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Greeter - A Virtual Receptionist & Business Opportunity

Losing a single call may cause business loss of millions of dollars!

  • Be available to your consumers 24X7 without human interventions
  • Never miss a single lead or call from your potential client
  • Respond your customers in time & with preferred communication channel
  • Surveys, feedback mechanism, gratification & more…

Bridge between your business and customers

As communication with the right people at the right time is a core of a successful business, Greeter could be the best leap ever in the era of communication, our self-sustained platform is built for SMEs & regional businesses to fill the communication gap & help them to stay on top of their business game.

What consumers & SMEs have to say on business communication?

Customers make brand perception with their very first call attempt

Business owners prefer remote assistance

Business owners never want to miss out client's call

Business owners seek the best after-hour response mechanism
Actual data collected from various surveys & reputed online sources
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Communication = Business Growth : A small step may get you a long leap in your business!

Best Fit Industries

Townships & Residential Socities
Event Management Companies
Internal Communication
Malls & Multiplexes
Retail Chains
Political Campaigns
Restaurants & Cafes
Schools & Colleges

Most common challanges faced by the business owners

The most common question is what makes our platform a more requirement-specific, viable one-touch solution for major midsized businesses & business owners, let's discuss common pain areas of current-generation businesses.

No Track of Calls

End consumers may make inquiries/calls anytime, this system enables respond/attend/contact them later, due to a lack of resources/prominent platform - small vendors used to miss out on calls & responses from their customers.

"How?" & "What?"

Communication is a necessity, though managing platform is still a roadblock for many small businesses & vendors, self-sustained systems like "Greeter" provides the ability to manage client communication appropriately which may empower your business growth by 100x.

After - Hour Math

Small businesses might have resources on the communication front during their working hours, but they have the best chance to gain the edge with all-around communication with our virtual receptionist platform even after their business hours & without human intervention.

No sophisticated response mechanism

Communication is key whereas responding to customers with the right message & prompt response may create great brand value. Failing with the right response channel may turn in losing the client.

Key Product Centric Features & Benefits

Not only the best handy SaaS-driven communication platform but also a potential business opportunity for all!


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