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Code Blue: Emergency Alert Solution

Save more lives by handling emergencies more efficiently and urgently by leveraging the power of technology and automation.

  • Send automated alert to all group members about the crisis
  • Initiate a collaborative approach for handling medical emergencies
  • Log all emergencies to plan the future disaster management system

An Effective Tool to Speed Up Handling of Medical Emergencies

Any healthcare organization like a hospital, pharmacy, ambulance helpline, etc. can use code blue: emergency alert solution to ensure they can deal with a catastrophic situation instantaneously and successfully.

The code blue solution simplifies and speeds up handling healthcare emergencies. It informs a relevant group of people about the crisis with a voice call and an SMS alert, so they can start handling the situation without losing precious time and save more lives.

Every second and minute counts when life is dealing with a medical crisis. The healthcare team has to reach out instantly and lead the situation as quickly as possible to save patients from catastrophe.

We help hospitals to streamline and speed up healthcare emergencies with effective emergency codes to inform the relevant group of medical professionals immediately via our Code Blue Solution.

Splendid benefits in serving patients promptly & effectively,

Better medical emergency handling

Reduction in wait time to handle healthcare crisis

Better speed in medical operations

SLA to deliver a better experience to patients
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Interested in handling emergencies promptly with a Code Blue solution?

How does code blue emergency alert system work?

Code blue emergency alert software has different codes that connect to a specific group of people. As soon as an emergency code is dialed, an automated voice call and SMS will be sent as an alert to each concerned group member to get ready and put everything in place to handle the crisis more proficiently. The system also retries the numbers if the doctor or healthcare practitioner fails to respond on the first attempt.

Cardiac arrest

It sends an SMS and voice call to anesthesiologists, CPR-trained paramedics staff, casualty medical officers, and the emergency response teams.

External disaster

It sends an SMS and voice call to all concerned officers, the chief administrator, medical superintendent, duty officer, mortuary, billing clerk, and a team of doctors.

Child abduction/ kidnapping

It sends an SMS and voice call to the duty officer, security supervisor, chief administrator, and medical superintendent.

Physical assault

It sends an SMS and voice call to the duty officer, security supervisor, chief administrator, and medical superintendent.

Bomb threat/ internal disaster

It sends an SMS and voice call to the security supervisor, chief administrator, medical superintendent, duty officer, mortuary, and billing clerk.


It sends an SMS and voice call to a nearby fire brigade station, duty officer, security supervisor, a team of doctors and nurses, chief administrator, medical, superintendent, and billing clerk.


It sends an SMS and voice call to all healthcare staff, duty officers, and a nearby fire brigade station.

What Makes Code Blue an Ideal Emergency Handling Solution?

  • Configure as many emergency codes as required based on the alerts you need.
  • Inform a group of concerned people about the disaster instantly and simultaneously.
  • Get details of locations and emergencies to be handled speedily so relevant rescue steps can be taken.
  • Retry reaching out to the professionals that missed the first alert.
  • Get detailed logs and automated reports as and when required.
  • And many more.

Key Features

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we contact an external number using a code blue solution?

    Yes, you can create a group of people that needs to be contacted once an emergency code is received by the hospital staff. In the emergency group, staff can add numbers of internal extensions, mobile numbers of doctors and nurses, the number of the nearest police station, or any other number. There is no restriction on adding numbers to this software to contact during emergencies.

  • How does the code blue solution inform the concerned team in an emergency?

    Once the emergency code is executed, all concerned members of that emergency group will receive an SMS and voice call notification and alert about the emergency with quick details like patient name, ward numbers, type of emergency, etc.

  • What if a member missed out on the emergency alert?

    In case of a busy tone, ringing, or unreachable numbers, the code blue solution will automatically retry those numbers. The IT head can set the value of a maximum number of retries to connect to a person that could not be reached in the first attempt.

  • Who can set the emergency codes in the code blue system?

    Your service provider will configure the emergency codes for you; in this case, team Elision will configure the emergency codes in the code blue software for you. Moreover, they will train your staff to add or edit emergency code in the future using a GUI based panel. It means you can also set the emergency codes in this system.

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