to any issue such as drainage, electricity, water supply, traffic, road, etc. faced in the smart cities.

We have provisioned the call center solution to GMDA (Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority). Read the complete case study, here.

Emergency services

In any city, the public needs some sort of emergency services such as an ambulance in case of a health emergency, a fire brigade in case of fire or similar circumstances, police in case of harassment, violence, and similar cases. Unlike traditional cases in which often there are different numbers for different departments, the smart cities usually have a single helpline number for citizens or tourists. The call center solution gets used here to take advantage of any sort of emergency services. The call center in the smart city arranges the required help from the respective department.

We have catered a call center solution to the Agra smart city. Along with many other usages, it also uses this software to provide emergency services such as services related to COVID 19. Read the complete case study, here.

Help desk services

In some cases, all a citizen or a tourist in the city needs is information. Usually, it becomes difficult to reach a help desk and get information remotely. Visiting the help desk physically becomes tedious and time-consuming. To overcome these challenges, the smart cities offer information on the call. Here also call center solution gets used. The use of the software is for two way communication. Therefore, sometimes the government of the smart city also runs campaigns to pass information to the citizens such as information related to COVID 19 vaccination.

There are many use cases of the call center software for smart cities. Contact us for more details.

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