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Patient Care Communication Lifecycle Using Top Tools

Healthcare January 30, 2022

Like many industry verticals, the healthcare industry has also started using the latest tools and technologies for different aspects related to patient care. Communication is an important part of the healthcare industry, which helps in delivering better and enhanced patient care.

The trending communication tools empower each stage of the patient care communication lifecycle.

1. Call center solution

Hospitals, pharmacies, etc. use a call center solution or an omnichannel call center solution for patient care. Whenever a patient tries to connect with the hospital, the IVR of a contact center software attends and greets the customer automatically. The software also connects the patient with the right healthcare representative to let him take the required actions such as inquiring about the medical report status.

The call center software also lets patients take some self-serving actions such as booking a medical appointment without waiting to connect with a hospital team.

In case patients abandoned calls before connecting with the healthcare operator, the call center solution will have logs of those numbers. Thus, the operator can use auto dialers of the contact center solution to reach out to those patients later on.

In a nutshell, an omnichannel call center solution can handle multiple aspects related to patient care and support.

2. Code Blue: emergency alert solution

In the healthcare industry, each moment counts. Each passing moment can increase a threat to life or save a life. Thus, it is necessary to be quick during medical emergencies. The Code Blue: emergency alert system helps hospitals and other healthcare organizations to reach out to all medical staff members during emergencies to act quickly. This saves a lot of time for the medical team, so more lives can be saved.

3. IVR solution

Some hospitals, pharmacy stores, or similar healthcare institutes don’t use an omnichannel call center solution or a hosted cloud contact center solution due to budget or similar issues. They can use an IVR system as it makes sure all patients are attended to promptly. It also provides self-serving features to patients to check report status, schedule a medical appointment, pay healthcare bills, etc. It will also log patient contact details and show reports, so further patient communication can be carried out.

4. IP PBX solution

It is another important communication tool used in the healthcare industry to empower internal communication. Some hospitals use a multi tenant IP PBX solution as they have a chain of hospitals, pathology laboratories, pharmacy stores, etc. The multi tenant IP PBX software offers advanced features such as call transfer, call forwarding, 3-way conferencing, extension calling, call recording, reports, etc., which helps in enhancing internal collaboration among different hospitals and healthcare organizations. It can also be used to enhance patient experience with direct communication.

These unified communication tools can be used to handle a complete lifecycle of patient care communication. These tools play a role in attending patient calls more efficiently and handling medical emergencies more proactively.

We offer multiple unified communication tools for the healthcare industry. Let us show a live demo of these tools and share how they can help you enhance the patient experience. Contact us to book a demo and call with our representative to explore more about unified communication tools for the healthcare industry.

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