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Advanced eCommerce Call Center Software for Enhanced CX

Leverage the finest eCommerce call center solution designed with unique and pragmatic features to deliver your shoppers an extraordinary customer support experience.

Our eCommerce call center solution offers valuable features such as unified communication for shoppers with Multi Level IVR System, Smart Routing, Broadcasting, On-Demand Scalability, Cross-Channel Integration, And much more.

Decrease in Shoppers Call Holding Time

Higher Brand Reach with Unified Communication

Increased First Call Resolutions for Shoppers Queries

Enhanced Answer-Seizure Ratio (ASR)

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Customizable eCommerce Call Center Solution for Profitable Operational Workflows

Avail the excellence of our call center software for eCommerce that is designed with industry-specific features and offers seamless integrations with third Party technologies for a personalized shopping experience.

Omnichannel Call Center Solution

Reach out to your shoppers through a unified communication channel and offer ease of access to customers.


Effective CRM Integration

Auto-sync the customer data with your CRM & offer active & informative communication to the shoppers.


Eliminate the Critical Challenges from Your eCommerce Call Center Processes

Get the best outcomes for complex eCommerce challenges with our top-notch call center software for eCommerce and double your agent productivity.

Lack of Vital Features in eCommerce Solution

The biggest challenge faced by eCommerce representatives is the lack of advanced features in their call center solution, which makes the process complex for them, and eventually leads to several customer dissatisfaction scenarios.

Interrupted Shopper Communication

The unavailability of a unified communication for eCommerce channels results in delayed post-sales service and unnecessary waiting to resolve the billing issues & other queries creating huge inconvenience to the shoppers. This problem is seamlessly countered by our automated callback feature which ensures seamless as well as personalized experience to shoppers.

Mismanagement of eCommerce Business Data

eCommerce businesses need to handle enormous information about the distributors, manufacturers, shoppers, and inventory. Our call center eCommerce solution offers tools to effortlessly manage this data from a single platform. Apart from it, the software intelligently utilizes multi-profile data of shoppers for successfully running the marketing campaigns and enhancing sales by enabling automated calls, telemarketing, and pitching coupon codes, offers via SMS and voice calls.

Slower Money Refunds for Returned Orders

A big challenge that is efficiently countered by our eCommerce call center software is the slow refund process on returning an order which our solution directly sends to the accounts department to make the refund process quick for the shopper.

Unavailability of Customizations in the eCommerce Software

eCommerce call center software usually fails to provide process-specific features which make our solution truly unique with features including integrated marketing activities, built-in knowledge structures, query/complaint management, and much more. Our software is also capable of integrating and customizing any process-specific features into the software.

eCommerce Solution with Inadequate Security Measures

eCommerce businesses carry crucial financial data of customers that need to be protected with the right security measures, which most of the call center software for eCommerce fails to provide.

Sluggish Process for Complaints About Non-Delivery of Goods

Shoppers often get tired of slow procedure when complaining about the non-delivery of goods ordered online which is seamlessly handled by our software as the complaint of the shopper gets directly diverted to the dispatch department for a quick resolution.

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Simplify Your eCommerce ​​Process with Refined Call Center Solution

Counter your eCommerce calling process challenges with the practical features of our super-efficient call center software for eCommerce and make your calling process streamlined and productive.

Unified Shopper Communication

Our eCommerce software provides end-to-end calling solutions and offers omnichannel communication that enables brands to reach out to their shoppers via integrated Calling, SMS, E-Mail, Social Media, and WhatsApp. In addition, our intelligent IVR system makes sure every call is answered within the bare minimum time cap with 24X7 availability.

Secure Your Shopper’s PII with Number Masking

Leverage our number masking feature to safeguard your shopper’s privacy which includes profile-based masking that hides a few or all digits of the shopper's number & identity-based masking that utilizes a temporary number to call shoppers to protect your personal details and identity.

Smart Routing System for Elite Shoppers

Our call center software for eCommerce prioritizes your brand’s elite and loyal shoppers to give them the first preference for connecting to an agent within a few seconds to give them a personalized experience and achieve higher customer retention and better CSAT.

Brand Promotions with SMS, Telemarketing, Voice Broadcasting, and Cross-Channel Integration

Deliver a terrific shopping experience to your shoppers with our cross-channel integration solution that enables the system to churn segmented customer data and telemarket and broadcast coupon codes, offers, greetings, and much more via integrated SMS, Voice Channel, and push notifications to enhance the sales of your brand.

Knowledge-Based & CRM Integration for Quick Shopper Resolutions

Diminish human errors and fasten your resolution process with this unique knowledge-based integration that drops down the list of options based on your shopper query moreover CRM integration provides prompt as well as informative conversation to shoppers.

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